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Name: Greg Anthony Williams

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Alias(es): The Greg One, The ‘novelist’ of Boltblitz, Hootie

Height: 5’11

Weight: 232

40-yard dash: 4.49 seconds

Hand size: 10 1/2

225-pound bench press: Nope

Vertical: I’d rather be horizontal

Sports played: Football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track and field, volleyball, tennis

Role models: Ozzy Osbourne, Philip Rivers, Sam Kinison

Biggest passions: My family, writing, acting, performing. I have had stints as a stand-up comedian, DJ, VJ, and worked in TV, movies and theater since I was 8.

Favorite Catchphrases:

You make that sound like a bad thing… -Yours truly

To BE the man, you’ve got to BEAT the man! -Ric Flair

Not everyone who wanders is lost. -Tolkien

If stuck on a desert island with only…

3 CD’s: Pearl Jam- Ten; My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge; Slipknot- The Subliminal Verses Vol. 3

3 DVD’s: Lord Of The Rings trilogy (counts as 1); Decline Of Western Civilization Pt.2, the Metal Years, Friday

3 Books: It by Stephen King; The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

3 little known facts about me: I was a singer in a country/rock band. I was a writer for a NFL fansite called Seahawks Huddle in 2003. I won the Jane Austin Spirit Of The West film award for a student film I starred in called Sure Thing in 1996. That award is still in my former agent’s house somewhere. Haven’t seen her since. (I’ll find you yet…)

On where ‘The Greg One’ came from: High School. We all had nicknames on the student newspaper. ‘The Great One’ was currently in use by Wayne Gretzky so I thought ‘The Greg One’ was a clever spin on it. It’s close enough in sound and it feeds my ego so I kept it. I think i’m the only one who gets it though. I’m my own inside joke.

On Twitter: @LordOfTheGregs. One Greg to rule them all. One Greg to find them. One Greg to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them! You’ll find no bigger LOTR fanboy than me!

On Playstation Network: Saruman316. Representing for the PS3 owners out there! Let’s play! Currently deep into Diablo 3.

Favorite non-NFL sports/teams: NBA-Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, UFC, NCAA football/basketball- N.C. State, Duke, Florida State, Oregon, WWE

Favorite current Charger: Philip Rivers

Favorite All-Time Charger: Junior Seau

On when he became a Chargers fan: The game was rite of passage a in my house. I learned the way a lot of us did, sitting on my dad’s knee. Six years old. Dad’s drinking buddies would come over because we had the biggest TV on the block. It was a Zenith floor model TV that probably weighed 200 pounds. Amidst all the drinking and swearing the guys always tried to keep me involved. ‘Who do you want to win little man?’ They would always ask. Until I got to know who was who I always picked the winner by who had the best looking helmets. The Chargers always had the best looking helmets so they were always my favorite team with the Seahawks coming in second. Keep in mind I grew up on the East Coast. The Redskins were the default every week team and most of my family were Redskins or Cowboys fans. The Chargers were seemingly always on in the 4 pm late game. I was the one weirdo who chose a west coast team!

Greatest Chargers moment: 1994 AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That game stands out because my favorite player, Junior, was questionable to play because he had a pinched in his neck that rendered his left arm useless. Junior played. With that one good arm he had 16 tackles and dominated the game. I’ve seen no better individual performance in a game where that stakes were that high. Seau was literally a one-armed man in an ass-kicking contest, and he won!

Lowest Chargers moment: The game after Seau’s amazing performance, the Chargers lone Super Bowl appearance against San Francisco. The Chargers were boatraced by the 49ers 49-26. As soon as Jerry Rice caught that 80-yard strike over the middle with no one in the picture on the second play from scrimmage, you knew it was going to be a bad day. I held out hope that the Chargers could come back even deep in the fourth quarter (Ok, all we need is to score a touchdown, stop them, score another touchdown, onside kick, score another touchdown…)  It was definitely my worst day as a Chargers fan. I knew how great the 49ers were that year but that loss still stings and it will until the Chargers do win a Super Bowl.

On Boltblitz: Dave and I both wrote for another sports site before he decided to form Boltblitz and I hold it as the highest honor that I was the first person he asked me to join him. Boltblitz has been a great part of my life. I have enjoyed meeting scores of Chargers fans at games, tailgates and local events. We share the vision of making Boltblitz the greatest Chargers website in existence and nothing will change that! Thank you all for reading through these last two years, it’s only going to get better!










The hot story in the NFL right now is not about what’s going on in training camp but of a three-year veteran from the Philadelphia Eagles, Riley Cooper. Footage has recently surfaced of an intoxicated Cooper at a Kenny Chesney concert berating security guards because they wouldn’t let him backstage.  He threatened to fight every person back there (replace ‘person’ with a racial slur for black people that begins with N) to get backstage.

The day after its released, the story has already been blown out of proportion. Cooper was definitely not the smartest man that night 1. For his choice of words.  2. For threatening not one but apparently multiple security guards.  The drinking is not an excuse.  Who hasn’t gone to a concert and thrown back some suds?  Concerts indoors or outdoors are hot, crowded,  hours long endeavors.  A beverage of some kind is needed for survival.  Cooper would have been wise to bring a friend or bodyguard to manage the situation.  Cooper also should have been smart enough to know that as a (somewhat) known football player in a football crazed town that cell phones cameras and TV cameras are everywhere, waiting to record every misstep.  Who’s not annoyed when you’re at a concert, a favorite song starts playing and every other person in your section holds their iphones in your line of sight to record the song?

Players and media are spewing outrage at Cooper for his drunken rant.  The story will die in a couple of days but today, Cooper is public enemy number one.

He shouldn’t be.

We’ve all heard that alcohol is a truth serum and it is.  When inhibitions are lowered (which alcohol tends to do) the ability to filter your words equals the release of thoughts an inebriated mind would otherwise hold back.  Riley Cooper is a man who still has that word in his vocabulary. It doesn’t make him evil.  It doesn’t make him a bad guy.  Does it make him a racist?  Maybe.

Why maybe?

The definition of racist is: 1. The belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.  2. Abusive or aggressive behavior towards the members of another race on the basis of such a belief.

Truth is, we don’t know what Riley Cooper believes.  Until he tells us so, it is unwise to speculate.  The Grand Wizard is a racist.  The members of the KKK are racist.  Remember baseball’s John Rocker?  Youtube his rant.  That guy is a racist and it can be said because his words were uttered without the provocation of alcohol.  They’re not the first racists and unfortunately they won’t be the last.  Until Cooper tells us we can’t include him in that list.

Cooper has come out and apologized through the media and to his teammates in person.  Not doing so could be an occupational hazard considering his team is over 70% black so we’ll just consider that damage control.  What Cooper is guilty of is ignorance.  Ignorance to the strength that the word still carries in today’s society.  No word epitomizes the decades of slavery and the struggle of African-Americans during that time and for decades after better than that word.  What Cooper is guilty of is insensitivity towards his fellow-man.  Not getting backstage entry to a concert doesn’t justify its use.  Nothing justifies its use.

As a black man and lifelong athlete who has spent years in and around locker rooms to call Cooper a racist solely because he used it is wrong.  It shows he has a tendency, a leaning, towards being racist.  It doesn’t automatically make him one.  My word for this situation is this:


One thing I’m truly sick of is the double standard that comes with this word.  In any mixed race locker room in the country that word is thrown around by one black athlete toward another incessantly and its fine.  However, if a white player says that to a black player its racist.  Black people will say they can say it to one another because they’ve earned the right to use it the way they want. Earned it.  Like the maturing of a 401K perhaps.  Earned?  Today, the spelling and pronunciation has been changed from ending in ‘ger’ to ending in ‘ga’ along with the definition attached.  No matter who says it or how the pronunciation, spelling or perceived definition of the word may have changed in the black culture, it’s still the same hateful, debasing, derogatory and violent word it always was and anyone who uses it is a fool.

The best example I can give you is rap music. Rappers litter their music with these words.  They have put pen to paper and composed these lyrics themselves.  Does that make them racists?  They wrote it.  They will stand there on TV and promote it, celebrate it and implore you to buy it!  They become multi-billionaires and they’re perceived as musical geniuses.  Many rappers will release these filth laced albums then go home to their white wives and girlfriends.  No one calls Tupac or Biggie Smalls racists.  Jay-Z is a billionaire and his clothing brand, custom line of Vodka, 40-40 Club sports club chain and his music are celebrated by all cultures.  No one considers Jay-Z a racist.  They consider him a brilliant artist and you will find the N word on almost every track, multiple times.

This word should be banished from our collective vocabularies altogether as well as derogatory terms for ALL ethnic groups.  I have not EVER used this word, and I will not EVER use this word, and I don’t feel any more ‘entitled’ to it than the next guy. There are more intelligent ways to express your disapproval or anger of a person than resorting to racial threats.

I consider myself an intelligent black man who is aware of what happened to my earlier generations in American history.  The best I can do is learn from it, recognize it and thus understand how to respond to it if and when it arises. It is not my responsibility to carry their hatred into the 21st century. When someone who is a throwback to those hateful times arises, I know from their words and their actions of their intent.  I accept it but it doesn’t mean I have to accept that person. I recognize that person as someone I do not want as a part of my life and just like that, they’re out of it.  Being a racist is a choice, not something you’re born with and so is your response to racism.

Riley Cooper has made his bed and now he has to sleep in it.  Despite how far we have advanced as a culture, there are and always will be blacks who are genuinely hurt, and offended, by its use because they empathize so strongly with the actions of that time. Segregation is only about 40 years in the rear view mirror.  There are still generations of people in this country who lived through it.

Want to know who I see as racist?  Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Michael Vick.  After the Cooper video went viral, Vick posted on Twitter (in a very quickly deleted tweet) that he was putting a bounty on the head of Cooper.  That is the act of a racist.  Vick wanted like-minded people to go and do physical harm to Cooper.  THAT is the kind of thinking that holds us back as a people.  THAT is the kind of mentality that keeps racism alive.  And THAT is from the brother of one of Cooper’s teammates!

It is definitely not up to Marcus Vick. But it is up to Cooper’s teammates to now decide whether to accept him or exile him from their lives. Some will be accepting and forgive, others will not.  The lesson in this for all cultures is to learn from it, understand the effect such slang has on that culture and better yourself by rising above such language.  Then and only then can we all evolve as a people.






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Shawne Merriman burst upon the football scene as the San Diego Chargers 12th pick in the 2005 draft.  The defensive end out of Maryland nicknamed  ‘Lights Out’  took the league and opposing quarterbacks by storm as he registered double-digit sacks in each of his first three seasons, garnering three straight Pro Bowls and 2006 All-Pro first team selection as a result.  Flipping a tattooed light switch on his forearm, his ‘lights out’ sack dance became his trademark as he became an instant fan favorite in San Diego.

Then the NFL turned his light out.

In the midst of a playoff run in 2006, Merriman was busted for a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy for use of the anabolic steroid Nandralone. The Chargers would win all four games of Merriman’s suspension en route to winning the AFC West.  He finished the 2006 season and amassed 17 sacks over 12 games.  Merriman also has a successful 2007 season and in his first three season had 39.5 sacks.

Then the injuries kicked in.

In 2008 Merriman tore his PCL and LCL ligaments in his knee.

In 2009 Merriman was hampered by knee and foot injuries.

In 2010 the culprit was a nagging calf  injury.

In 2011, Merriman found the injured reserve list as the result of an ACL tear after signing with Buffalo.

It’s unknown how long it take for the physical advantage of steroids to leave the season after prolonged use.  For Merriman it took one more season. Over the rest of his career after 2007 Merriman only garnered six sacks.

Merriman retired in March, a star that prevented his own rise.

It was recently reported that Von Miller would be suspended for four games for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.  It is unknown what substances the NFL is accusing Miller of using.  The Denver Post reported Miller tested positive for marijuana and amphetamines in his rookie season.  Last season was Miller’s second.  Until we know what substance the NFL is calling out Miller for, the first thought in this day and age will be PED’s.

Miller’s case is under appeal and will be heard around mid-August.  The facts are Miller’s career is on the same trajectory Merriman’s was seven years ago.

In their rookie season:

Merriman: 10 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 57 combined tackles (43 solo), 4 passes defensed.

Miller: 11.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 64 combined tackles (50 solo), 4 passes defensed.

Those numbers would be even closer if Merriman hadn’t missed a game due to a holdout at the beginning of the season.

In their second season:

Merriman: 17 sacks, 63 tackles (49 solo), 4 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovered, one interception, 8 passes defensed.

Miller: 18.5 sacks, 68 tackles (55 solo), 6 forced fumbles, one interception, 2 passes defensed.

Considering that was the year Merriman missed four games due to his suspension, Merriman would have beat Miller’s numbers across the board.

Still, the totals are eerily similar.

Now, heading into Miller’s potential four game suspension, we’ll see if his numbers continue to improve or tail off as Merriman’s did.  Merriman did have a successful third year with 12.5 sacks, 68 tackles (54 solo), 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries and four passes defensed.  After that, the injuries kicked in and Merriman’s career fell off the map.  Miller’s potential suspension will occur at the beginning of his third season as opposed to Merriman who was suspended halfway through his second.

Whether Miller is using PED’s or not, he is guilty of using the wrong substances whether they’re performance enhancing or not. We’ve watched scores of promising players fall by the wayside because of their usage. Miller is on a path to become a household name in the NFL. It will be interesting to see  his performance over the next two seasons. Will he continue to improve or go the way of Merriman?

As Chargers fans, we all hope Miller’s production falls off, but because the Chargers offensive line is that good. The more stars in the NFL, the better for us as fans. The better Miller gets, the more it costs Denver to keep him.  The more money the Broncos, tie up in one player the better.  This will be an interesting story to follow over the next few seasons. Is Miller using PED’s or not? The numbers, more so than the player, will tell the story.


The Greg One

As we continue to countdown the days to the beginning of the new football season, a now annual question again emerges.  Should the NFL move to an 18-game season?  There is no doubt that football is America’s game.  No sport is mourned more upon its completion than the NFL.  The basketball and baseball seasons go on seemingly forever. You can go to a game or watch on TV any day of the week.  The playoffs take months.  By the end of the season you’re already tired of it.

The NFL is the opposite, all your viewing is limited to two nights a week.  Three if  you count Thursday night football on a channel half of America still can’t get once Thursday night football begins a quarter of the way through the season.  It’s a reason to gather with friends.  It’s must see TV.  It’s a reason to make the expedition to the stadium to watch in person.  We get more out of one day of football than a week of basketball, baseball or hockey.  No five months are more celebrated than the five months of the NFL season (six if you count preseason).

Sixteen games accounts for a fantastic season, a roller coaster featuring win streaks, losing streaks, worst to first stories, breakout players and the best trade deadline action in all of sports.  Why the need to push for an 18-game season?  One word.


Make no mistake, this is not a movement fueled by what the players want.  This is what the owners want.  The NFL is sports golden goose and the content and excitement we get as fans is the golden egg.  The fervor for the game we fuel the sport with even during the offseason has cash registers ringing in every owners ears.  The NFL does the best job of promoting its rising stars and incoming stars via continuous build up leading to and through the NFL draft.

A longer season means more money.  Stadium revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, food, parking and season ticket revenue would increase if more games are added.  That’s really not even the tip of the iceberg.  The real money is coming from the mega millions garnered from TV deals that get split equally among every team no matter how bad they are.  More games equal more TV time which equals even more money.

If you polled the players, its doubtful the truly want to add another two games to an already arduous regular season.  They may say they do to appease their fans and tow the company line but privately, how would they truly want that? teams that can get through the season without a rash of injuries are a rarity and adding two games to the regular season would only weaken teams as they head to the playoffs.

At what expense  are the owners willing to put our favorite players at risk?

Will the owners then eliminate two preseason games?  We all know the preseason games are nothing more than live practices although the owners still charge the full price to attend them.  Leaving preseason at four games and still adding two games is completely unnecessary.  Taking out two preseason games and starting the regular season in August makes more sense if it were to happen.  Why would players agree to this?  One word.


We all know the shelf life for the average NFL player is four years.  Four years to make the NFL’s millions.  More games mean a few hundred grand more, maybe a million or two to a rookie deal, a few million more to a veteran deal. There’s a reason raising the games in a season hasn’t been changed since the NFL went to a 16 game regular season from a 14 game regular season in 1978.  The game is a lot faster and more violent.  Players have better training, better facilities, nutritional advantages and plain knowledge of the game that wasn’t available to players 35 years ago.

Look no further than the pending concussion/brain injury lawsuit by the former players that grows by the day.  They claim the NFL knew of the dangers of the game and kept it from them while reaping the monetary benefits.  Players now have that knowledge.  Research into head injuries and on field doctors to watch for such circumstances are in place.  Better equipment is being developed, a notion that wasn’t even entertained in 1978.

Thirty five years ago the average NFL salary was $90, 102.  Today, the minimum rookie salary is 390k.   A larger talent pool has led to more teams with more revenue streams, more expense to owners which led to the building of more grandiose stadiums and inflation across the board.  Now with the NFL at an all time high in popularity the players and owners are in full cash grab mode and in the end the fans will suffer for it.  Here’s why:

More injuries/wear and tear. Two more regular season games gives two more games of risk for your favorite player or your team’s franchise to suffer a serious injury.  The end of season battle between division rivals for a playoff spot gets longer and whether you’re on the winning or losing end, could be detrimental on both sides.  Two more games

Playoff competition will suffer.  That team that would have made it after 16 games could end up missing the playoffs to a less deserving team because of injuries or because a healthy bad team beat a contending injured good team. Lots of division races are not completed until the last two games of the season and many times it comes down to not if a team wins but another team losing.

Most importantly is a reason owners neglect but fans shouldn’t.

Adding two games will shorten a player’s career by two years.  In today’s culture of freakishly gifted athletes, behemoth offensive and defensive players and the increased violence of the sport.  All those extra games and the beating the players will take increase the injury toll whether it’s on the injury report or not.  Each injury diminishes a player’s maximum effectiveness.  On a team that makes the playoffs it adds and additional three to six games.  Those two extra games add an extra fifty carries (and fifty tackles) on a feature back. It’s an extra 60 passes on the arm of a quarterback.  It’s sixty snaps per game of pounding for linemen.  It’s a potential season ending injury that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

An expanded regular season should not happen but my feeling is enough money will be dangled before players to make it happen.  This writer, as much as I love every week of the NFL (except the Chargers bye week) votes NO.

When it does happen I hope these provisions are made:

Additional bye week. It would make sense to aid players health by adding a second bye week at the expense of a third preseason game.  Preseason is nothing more than a chance for the fans to see their teams play half speed in uniform in a meaningless scrimmage.  We have that already.  It’s called the Pro Bowl.  An additional bye week near the end of the season will aid the players and lessen the chance of players aggravating already existing nagging or serious injuries.

Extend training camp. Preseason games are not needed.  If anything, more fans would enjoy watching televised practices between teams.  Teams will need to get in live action practice time and that’s the best way for it to happen.  Each week of training camp teams will go to another city and play that team.  They can keep score but play can be halted for coaching purposes.  The behind-the-scenes look would be infinitely more interesting than preseason games.

Move up the draft and the beginning of free agency. The Super Bowl was Feb 2nd.  Free agency began March 12th this year.  The draft was April 25-27.  Move free agency to the end of February to allow a month of free agency and move the draft to the beginning of April to allow another month to sign draftees.  June will be for OTA’s and ‘voluntary’ minicamps.  Training camp starts at the beginning of  July.  This allows the players over two solid months off to recharge, three extra weeks of training camp to audition rookies and undrafted free agents and get the team in sync.  By the time scrimmages begin in August you will already have a set team and a sharper team come week one of the regular season in the middle of August.

These provision make a more seamless offseason for players and fans while keeping the NFL in the news year round and excitement at close to the same level it was at when it ended.


What do you think Bolt fans?


Bolt Up!


The Greg One

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Good morning friends and neighbors!  Just swinging through to give you a glimpse into my whimsical, oddball life.  I have been a Chargers fan from day one.  Around age 6 is when my football interest began.  My dad had one of those big Zenith floor model TV’s.  (The equivalent of a giant flat screen today for those of you who are too young to remember those).  We must have been the big players on the block because all the guys came to watch TV at our house.  There were no remote controls back then, you actually had to get off the couch and turn the knobs on the TV MANUALLY!  Yeah, its true. I’m sure these were  the same models the cavemen started with…

I sat on my dad’s lap and watched the game as one of  ‘the boys’.  I learned  about football on those Sundays and Sunday was my favorite day of the week. Still is.  Listening to the ‘colorful’ language thrown about when someone’s team succeeded (or failed).  The guys all drank beer while I drank soda, imitating the big guys.  Until I knew who was who, I picked the winner (because the guys always wanted to know who I thought would win) I picked the team with the best looking helmets.  The Chargers always had the best looking helmets (still do) and my allegiance has never changed.  Not for a day.  The Chargers are my favorite team regardless of sport, by a country mile.

I played every sport I could. Football, basketball, baseball, track, softball, soccer, tennis and I ran track.  I am a veteran of the US Army.  Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina I practically grew up on the North Carolina State campus.  I attended my ‘U’ on a Young Writers scholarship while I was still in middle school.  There was me and a bunch of high schoolers who paid a lot to be in the program.  I was Doogie Howser! (Dated 90’s reference. Sorry youngsters! HULU it).

Writing has always been a great passion.  I have traveled all over the United States  and been an Editor and staff writer for various publications.  Even when my editor says write just 200 words (Sorry Dave) I find it next to impossible once I get rolling.  I will almost always have the longest columns on this site but I will load them with facts (and a pinch of humor) to support my opinion. That’s my word to you, my loyal readers.  I gave myself the moniker ‘The Greg One’ because the Great One was already taken by Gretzky and The Greg One sounds close enough to it while staying unique to only me.  The Greg One is my alter ego.  Loud, opinionated, life of the party, always ready to put on a show.

Performing is the other great passion.  I have performed in TV, movies, theatre, radio, lead singer, DJ, VJ, and stand-up comic.  Wherever there is a microphone, I will be there.  I look forward to meeting you all at games and watering holes around San Diego.  I will always tweet out my location.  Let me be your reason (or excuse) to party.  I live in Phoenix but I work for US Airways so I fly free and its a short flight to my personal promised land, San Diego!  Hope to see and meet you all very soon!


Follow me on Twitter @LordOfTheGregs.  Always ready for a football conversation (or debate)!


Bolt Up!

Is it September yet? After the offseason the Chargers have had, every Charger loyalist should have reason to believe that this season will be different.  Different for the better,  we hope.  Considering the Chargers are coming off their first losing season in over a decade, it can’t get much worse.  Just the fact Norv Turner and AJ Smith won’t be haunting Chargers Park is already seen as a turn for the better.

The recent signings of defensive end Dwight Freeney and left tackle Max Starks has created the buzz the Chargers faithful have been waiting for all offseason. Now we’re REALLY ready for the season to start so we can see our new toys in action but alas, we have almost 100 days to wait.  The NBA season will be over in mid-June, the NHL Playoffs are winding down and baseball will never end and is too boring to watch on TV.  How do we keep our sports buzz on? Might I suggest some Blockbuster nights?

Here are The Greg One’s top five sports movies of all time. Rent these and get some of that rooting spirit back…if even for only 90 minutes at a time.

5.  Talladega Nights.  Honestly. I’ll be the first to tell everyone who will listen that Will Ferrell is NOT FUNNY.  He tried too hard to be funny and just looks dumber in the process. What makes this movie is the supporting cast from the overzealous kids to the ‘hot wife’ to John C. Reilly as Ferrell’s co-star and racing teammate.  This movie is funny IN SPITE OF, not because of, Will Ferrell.

4.  White Men Can’t Jump.  Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson form an unholy alliance to hustle street basketball.  Playing on the blacktop in the bad part of town,  Harrelson’s character Billy Hoyle, (affectionately dubbed Billy HO by Snipes) is the perfect accomplice because everyone in the hood thinks…you got it, White Men Can’t Jump.  Plenty of twists and turns, street justice a wisecracking Kadeem Hardison, (you knew him as Dwayne Wayne from A Different World) and a young, hot Rosie Perez. Score!!

3.  Rocky IV.  I’m not lumping all the Rocky movies together because they’re not all great, especially not Rocky V.  Rocky IV has the best foil in Dolph Lundgren who plays the invincible Russian Ivan Drago called ‘Death From Above’ in the movie.  Rocky is pressed back into action after his best friend, Apollo Creed, is killed in the ring in an exhibition fight.  I’d say sorry for the spoiler alert but if you haven’t seen this movie already, there’s something wrong with you… Its a compare and contrast of old school training (Rocky running up mountainsides and training in the elements in a broken down cabin)  and new school training. (Drago getting ‘roided up and training in a cozy state of the art facility).  Its a lesson that’s still true to this day.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

2.  The Waterboy.  Adam Sandler plays the insufferable title character, a backwoods, home-schooled redneck deep in the heart of the Louisiana swamp.  Kathy Bates is awesome as his ‘mama’, stubborn, tricky and a believer that anything she doesn’t like is ‘the DEVIL’.  As the team waterboy, his hidden knack for delivering punishing, playmaking hits comes while he’s being tormented by his own team and coach Henry Winkler decides to get the waterboy to channel that aggression onto the field.  Play count the cameos as plenty of recognizable faces pop up in random places.


And The Greg One’s  GREGGY award for greatest sports movie of all time goes to….




This, not Caddyshack, should be the gold standard for all golf movies.  Adam Sandler strikes again as the title character, Happy Gilmore.  Gilmore is an ice hockey player  with all the power in the world but there’s just one problem, he’s not a good skater.  Gilmore does love a good fight like any hockey player and he does fight with just about everyone, including a famous scene with Bob Barker…

“The Price Is WRONG, bitch!!”

Gilmore is discovered by Chubs, played by Carl Weathers and Chubs get him entered into the world of golf.  Gilmore’s 400 foot drives become the talk of the pro tour and it brings out fans and haters, including Gilmore’s rival for the duration of the movie, Shooter McGavin.  Wrapped in the middle of all this hilarity is the greatest love scene caught in a movie.  Ever.  Set to ‘Endless Love’, Gilmore romances a hot tour representative.  Watch the scene then disagree with me, if you dare!


Hope you guys liked my list.  Five films, five different sports.  It was hard narrowing it to five as the rest of the top ten would have been some mix of Varsity Blues (if the Endless Love’ scene was the greatest love scene EVER, the whipped cream bikini is the hottest moment EVER), Remember The Titans, Caddyshack, The Longest Yard (the most recent Adam Sandler edition) and Rocky III.  I’d say this is the perfect ten but if not, what films would you add to the list?  For the record, I left Rudy off on purpose.  Dude got in one play in the last game…no soup for you!  Other than that, who ya got??


Here’s to getting that sports fix sated!  Buy these movies and you will be fully entertained again and again!




Bolt Up!!
The Greg One





You can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their medicine cabinet, IPOD or dvd collection.  There’s nothing in my medicine cabinet except Cinnamon flavored Colgate, contact cases and saline solution.  No medications, no cream or clear.  I don’t even take aspirin!  You get a good idea of what’s in my IPOD if you follow me on Twitter.  My first tweet of the day is my entrance music for the day, the song I would want to signal my arrival to every room I enter.  It’s all flavors of metal for those who don’t know.  That leaves my movie collection. I’m a hardcore movie buff and if I’m out to sea with only ten movies to last me the rest of existence, I would take these and die happy.

1. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  Okay, so it’s three movies but they all play as one. Great action, fantastic story and tons of quotable lines.  I know, i’ve memorized ALL the movies.   As your resident Lord Of The Rings fanboy, (hence the @LordOfTheGregs twitter handle), no other movie will ever claim the top spot.

The way is SHUT! It was made by those who are dead…and the dead keep it…

2.  Interview With The Vampire.  Amazing movie that draws you in from the opening scene.  Before Tom Cruise lost his mind he owned the screen as the vampire Lestat and Brad Pitt took over the last half of the movie as the reluctant Louie.  Lest we forget a young Kirsten Dunst completing the triangle of awesomeness as Claudia.  Never gets old.  Never.

Always know where to find you Louie…all I have to do is follow the corpses of rats…

3.  Army Of Darkness. Unofficially Evil Dead 3, featuring Bruce Campbell against the undead. So many great lines.  So funny.  We all want to be Ash after this flick is over..

Gimme some sugar baby…

4.  Stigmata.  Hot city girl becomes unknowingly afflicted by the wounds of the crucifixion of Christ (Stigmata).  She stays so hot even in the midst of supernatural torture it makes a priest want to change his religion.  Gripping.

5.  Saw. The original Saw, not the six sequels that followed.  The first Saw ushered in an angle of horror we haven’t seen before.  An evil mastermind (Jigsaw) subjets his victims to death traps as penance for the wrongs they have committed upon others.  He even takes a place in the center of two of his captives, staying completely still while they stare at their shackled ankles and a strategically placed bone saw.  Still terrifying.


6. Friday.  A day in the life in the hood.  Crackheads. Drug dealers. Lying, cheating, stealing and fighting.  And weed…lots and lots of weed.  Chris Tucker and Ice Cube make this an instant classc.

And. you know this…MAN!!!
7.  Clerks.  Kevin Smith’s take back the streets homage to the hardest working unnoticed workforce in the world.  Clerks.  They’re supposed to be there to serve you, right?
This would be a great job if it wasn’t for the customers…
8.  Kill Bill.  Tarantino’s thousand gallon of blood are never better used than in this movie. Uma Thurman goes badass on the group that killed her and left her for dead.  Almost killed her.  She’s alive…and she’s pissed.
I need…Hattori Hanzo steel!!
9.  The Strangers. This movie will have you sleeping with the lights on. Familiar plot.   A couple escapes to a house in a remote location in the woods.  The couple is soon beset upon my strangers wearing masks.  The strangers make bang on doors, cause commotion and stay hidden at first. The strangers them make themselves visible one by one, adding to the mounting horror. This is a great, bloody, suspenseful movie with a great ending.  Best watched in the dark with the surround sound WAY up! Youu will be sleeping with the lights on…rent it for a great scare! Better yet, buy it and invite friends over and scare them too…
10.  Garden State.  The closest thing to a chick flick you will find on this list. This movie stars Zach Braff and Natalie Portman.  Funny. Touching. Great character development. Musical score is spot, really puts you in the center of the film emotionally. Honestly, hated to see it end.  Guys, looking for the perfect  movie for a girl you want to impress?  This one!
Who just saw some titties? RAISE YOUR HAND  if you just saw some TITTIES!!
So there you have it…The Greg One’s Top 10, including my favorite quotes (at least one) from said movies. Was hard narrowing it down, lots of great movies landed on the bubble.  Office Space, Hostel, Man On Fire, The Avengers, Fanboys and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back are some of those on the outside looking in.  Hope you enjoyed a look into my the medicine cabinet of my mind. 
The Greg One





dj fluker




After a great first day in New York culminated by meeting Roger Goodell, woke up looking forward to topping the day before.  After getting some writing done, I set out into the city to see what was going on at Radio City Music Hall.  Word on the street was Barry Sanders was still there celebrating his Madden 25 cover.  By the time I got there, no Barry.

I did wander my way onto the set of a Kevin Costner movie titled Draft Day.  Blending in to one of the crowds of extras in my full Chargers attire, no one seemed to notice I wasn’t supposed to be there!  That’s me, the chameleon.   I thought I might get to see some sports stars or get an impromptu photo op with a big name actor but after a half hour and none of either happening, I moved on.

Met up with BoogaP and we took time to check out the city since RCMH was closed for the filming of the movie fr the time being.   We filtered our way into Times Square and took time to converse with local fans, including a Irish waitress who needed an explanation of what the Draft was.   Coincidentally, our second Irish waitress who needed such an explanation in as many days.

We made it into the draft and RCMH is a beautiful building.  Pics and video of it will be posted.  Lots of vendors and attractions were spread throughout th three levels of the building. Swag bags were handed out, promotions were everywhere and fans of every team were represented conversing peacefully even if they were from rival teams.

The draft started and you all saw it on TV.  The backdrop and the view of it live is even more amazing than you can see on TV.  As the picks were being unveiled, I was more excited that the man I had wanted since January would fall to the Chargers, Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack.  Chance was still in play as the Titans were on the clock at #10.  As the ten minute timer ran down I remembered how Chance himself said he wanted to play for Tennessee.  Players do that all the time and it doesn’t happen.  This time, however, Chance got his wish and Tennessee picked him.


As I completed my mini tantrum kicking and punching an imaginary enemy, Roger Goodell came to the podium and said,

“With the 11th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select….D.J. Fluker, offensive tackle, Alabama.”

I was still a bit distracted by not getting Warmack to focus on Fluker.   Now that I have had time to settle down and read the GM and coach comments on Fluker, I am pleased.  According to reports, the Chargers had Fluker ranked above Warmack and Fluker would have been the pick even if BOTH had been available. Fluker is described as more versatile as he is capable of playing guard and tackle and is truly a monster of a man size wise.

Fluker has three championship rings in four years as an integral part of the offensive line at the biggest college program in the country right now. Championship pedigree. Played against the most best programs in the nation on a yearly basis.  Today, I love it.

My contention all along is the Chargers need to protect Philip Rivers and even though it isn’t the man I’ve targeted since January, his linemate is just as good if not better. Time will tell.   Telesco knows fixing the offensive line so Rivers can throw the ball is top priority and that is what he delivered.  That makes me very happy and I am sure it makes Philip Rivers ecstatic to finally have a blue chip behemoth at right tackle.  And from his home state.

Today, the Danario Alexander signed his tender so now Rivers gets his favorite receiver target back which should have him turning cartwheels in his house with the events of the last 24 hours.  This is great for the Chargers and that’s news we should all be excited about!  The words for today are same as yesterday.  #TelescoMagic.   Two picks today.  Two more winners today!

I’m looking forward o getting out into New York City today and bringing you more coverage.  Time to roll.  Stay tuned to BoltBlitz and to my twitter account for all the latest!


Bolt Up!


The Greg One


First day in New York City couldn’t have gone better.  Met with Dave Peters (@BoogaP) in Charlotte.  We arrived in New York and set up shop in a nearby hotel.  After lunch, we headed into the city and got in line for wristbands.

The atmosphere was electric as no one seemed to mind standing in line for hours.  Fans of the various teams roamed the streets in packs, chanting about their teams as they passed by.  Naturally, fans of opposing teams chanted in retort “not so flattering things,” making for comical interchanges.  All the interactions were peaceful (as far as we could see anyway).

Security was very visible.  Police dogs were also visible and everyone who had backpacks, coolers or other storage style containers, were subjected to inspection.  All involved felt safe being there despite the wait.  Vendors came through and gave out drinks, chips and NFL Draft towels to everyone who wanted them.

FINALLY, after over three hours in line, the barricades opened and we were allowed inside Radio City Music Hall to get our wristbands, more swag AND free pizza!

On the way out I spotted a crowd gathered around a TV camera.  After getting closer I saw NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!  Goodell was making his way up the walkway around Radio City Music Hall.  I bemoaned my misfortune as I had nothing for him to sign but I got close enough to smile, say hello and shake his hand.

After watching the scene a little longer, I observed him stopping to take pictures with fans as well.  Quickdrawing my Iphone, I made my way up the ramp and got back to where he was standing. The Commish graciously accepted my request for a picture and I got a nice shot with him which will be posted on this site and is already posted on my twitter page (@LordOfTheGregs).  Afterwards, Dave and I met with other Chargers fans and are set to film a round table tonight.  Not a bad first day in a state that I’ve never been to!  I love New York!

Today is going to be HUGE!  We’re finally going to see what the Chargers brain trust have been working on and I believe something MAJOR  is going to happen! My term for it is #TelescoMagic.  The man has learned from the master Executive (Six time NFL Executive of the year) Bill Polian for the last 18 years and has a great eye for talent.

Last year’s Indianapolis team is proof of how effective he can be in short order as he got the Colts from worst to first in one season.  The Chargers are much more talented already than the team he took over last season in Indianapolis.

As I’ve already made clear, I want to hear a top offensive lineman’s name called.   Protecting Philip Rivers should be the theme of the day. We all know when Rivers has time to throw he is among the league’s elite.  Getting one of the three big name tackles at the top of the draft could lock in Rivers’ blind side for the next ten years and as long as the rest of the draft is solid, get the Chargers back to the playoffs THIS YEAR!

Even now the experts are split.  Mel Kiper Jr. has the Chargers picking D.J. Fluker, obviously staying put at 11.  Todd McShay has the Chargers somehow picking Luke Joeckel, obviously trading up.  I hope Dave and I are sitting on the floor level because if the Chargers get Joeckel I will jump so high I might fall out of the balcony!  My selection is Chance Warmack.  I don’t see the Chargers trading up and I believe the big three tackles (Fischer, Johnson, Joeckel) will be gone.  Warmack is the best guard available and could seal the position for the next ten years.   Warmack is a road grader out of Alabama who dominates defenders.  Warmack tossed the much ballyhooed Mantei Te’o all over the field in the last National Championship game.   Tackles can still be acquired after the draft.  Eric Winston,  Bryant McKinnie and others are still in play.  I’m so excited to be at Radio City Music Hall tonight!  Looking forward to bringing you all more coverage!

Its a huge day in San Diego Chargers history with the new regime charged with righting the ship. Two words I shall leave you with..



The Greg One





While composing a list of my All-Time favorite Chargers, I revisited the buried memory of the 2004 draft that brought our beloved Philip Rivers to San Diego.  The memory also rekindled my everlasting beef with Eli Manning.  We all    remember the story but for the benefit of new Chargers fans, here’s what went down.

The Chargers earned the right to the number one pick in the 2004 draft by stinking out loud in 2003 to the tune of a 4-12 season.  In the weeks leading up to the draft, the Manning camp got louder and louder proclaiming Eli would NOT play for the Chargers if they drafted him.  Each took their turn in front of every microphone they could find. Peyton, Archie and Eli took turns ripping the Chargers, their lack of leadership, their ownership and the quality of the product on the field.  In the end, the Chargers did draft Eli on draft day and traded him to the Giants in exchange for Rivers, and three draft picks who later became Shawne Merriman, Roman Oben and Nate Kaeding.  All but Oben made multiple Pro Bowls.

No quarterback should feel he’s so good as to campaign against going to any team.  Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right!

The fact that Manning had the stones to speak out against any team should have blackballed him to every team.  It doesn’t matter who you are or if you’re from the first family of quarterbacks.  Know your role, shut your mouth and when the Commissioner calls your name and gives you that jersey with the number 1 on it you smile, take your picture and shut the hell up!!  You’re getting drafted by a bad team because that’s how the draft works, the worst teams get the first shot to make themselves better.  The Giants sucked too or they wouldn’t have been picking at #4!

Thumbs up to the Chargers management for holding Eli for ransom for in spite of his despicable attitude.  Rivers is the better quarterback but until he gets the rings to go with his superior numbers (compared to Eli), the Super Bowl win will be Manning and the Giants trump card.

For that, I will always have beef with Eli Manning.  I will never root for that man and any Charger fan should equate rooting for Manning akin to rooting for the Raiders!  If I see Manning at the NFL Draft I’m walking the other way.  When I see him on my TV I want to throw popcorn at the screen.

It was very fortuitous for the Chargers to land Rivers. Rivers shows his passion for the game, his toughness, his willingness to win at all costs. Does he do too much sometimes? Yes. There is no doubt in any Chargers fans mind how badly Philip wants it. I’ve seen more emotion from a mop than I have ever seen out of Eli Manning.  The dude looks like he’s trying to remember where he sat down his car keys ALL THE TIME.  I don’t hate any player in any sport.  I hate the Raiders as a collective organization.  I hate Eli Manning personally and I would tell him to his face!  The words of South Park’s Mr. Garrison say it best for me:  “Eli Manning, You go to Hell! YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!”


Signing off for now.

The Greg One


Greg Williams

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