Saturday Night Football

At the beginning of the season, everyone knew that the Chargers had one of the toughest schedules and had match-ups with some of the league’s top teams. The combined coaching record of the Chargers opponents (not including the Oakland Raiders due to coaching changes) has a record of 543-344, five Super Bowl wins, and nine Super Bowl appearances. The Harbaugh Brothers alone, John and Jim, have 114 of those wins. Most recently, John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl title over his brother’s team, San Francisco 49ers, just two seasons ago; labeling it the Harbaugh Bowl. If I had told you in September that the Chargers were to sweep the Harbaugh Brothers this season, you probably would have laughed. Turns out, they pulled off the unthinkable.

It all started when San Diego marched into Baltimore and defeated the Ravens on their own turf; something that has never been accomplished by any west coast team. After a miraculous win, the Chargers hit a two-game losing streak at home against the New England Patriots and division rivals, the Denver Broncos. Even after an eventful win in Baltimore, the Chargers found themselves needing another win in week 16 against the San Francisco 49ers to keep their playoff dreams alive.

After a 21 point rally, the Chargers defeated Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers in a Saturday Night Football thriller in Santa Clara. No one crashed and burned as bad as the 49ers did that night; at least in a while. Can we say the NFL’s top 5 games of the year? In that moment, almost speechless from the incredible overtime win, I realized the Chargers defeated and swept the infamous Harbaugh Brothers in a single season. That’s right, it hasn’t ever been done before. For the record, the Chargers also defeated the Manning Brothers, Eli and Peyton, last year in similar fashion. Somehow, the football God’s spoke on Sunday and the much-needed Ravens loss occurred; leaving the Chargers in control of their own destiny. As Quincy, a long time Charger fan would say, “yeah dat”.

When it comes to the San Diego Chargers, they seem to always accomplish the improbable every season; giving Chargers fans constant anxiety attacks. I forgot to mention that I woke up Sunday morning with no fingernails left and parts of my hair ripped out. Almost everyone, including some Charger fans, doubted the team when they traveled to Baltimore. There wasn’t much difference in Santa Clara this time either. Someone, please let the NFL know that the Chargers are making their distinctive December run and that all future Chargers opponents should take caution.

The Harbaugh Brothers have had some great success as head coaches in the NFL, but Philip Rivers and the Chargers have something on them no other team has; the Harbaugh Sweep. Something about it just brings music to my ears. I almost want to hashtag it and start a social media trend. Moving on, the season isn’t over just yet and the playoffs look closer than ever. However, if the Chargers season were to end next Sunday, there is plenty to look back on. This season, history was made, records were broken, and of course there was the Harbaugh sweep.


Briana Soltis

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