Although the rookies are still going to be put to work through Thursday, the veterans have been excused until training camp begins.  In addition to camp battles at certain positions, there are other questions that surround the Chargers.  I’ll leave the abundance of question marks for another article.

Here is an answer to what should be done regarding the usage of what will be a little bit of cap space when all is said and done.  Find a way to re-sign Donald Butler this season.  Allowing him to enter into free agency next year would be a huge mistake.  It is my personal opinion that even the most novice of fans would agree.

Butler is an up and coming star in this league.  He is now another year removed from tearing his achilles.  Many have projected that he will be pushing for a Pro bowl nod this season.

One of the aforementioned question marks would be the need to add depth.  This can happen with the proper cap-clearing cuts being made.  The starting 22 is all but named in San Diego.  The players that would be added are not going to be exponentially expensive.

Despite the fact the team should have re-signed him last season, to not do so during the 2013 season would be a mistake of epic proportions.  He would have been cheaper in 2012.  He will not be overly cheap to re-sign in 2013.  But you can bet that he’ll command a much higher dollar amount if he is allowed to enter into the free agency market in 2014.

The bottom line is the Bolts need to sign Donald Butler to a long-term contract sooner rather than later.  If they don’t, we will be watching another former Charger tear it up in the National Football league.


Booga Peters


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