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Good morning friends and neighbors!  Just swinging through to give you a glimpse into my whimsical, oddball life.  I have been a Chargers fan from day one.  Around age 6 is when my football interest began.  My dad had one of those big Zenith floor model TV’s.  (The equivalent of a giant flat screen today for those of you who are too young to remember those).  We must have been the big players on the block because all the guys came to watch TV at our house.  There were no remote controls back then, you actually had to get off the couch and turn the knobs on the TV MANUALLY!  Yeah, its true. I’m sure these were  the same models the cavemen started with…

I sat on my dad’s lap and watched the game as one of  ‘the boys’.  I learned  about football on those Sundays and Sunday was my favorite day of the week. Still is.  Listening to the ‘colorful’ language thrown about when someone’s team succeeded (or failed).  The guys all drank beer while I drank soda, imitating the big guys.  Until I knew who was who, I picked the winner (because the guys always wanted to know who I thought would win) I picked the team with the best looking helmets.  The Chargers always had the best looking helmets (still do) and my allegiance has never changed.  Not for a day.  The Chargers are my favorite team regardless of sport, by a country mile.

I played every sport I could. Football, basketball, baseball, track, softball, soccer, tennis and I ran track.  I am a veteran of the US Army.  Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina I practically grew up on the North Carolina State campus.  I attended my ‘U’ on a Young Writers scholarship while I was still in middle school.  There was me and a bunch of high schoolers who paid a lot to be in the program.  I was Doogie Howser! (Dated 90’s reference. Sorry youngsters! HULU it).

Writing has always been a great passion.  I have traveled all over the United States  and been an Editor and staff writer for various publications.  Even when my editor says write just 200 words (Sorry Dave) I find it next to impossible once I get rolling.  I will almost always have the longest columns on this site but I will load them with facts (and a pinch of humor) to support my opinion. That’s my word to you, my loyal readers.  I gave myself the moniker ‘The Greg One’ because the Great One was already taken by Gretzky and The Greg One sounds close enough to it while staying unique to only me.  The Greg One is my alter ego.  Loud, opinionated, life of the party, always ready to put on a show.

Performing is the other great passion.  I have performed in TV, movies, theatre, radio, lead singer, DJ, VJ, and stand-up comic.  Wherever there is a microphone, I will be there.  I look forward to meeting you all at games and watering holes around San Diego.  I will always tweet out my location.  Let me be your reason (or excuse) to party.  I live in Phoenix but I work for US Airways so I fly free and its a short flight to my personal promised land, San Diego!  Hope to see and meet you all very soon!


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Bolt Up!


What’s up Charger fans?

A little about me: I was born in Rochester, New York. Spent the first ten years of my young life there and thank God my Dad got a transfer from there to Colorado; otherwise I would probably have ended up a Giants, Jets or, more likely, a Bills fan!

In Colorado, yes folks I admit, I became a Broncos fan, but that was before I really knew anything about football. Eventually we ended up moving from Colorado to Arizona, where I finished high school. Fortunately, the Cardinals weren’t in town yet or I may have been a Cardinals fan too! (whew!) That was where I became a Charger fan and a Dallas Cowboy hater. Every weekend I would hope to see a Charger game, they would broadcast a Dallas game every single Sunday. Ugghh!

Well, after high school, I spent another long, hot five years there until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I visited San Diego and knew from then on that I would eventually be a California boy. Been a Charger fan since about 1980. Been working in the construction field for the last 28 years.

Can’t wait for the season to start!! #GO CHARGERS #BOLTUP!!

Randy Mainwaring


Editor’s note:  Be sure to follow Randy on Twitter @ynot377.

I’m Jarvis Royall. I’m from PG County, Maryland. I am a huge Chargers fan which is why I am here writing for I hope you enjoy what you find on this site and if you care to share any feedback contact me at or on Twitter @DefineRoyallty.Jarvis



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