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Life is full of incredibly tough decisions.  After being approached by Joe Allen about covering the 2nd Annual Ryan Mathews Golf tournament, I had a rare, easy decision to make.  Of course I accepted.  We are very honored to have the opportunity to cover such a great event.

The 2nd Annual Ryan Mathews Golf tournament has been put in place to support “The Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest.”  It takes place on October 28th at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. It’s a non-profit here in America’s finest city, San Diego.  There are countless ways in which the best fans in the world can get involved in being a part of such an amazing event.  To find out more, please go to and do YOUR part to help those in need.

The Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest is an organization that helps mothers with children that are homeless set up their households when they graduate from the Door of Hope program.  In an effort to help these mothers and their children through a seriously rough transition in their lives, Trish and Ryan provide countless items by supplying necessities to ensure a successful start to an incredibly difficult situation.  They provide many items that help make each and every participant’s domicile a happy home. These items range from bedding, furniture and many other things that you and I might take for granted.

For those that have “never been without,” and live in the San Diego area, this is a chance for you to come out and do for others what they are unable to do for themselves.  I couldn’t be more excited to be involved and donating to such an admirable charity.

Again, for any and all information, please go to to get all of the details on being a part of a great event that helps a non-profit organization that truly gives back.  Don’t be shy to find a way to join in and give back to those that don’t have it the way that you do.  This is an amazing opportunity to show what you can do to give back to the San Diego community.

Be sure to check out for any and all updates regarding the event. Thank you all so much in advance for proving why the Charger fanbase is the best in all of the NFL.


As always, thanks a lot for reading and doing your part to help out those in need.


Booga Peters





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