After twelve years as an outside linebacker in the NFL, Jarret Johnson (JJ) has announced that he is hanging up his cleats. This comes to no surprise as Johnson has already produced a spectacular tenure in the league and has decided to retire on a high note.

JJ spent his first nine seasons playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Taken in the fourth round (109th overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft by Baltimore, he made an immediate impact his rookie season. During his time with the Ravens, he racked up an impressive 382 total tackles, 20 sacks, 9 forced fumbles, and 3 interceptions. Following the 2011 season, Johnson then became a San Diego Charger.

The Bolts signed the veteran on March 14, 2012 to a four-year contract deal. Besides the knowledge of the game, he brought much more to Chargers Park. His athleticism was countless, however it was his skillset at the strong side “Sam” linebacker position that made him so valuable. His ability to call the blitz elevated the Chargers defense to a more effective and stealthy unit. Most importantly, Johnson could scrap, push, and breakaway from blocks which allowed him to pummel the running back to the ground. Johnson recorded 85 total tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles for the Bolts.

JJ was more than just a great player, he was an even better mentor and role model. He spent the last three years of his career with the Bolts and has made an everlasting impact on the young linebacker unit. Anyone can play a sport, but it’s what you can do for your teammates that make you invaluable. Current San Diego players took to Twitter to express their gratitude and appreciation for their teammate. Take a look below.

CL tweet

DS tweet

G tweet

TP tweet



Even fans too took to Twitter to show their JJ fandom.

Fan tweet

Johnson voiced his retirement on Instagram yesterday by saying “Today I am announcing my retirement from the game I love. I lived a dream which few can say but it’s time to move on. I want to thank the Chargers organization for giving me a home these past three years.”

Players like JJ will forever be missed on and off the football field by coaching staff and fans, but especially his teammates. On behalf of, we would like to express our upmost respect for the talented linebacker and wish Jarret Johnson a very happy retirement. It’s certain that he will prosper in the next chapter of his life. Thank you again for the fire and passion you bring to the game we all have come to love.

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We’re two days away from Thursday’s NFL Draft. I’m looking forward to returning to New York City for a second year in a row with all intention of getting some great interviews, photos and coverage for you, loyal BoltBlitz readers.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what the Chargers will do in the draft and if GM Tom Telesco can have as successful a draft as he did last year. This is shaping up to be a very exciting draft, full of twists and turns. In my opinion, there will be far more wheeling and dealing than we saw last year. Here are some of my observations of what we will see over the draft’s three days.

Houston will take Johnny Manziel. The talk out of Houston is about everyone but Manziel, which usually means they’re most likely picking him. They will be smart and trade out of the number one spot with Atlanta or Oakland, adding an extra pick and taking Manziel at 5 or 6. Houston’s biggest weakness is the quarterback position and the most famous/best quarterback in the state of Texas is Manziel. A pick for Johnny Football will bring people back to the stadium, get cash registers ringing and sell season tickets at a nauseating rate. This is the perfect professional and financial fit for the Texans, and the buzz will make their fans forget all about Matt What’sHisName.

San Francisco will trade into the top ten. The 49ers have 11 picks in this draft and there is no way they use them all. Eleven picks would take up 20% of their opening day roster. San Francisco is desperate for a big-time wide receiver to play opposite Michael Crabtree. No to mention they’re looking for the heir apparent to Anquan Boldin, who is still productive but only has a year or two left in the tank at age 33, a geezer by NFL standards. Don’t be surprised if they package three of their picks to jump ahead of Tampa and claim Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans.

Picking at 25, my gut instinct says San Diego will pick Louis Nix III. The biggest hole on the team is at nose tackle where they only have one player who could play the position if they had to play a game today, Sean Lissemore. Nix is the most pure nose tackle in the draft, often compared to Vince Wilfork. If Nix is gone, I think the Chargers will trade out of the first round with a team that wants to re-enter the draft such as the quarterback-needy teams like Cleveland, Tampa Bay or Oakland.

Dallas will move out of their spot at 16 and overdraft a player they could have had in the second round. Such is life when Jerry Jones runs the war room. Dumb things happen.

At least two big name veteran players will be dealt during the draft.

Six quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round.

Five teams will not pick in their designated slot so that means at least five trades, three of them involving the top ten slots.


Last season, the Chargers had a groundbreaking draft and I can’t help but give myself some credit for bringing some good Chargers karma into the building. Remember the commercial about superstitious fans? That’s me. I’m going to try to find the same seat I was in last year!

I’m looking forward to bringing you live coverage, blogs and hopefully some great interviews. I will be live-tweeting as long as the battery on my iphone holds out. RCMH is a drafty, cavernous building that seems to sap the life out of cell phones with alarming speed. I will not be opposed to the NFL moving the draft to a different venue such as Honolulu or Las Vegas maybe….hmmm. Are you listening, Mr. Goodell?

Stay tuned, Chargers fans. Here’s hoping the Chargers war room yields results as good or better than last year!


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The Greg One



Happy Birthday Twitter!

This week, Twitter turned eight. To celebrate, they asked everyone to think back one, two, three, or for some—eight years to their very first tweet. I thought it would be fun to take a look back to some of our favorite Chargers player’s very first tweets.

Take a look at some of them, below. Find your own first tweet here:

And as for our fearless BoltBlitz leader?

What was your first tweet?



For those of you that are not on Twitter, consider yourself lucky if you are a fan of the NFL and/or one of its teams.  The über popular social media site has just crashed and people, especially reporters, writers, media members etc of the NFL, are freaking out!

Although the problem will most likely be solved as I write this post, I can only imagine the emergency steps that are being taken by the networks to ensure the are ready to go just in case it is not back up a.s.a.p.



Above is the screen that comes up when you try to log into Twitter.  As much as this inconveniences all of us spoiled individuals that rely on Twitter for breaking news in the NFL, I find it a bit funny that it would happen today, just a few hours before free agency begins.

If the site stays down, I am looking forward to seeing how the media covers today’s information regarding signings and rumblings around the league.

Ok.  If I’m being completely honest, I actually think this is hilarious!  Stay tuned to and we’ll do everything we can to get you all of the free agency news as soon as possible.


Booga Peters


UPDATE:  Below is the new message on Twitter as the work on the site to resolve its issues.





Touch screen nacho delivery? An app for ordering your beer? An app to find the closest parking spot?

It may sound crazy, but technology is infiltrating the NFL. The Eagles and the Patriots have already set up in-stadium Wi-Fi systems so that fans can connect their mobile devices to the network to Snapchat, tweet and Instagram as they’re watching the games.

The CIO for the NFL, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, told CiteWorld that Wi-Fi vendor Extreme Networks will now be able to gather analytics from NFL fans while they’re plugged-in at their favorite team’s games. Technology is developing so quickly today; that the possibilities for getting fans connected is nearly endless.

“Certainly a full stadium is the best fan and game experience so we do need to focus on making sure that happens,” said McKenna-Doyle. “Keeping it compelling and special will help us sell tickets.”

Of course, there is something to be said for sharing your experience with your social networks– you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram during Charger games. But what about actually taking the time to watch the game with your own eyes, instead of watching it through the lens of your iPhone? Some could argue (and I would) THAT is what creates the compelling experience.

We live in a world where we can give and receive information in an instant with just the click of a button (even buttons are becoming obsolete due to touch screens), and the NFL is trying to keep up with our ever-changing world.

McKenna Doyle also discusses the possibility of bringing technology to the sidelines, with hand-held tablets displaying the various play options for coaches. It seems to me that could lead down a slippery technological slope for what is and what is not allowed on the sidelines!

Whether it be sharing photos with your social networks, or ordering an ice-cold beer with a new app, technology is constantly evolving into new ways to get plugged in.

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I received a tweet yesterday stating that I have been on Twitter for one year.  In one year I have built up a decent number of followers and BoltFam.  I enjoy most of the things that Twitter makes possible in this social media world.

That being said, here’s my top 5 things I HATE about Twitter.  After that list, I will provide what I’ve learned about Twitter in the last year.



5.  The duck face/kissy face:  I have no clue who started this trend.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I also don’t understand what makes anyone think that it looks good.  It’s just my opinion but I know there are plenty of people in the Twittersphere that would agree.


4.  Yolo:  You only live once…. Ugh.  This is solely an excuse to do extremely idiotic stuff.  Although it has died off, for the most part, you still see it occasionally.


3.  SpamBots:  This could be higher on my list but I haven’t received as many, “Have you seen this pic of you?” direct messages as I once did.  That happens when a person’s account has been hacked.  There is also the random tweet with an unknown URL in it.  You click on the profile and “they” have no followers but have 400, or more, tweets.  Thanks, but no thanks.


2.  People who follow you, then unfollow you after you have followed back:  I understand that some people use Twitter as an electronic self esteem boost.  They figure the more followers they have the more “popular” they are in the Tworld.  Additionally, it is perceived that if you have more followers than you follow, that you are even that much cooler.  Nah, you’re not a celebrity at all.  And that is the truth.  At some point I may have to reduce my follower count.  But I don’t see anything major happening any time soon.


1.  Twitter Thugs, Know Twit alls, and Twidiots:  Exhibit A – Twitter thugs-  Oh the humanity.  This keyboard killer has stated he is going to beat me up.  Don’t threaten me via 140 characters!  What am I to do?  Give me a break.  You may like coming across as a Twitter tough guy, but it just makes you look really, really lame and pathetic.  Chances are that you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

Exhibit B – Know Twit Alls-  These are those people that will argue and argue without providing any factual information, or proof, to show that their argument is valid.  If you have a sports driven Twitter account, you see this all the time.  Yet, these same people don’t know the difference between a 3-4 and 4-3 defense.  They also tend to act like something you’ve said is, ” the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”  That was said to one of my staff writers the other day after he posted a mock draft.  But, this Know Twit All refused to state why, in his infinite wisdom, he thought it was so stupid.  Kick rocks, kiddo.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Exhibit C – See exhibits A and B.


Now onto the things I’ve learned.  This is pretty simple.

I’ve learned that Twitter is an amazing marketing tool and I feel as though it is underutilized by the majority of people that run their own websites.  It’s free advertising.  I like free.

I’ve also learned that it is a great way to connect with people in a certain area that you are going to be traveling to.  I have met some very cool Charger fans via Twitter.  I have been lucky enough to have only met one completely, psycho, crazy person through the usage of Twitter.  This too shall pass.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that you get your sports information, and many other things, quicker than anyone can write an article about it.  Although I can’t stand the likes of Adam Schefter and Jason La Canfora ruining the draft, it is awesome to find out NFL news shortly after is has happened.

I’m sure there are other things that I could have included.  I just wanted to “celebrate” what I do, and do not, like about Twitter.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you like and dislike about Twitter.  I will be interested to see what you think about my thoughts while providing your own.


UPDATE:   I can not believe that I didn’t include the inability to decipher between, and properly use, your and you’re.  Also their, there, and they’re.  Oops.  Could have been number one, quite frankly. 


Thanks a lot for reading.







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