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I am here to address Mr. Shaun Phillips today.  In an article on,  Bill Williamson quoted Shaun as saying, “he was on the good side now.”

Are you kidding me?  He has the audacity to call Denver the good side?  As a  Charger fan this enrages me.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand players leave for personal or monetary reasons.  That is just the nature of the business in professional football.  I get that part.  But to go out of your way and slander your previous team?  That I do not understand.  Shaun Phillips showed zero class in that move.



You should have taken notes from Barnes, Garay and Vasquez.  Your behavior was unwarranted and uncalled for.  Betraying the masses that once cheered for you.

Denver can take their mediocre, has-been linebacker and well you know (insert impolite words here).   San Diego left the door open for Phillips to return to the Chargers.  This poor example of a player went all bandwagon on us.  He might as well have said San Diego sucks and I am going to play for Denver to win a championship.

Well coaches, fans, and players of the glorious San Diego Chargers, let’s send Mr. Bandwagon a message by winning our  division this season. The Oakland Raiders just lost the number one spot for my hatred.  No, the Denver Donkeys didn’t earn that position either. Congratulations Mr. Phillips!  You won the grand prize.  You are now the proud owner of San Diego fan’s hate and disgust.  Wow, and I almost bought your jersey last season.

Fans, I urge you to leave a comment.  I plan on tweeting this link to Shaun Phillips on twitter.  So let’s tell him how the fans feel.


Have a Blessed Day,


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