Top Ten Movies

Here are my Top 10 movies at the request of Dave!


1. Christmas Vacation
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
4. Rudy
5. Sherlock Holmes
6. Batman – The Dark Knight
7. V for Vendetta
8. Pirates of the Caribbean
9. Role Models
10. The Godfather

Justin Holmerud

Here are my top ten movies per the request of Booga!

1) The Room


2) Purple Rain


3) The Royal Tennebaums

4) Rushmore

5) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

6) The Hunger Games

7) Casino

8) 20th Century Boys (series)

9) Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back

10) Star Wars VI Return Of The Jedi


Joe Clarke



You can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their medicine cabinet, IPOD or dvd collection.  There’s nothing in my medicine cabinet except Cinnamon flavored Colgate, contact cases and saline solution.  No medications, no cream or clear.  I don’t even take aspirin!  You get a good idea of what’s in my IPOD if you follow me on Twitter.  My first tweet of the day is my entrance music for the day, the song I would want to signal my arrival to every room I enter.  It’s all flavors of metal for those who don’t know.  That leaves my movie collection. I’m a hardcore movie buff and if I’m out to sea with only ten movies to last me the rest of existence, I would take these and die happy.

1. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  Okay, so it’s three movies but they all play as one. Great action, fantastic story and tons of quotable lines.  I know, i’ve memorized ALL the movies.   As your resident Lord Of The Rings fanboy, (hence the @LordOfTheGregs twitter handle), no other movie will ever claim the top spot.

The way is SHUT! It was made by those who are dead…and the dead keep it…

2.  Interview With The Vampire.  Amazing movie that draws you in from the opening scene.  Before Tom Cruise lost his mind he owned the screen as the vampire Lestat and Brad Pitt took over the last half of the movie as the reluctant Louie.  Lest we forget a young Kirsten Dunst completing the triangle of awesomeness as Claudia.  Never gets old.  Never.

Always know where to find you Louie…all I have to do is follow the corpses of rats…

3.  Army Of Darkness. Unofficially Evil Dead 3, featuring Bruce Campbell against the undead. So many great lines.  So funny.  We all want to be Ash after this flick is over..

Gimme some sugar baby…

4.  Stigmata.  Hot city girl becomes unknowingly afflicted by the wounds of the crucifixion of Christ (Stigmata).  She stays so hot even in the midst of supernatural torture it makes a priest want to change his religion.  Gripping.

5.  Saw. The original Saw, not the six sequels that followed.  The first Saw ushered in an angle of horror we haven’t seen before.  An evil mastermind (Jigsaw) subjets his victims to death traps as penance for the wrongs they have committed upon others.  He even takes a place in the center of two of his captives, staying completely still while they stare at their shackled ankles and a strategically placed bone saw.  Still terrifying.


6. Friday.  A day in the life in the hood.  Crackheads. Drug dealers. Lying, cheating, stealing and fighting.  And weed…lots and lots of weed.  Chris Tucker and Ice Cube make this an instant classc.

And. you know this…MAN!!!
7.  Clerks.  Kevin Smith’s take back the streets homage to the hardest working unnoticed workforce in the world.  Clerks.  They’re supposed to be there to serve you, right?
This would be a great job if it wasn’t for the customers…
8.  Kill Bill.  Tarantino’s thousand gallon of blood are never better used than in this movie. Uma Thurman goes badass on the group that killed her and left her for dead.  Almost killed her.  She’s alive…and she’s pissed.
I need…Hattori Hanzo steel!!
9.  The Strangers. This movie will have you sleeping with the lights on. Familiar plot.   A couple escapes to a house in a remote location in the woods.  The couple is soon beset upon my strangers wearing masks.  The strangers make bang on doors, cause commotion and stay hidden at first. The strangers them make themselves visible one by one, adding to the mounting horror. This is a great, bloody, suspenseful movie with a great ending.  Best watched in the dark with the surround sound WAY up! Youu will be sleeping with the lights on…rent it for a great scare! Better yet, buy it and invite friends over and scare them too…
10.  Garden State.  The closest thing to a chick flick you will find on this list. This movie stars Zach Braff and Natalie Portman.  Funny. Touching. Great character development. Musical score is spot, really puts you in the center of the film emotionally. Honestly, hated to see it end.  Guys, looking for the perfect  movie for a girl you want to impress?  This one!
Who just saw some titties? RAISE YOUR HAND  if you just saw some TITTIES!!
So there you have it…The Greg One’s Top 10, including my favorite quotes (at least one) from said movies. Was hard narrowing it down, lots of great movies landed on the bubble.  Office Space, Hostel, Man On Fire, The Avengers, Fanboys and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back are some of those on the outside looking in.  Hope you enjoyed a look into my the medicine cabinet of my mind. 
The Greg One





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