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After having such a tremendous turnout from our first meetup on May 31st, we are wanting to provide fans with as much advanced warning about our second event.  The second BoltBlitz meetup will be July 12th at the Titled Kilt in Mission Valley at 5:00 pm.

When looking back at our first event, I was expecting between 40-50 people.  It turns out that our final count was 200 people!!  I couldn’t believe how many people came out to hang out with so many other Charger diehards.

We were lucky enough to have Charger rookies Craig Watts Jr and Jeremiah Sirles attend the event as well.  They allowed the fans to line up and take pictures with so many people.  They were both very cool and I can’t thank them enough for supporting the debut of my new radio show  BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 and this very website, BoltBlitz.com.  We also had the pleasure of being joined by Dan McClellan, Nancy Castro, Michael Chavez Booth, and Derek Togerson.  I felt very blessed as Derek works for NBC San Diego and he went around taking pictures and videotaping the night.  Furthermore, he actually posted some of the footage on the news that night.

One of the best parts of the meetup was the fact that over $5,000.00 in prizes were won and given away to the mob of awesome Charger fans that attended that Saturday.  The prizes ranged from autographed photos, jerseys, bobbleheads, artwork and much more.

Well, like I mentioned above, we’re going to do it again.  We plan on doing these about every six weeks.  You can expect a very similar experience to the first event when thinking of what to expect our the July 12th meetup.  We’ll have tons of raffles, Charger players, San Diego media members and a damn good time will be had by all.

Stay tuned and I hope to see a ton of new faces at the second BoltBlitz meetup!



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