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The title of this article may lead you to believe that I am talking about the empty spots on our roster.  A lot of websites, and media alike, are putting filler articles out right now.  Heck, it’s even safe to say we are being a bit inventive here at  That being said, our editor, BoogaP, has provided a plan for this time of year.  I know that I’m all in.  My guess would be the rest of the staff is as well.

We are in the flux of free agency dying down and we have two weeks until the draft.  In the sports writing/blogging industry, we have down time or dead space.  Which can be a good thing.  You, as fans, want something to read.  You want something to debate.  You want the mantra, “there is no offseason,” to apply to what we are doing here at

And we have every intention of giving you exactly what you want.

If you want us to write an article on a specific player, let us know.  If there is a topic, rule, or circumstance that you are unsure of, hit us up.  BoogaP even does this fan perspective where he interviews you the fan.  As stated since the first interview he did, it is a chance for you, the fan, to let your voice be heard. is a site built for fans who love the game, by fans who love the game.  I could sit here and spout off stats or team needs.  I believe you could recite them as well as I can.  It could turn out that some of you may find this to be a meaningless article.  But I felt it necessary to take the time to reach out to you as Charger faithful.

We believe strongly in and the San Diego Chargers.  I would like to personally thank each fan that is, or will be, supporting our Charger fansite.

For those of you that are constantly on the go, there will be a mobile app for your smart phone in the very near future.

I would like to personally tell you that I don’t care if you have been a fan for two days or twenty years, if you want to know something, just ask us.  We may already know the answer or we will do our best to find it.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I love my team and I love my Bolt brothers and sisters.

Here’s to what the 2013 season holds for the Chargers.  May our touchdowns be many and our tears be few.

If you just want to talk Bolts but are not interested in putting it out there for all of the #BoltFam to read, my email address is  Hit me up and let’s talk Chargers.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.


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To start this article off, here is a little bio about our new GM Tom Telesco.

Tom Telesco

DOB: 12/12/72

College: John Carroll University

Degree: Bachelors in Business Management

Graduated: 1995


Here is Mr. Telesco’s career to date:

Tom started as a summer intern for the Buffalo Bills from 1991-1994.  In 1995, he started his NFL career with the Carolina Panthers.  He was with Carolina from 1995-1997.  In 1998, he began an impressive journey with the Indianapolis Colts.  His tenure includes becoming director of player personnel for the last six years.  As of Tom’s hire date, on January 9th 2013, he became the youngest GM in Chargers history.

Now a little about Tom Telesco the man.  He was a starting WR for John Carroll University and played from 1991-1994.  Tom’s collegiate football team won the championship in 1994.  Despite winning the Championship, Telesco has admitted he wasn’t an NFL caliber receiver.  Tom is a family man. His intermediate family includes his wife Larah, daughter Elena and two sons, Thomas and Nicholas.

What has Telesco showed us about his character as a GM?  I can name the two that impress me the most.  One is the fact that he was willing to personally investigate the Gaither frauding.  We all know Team owner Dean Spanos made the cut of our injury prone LT .  The fact that Tom was not willing to just take the old regime’s opinion for law.  And number two, every pick up in free agency this offseason were safe picks.  Let’s be honest here big name signing didn’t go that well last year.

Overall I give Tom a B+ so far in his first few months on the job.  The reason he does not get an A is it’s pre-draft and there are a lot of former Charger players that signed with other teams thus far.  Some of those players, I personally, would  like to have seen resigned.

I am going to say be patient with Mr. Telesco.  We have yet to see his full plan.  He also brings a fire that AJ Smith certainly didn’t have.  AJ let talented players leave San Diego due to his enormous ego and Scrooge “bah humbug” attitude.

The bottom line is the COLTS were 155-85 overall while Telesco was there.  I certainly can not give him 100% credit, but he was in a management position for both of their two Super bowl appearances.  Did I mention they won one of those?  I can’t say that about the former regime.

My final thoughts are that I don’t think Tom has sacrificed this season.  I also believe that not only do we make the playoffs, but Larry English will finally reach his full potential.

I will save that story for another day.


Thanks for your support,


Sam Mcc






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