How many times have you played a sports video game on rookie mode and dominated?  Then you switch it to all-star and all of the sudden you really have to think about what you’re doing.  The same can be said for young players making the jump from college to the pros.  A lot of times they can rely purely on their athletic ability to win matchups in college.  It’s also going from a very structured environment that tells you when to train, eat and study.  They have great facilities available to them and usually a coach helping to guide them in what to do.

When they jump to the pros, everyone is above average and the expectations are that you take care of yourself in the offseason and show up in shape.  It doesn’t always work out that way.  We all remember Ryan Mathews at the beginning of his 2nd year showing up out of shape and failing his conditioning test.

There’s one player who’s going from undrafted rookie to 2nd year player who is clearly dedicating himself to getting better.  Jahleel Addae has been putting in work for the past month plus now and posting his workout videos to his Instagram account.  He is clearly motivated to build on the promising rookie year he had.  Not only that, his Instagram account name (hitman37_) conjures up memories of another hard hitting safety that wore #37.  Love seeing a guy so dedicated to improvement and carrying a chip on his shoulder.  One post on February 20th is titled: “I think imma dedicate this one to all the people who thought I wouldn’t make it here !”

Love seeing this from a young player who seems to have a bright future ahead of him.  Here’s a couple videos from his Instagram feed, but highly recommend giving him a follow and checking out his great videos.

Thanks for reading.

Justin Holmerud

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