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Editor’s note:  With the preseason right around the corner, Randy has prepared a list of players that he thinks will have a tough time making the roster in San Diego.  Although I disagree with a couple of players he has listed, we are interested to get your feedback.  Take a look.



Here’s a list of players I think may NOT make the Charger’s roster for 2013.

QB:  Mike Hermann

Running back: Fozzy Whitaker  Edwin Baker

Wide Receivers: Dan Depalma  Richard Goodman  Luke Tasker  Mike Willie  Deon Butler

Tight End: Ben Cotton  David Rolf   Dallas Walker

Center: Colin Baxter

Guard: Stephen Schilling

Offensive tackle: Nick Becton  Randy Richards

Defensive End: Jamarkus McFarland  Logan Harrell  Brandon Moore  Jarius Wynn

Defensive Tackle:

Linebacker: Dan Molls   Devan Walker

Cornerback: Greg Brown   Chibuikem Okoro

Safety:  Sean Cattouse

Punter: Richard Kent (definitely won’t make the cut)

Of course some of these players may end up on the practice squad.

My choice for the surprise cut?

Charlie Whitehurst.


Randy Mainwaring




Hopefully you read part 1 of my season game by game predictions. I left off at the season bye, which is game 7. While I’m writing this 2nd of 2 articles, the first has yet to be posted and haven’t seen any of your comments. The reason I’m saying this is because I don’t want anyone to think my opinion has been skewed by anyone else’s opinions. Anyway, let’s charge on Bolt fans!!

First part of the season looked pretty good as our Chargers are 6-1 at this point. Let’s hope they don’t pull a “Norv Turner” and go on a downward slide after the bye week; God forbid!


Game 8: San Diego @ Washington

This is going to be a tough one for the Bolts, especially on the road. The Redskins offense took off in 2012 with Robert Griffin III at QB, “propelling the Redskins to their first playoff appearance since 2007 and their first NFC East title since 1999.” RG III also took home the 2012 “Rookie of the Year” honors. Chargers defense better really show up in this game, otherwise, it’s going to be long day for the blue and gold. This will be a real test for San Diego, however I’m going to have to give this one to the Redskins. RG III will be difficult to contain.

Record: 6-2


Game 9: Denver @ San Diego

Ok, here’s where the season gets interesting. Up until this point, the Chargers have had only one divisional game. Why the “powers that be” decided to cram 5 of the 6 divisional games in the last half of the season is beyond my logical comprehension. But who am I?

I can’t speak for every Charger fan but when we play Denver, I get all tingly inside. Probably because number one: I’m from Colorado and I have a lot of friends that are Donkey fans, and number two: Anyone that knows me, knows how I feel about the Manning family. Nuff said. I want the Charger to put a beating on the Donkeys much like they did on that incredible December 18th 2005 day. That game is, for me, is my most favorite game in Charger history. For any of you that don’t remember, that was the day the Chargers ruined any chance the Colts had of a perfect season (13-0) by kicking their imperious asses right down off their proverbial pedestal.

That’s how I want this game to play out. Different team, same QB. And I think the Chargers will win this game. I think our boys in blue have a chip on their shoulder after blowing a 24-0 halftime lead in Denver last year only to lose, 35-24. Chargers want revenge. They need to win this one at home because the next time it’s in Denver and we all know how difficult it is to win at Mile High. It’s imperative that the Chargers win this one at home.

Record: 7-2


Game 10: San Diego @ Miami

What can I say about the Miami Dolphins? Last year they had a shot at a wildcard playoff berth through week 16 but they ended up with a 7-9 record and very rarely does a team with a losing record ever make the playoffs. Seattle did it in 2010 but that team was much better than last year’s Dolphins. I’m just going to put it bluntly, folks. Miami sucks plain and simple. Ryan Tannehill may have shown some flashes last season but that won’t last. Miami takes a step backward this season and head coach Philbin ultimately gets fired. Relax porpoise fans, my opinion. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like them because, actually, I do. I’m just not sold on Tannehill  or Philbin. Chargers win this one on the road by at least 7.

Record: 8-2


Game 11: San Diego @ Kansas City

Another divisional game at the Chiefs. Kansas City Chiefs come into this season with a whole new outlook on life as Andy Reid comes over from the faltering Eagles. Not sure but I think that having Andy Reid there will be good for both him and the team. Too bad they’re in our division but hey, if the Chargers want to win a Superbowl, they gotta up their game. Kansas City improves this season and being that this game will be played in Arrowhead Stadium, Chargers drop another one here folks. Sorry to say it.

Record: 8-3


Game 12: Cincinnati @ San Diego

This is a tough one. These are the types of games that are tough to gauge. Cincinnati has been to the playoffs the past two consecutive seasons and the Chargers have not. Marvin Lewis is, in my opinion, one hell of a coach to be able to work under an oppressive, and often times called the worst owner in the NFL, Mike Brown. If you don’t believe me, read: http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/6866409/horrible-bosses-cincinnati-bengals-owner-mike-brown

Chargers lead the regular season series 19-12. I hope history is on our side this time however, as much as I hate to say, I think Chargers drop this one at home albeit another close one. Why? All I can rely on is the past. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

Record: 8-4


Game 13: New York Giants @ San Diego

Time for the Charger to break the two game losing streak and bust some chops. Preferably Ellie Manning. Yes, I said Ellie, a girl’s name. I have no respect for him whatsoever and Charger fans know exactly why. I need not explain. He had no humility and no respect for the Chargers or the NFL in the draft. Let me end this synopsis before I say something I shouldn’t. Chargers win this one at home, much to the delight of Charger fans everywhere.

Record: 9:4


Game 14: San Diego @ Denver

As you have read in my previous summation of the first game, I’ll wrap up this addendum by saying this: I think the Chargers will have a long afternoon trying to deal with the 12th man. (for those that don’t know who the 12th man is, the crowd noise) Denver wins this one to keep the Chargers from sweeping the season series.

Record: 9-5


Game 15: Oakland @ San Diego

Game two of the season series with the Traiders. They haven’t impressed anyone during the course of the season and they still suck. Chargers win this one easily at home.

Record: 10-5


Game 16: Kansas City @ San Diego

Last game of the year folks and it looks as if the Chargers make the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Eat crow Norv Tuner! Good riddance! After losing the first game in Kansas City, Chargers are primed and playing better by now. Everyone is talking about the Chargers again and what a great job Mike McCoy is doing with this team. The Chiefs are on a downhill slide at this point in the season because they still don’t have a solid QB. I wasn’t sold on Alex Smith in San Francisco nor am I now. That’s why Colin Pumpernickel is the 49er’s starting QB now and Smith was traded. Yes, I know his name is Kaepernick, I is jus playin’! Chargers win this one at home.

Record: 11-5


Well folks, there you have it. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Too soon to tell? Hell yes! Once I see the Chargers play, I can make a better, more educated synopsis of each game, and I will. Before each game, I will write an article on my thoughts and predictions for each game. They may be different from what I predicted here. Like I said, this is was just for fun. I would love to hear your thoughts.




Now that we’re close to the start of the 2013 campaign, it’s time to make our season record predictions for our beloved Chargers. I will do the first 7 games, up until the bye week and another article on the last 9 games. I’ll go through each game and try to give a reasonable justification why I made that prediction. This season will be a little harder to evaluate, given that we have a new regime in place, but I will do my best. Remember, these are just my opinion. I’ll go into a little more detail before each game as the season unfolds. Right now I’ll just give a brief sentiment on each game. Believe me, as a Chargers fan, I want us to win EVERY game. I have to try to be realistic though. So don’t be angry if I put the Chargers down for a few losses here and there.  Feel free to comment and give me your opinion.


Game 1: Houston @ San Diego-Monday Night Football

The Texans had a 12-4 record last season and have a stout defense with J.J. Watt heading up their D-line. Against a re-tooled and untested Chargers O-line could be trouble. Chargers will keep this game close but I think in the end, Houston has the upper hand in this one. Hope I’m wrong.

Record: 0-1

Game 2: San Diego @ Philadelphia

Let’s face it people, the Eagles have sucked the past two years after a great 14 year run under Andy Reid. In comes new coach Chip Kelly. My feeling is that the Eagles are going to suffer some growing pains with a former college coach having never coached in the NFL. This one goes to the Chargers.

Record: 1-1

Game 3: San Diego @ Tennessee

The Titans had a dismal 2012 campaign with a record of 6-10 and I seriously doubt they will have a winning season this year. Chargers win this one handily on the road.

Record: 2-1

Game 4: Dallas @ San Diego

The Cowboys have had some issues in the past, failing to live up to high expectations. I think it will be the same this season as well for them. Chargers haven’t done well against the Cowboys historically, however, they have beaten them the last 3 meetings. I give this one to the Chargers albeit a close one.

Record: 3-1

Game 5: San Diego @ Oakland

I’ll bet some of you people just skipped over the first four games just to see my opinion on this game didn’t you? It’s a good thing the Raiders will be wearing their black home jerseys in this game. It will help hide grass and blood stains, (their blood, not ours) especially the QB. That’s all I have to say about that! My advice to Charger fans: Do not attend this game because your life may be in danger! There will be a lot of angry Raider fans when this game is over. Yes, the Raiders get creamed this day!

Record: 4-1

Game 6: Indianapolis @ San Diego-Sunday Night Football

The Colts had a dream season, doing what no one ever expected after owner Jim Irsay cleaned house. Many thought he was crazy. Yeah, crazy like a fox. Now that Bruce Arians is gone, I think the Colts come down from the clouds this season. Chargers take this one at home.

Record: 5-1

Game 7: San Diego @ Jacksonville

This is another team that is in disarray, having had the worst season in franchise history, at 2-14. There is still a question mark at QB, Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne. Personally, my guess is that it will be Chad Henne. I haven’t seen much improvement in Gabbert and Henne is pretty solid. Not many stand outs and like the Chargers, no pro-bowlers last season. Jacksonville improves this season, but not much. Chargers win this game on the road against an incessantly bad team. Chargers win this game easily.

Record: 6-1

Okay folks, there you have it. My take on the first 7. Give me your feedback and tell me what you think.


What’s up Charger fans?

A little about me: I was born in Rochester, New York. Spent the first ten years of my young life there and thank God my Dad got a transfer from there to Colorado; otherwise I would probably have ended up a Giants, Jets or, more likely, a Bills fan!

In Colorado, yes folks I admit, I became a Broncos fan, but that was before I really knew anything about football. Eventually we ended up moving from Colorado to Arizona, where I finished high school. Fortunately, the Cardinals weren’t in town yet or I may have been a Cardinals fan too! (whew!) That was where I became a Charger fan and a Dallas Cowboy hater. Every weekend I would hope to see a Charger game, they would broadcast a Dallas game every single Sunday. Ugghh!

Well, after high school, I spent another long, hot five years there until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I visited San Diego and knew from then on that I would eventually be a California boy. Been a Charger fan since about 1980. Been working in the construction field for the last 28 years.

Can’t wait for the season to start!! #GO CHARGERS #BOLTUP!!

Randy Mainwaring


Editor’s note:  Be sure to follow Randy on Twitter @ynot377.

I have been out of the Chargers writing loop for a little while because of some health issues but I’m back and I miss all my football friends and fans.  Before I write my article, I just want to say that BoogaP/aka Dave Peters is one of the most knowledgeable, if not THE most knowledgeable Charger fan I have ever known.  Dave and I have become quite good friends over the past year.

Dave and I have written for a couple of sites and we love the feedback so please let us hear your comments.

Having said that, now let’s talk football!

I know this article is a little late in coming but I wanted to get it out there anyway.

On June 10th, I had the pleasure of meeting several Charger players during the “Chargers Thank San Diego Day” on which several players traveled via the trolley to several locations.  One of the locations happened to be right here at the Lemon Grove trolley station, about 6 blocks from my house.  The only way I found out about this was that my son, knowing full well how much of a Chargers fan I am, made damn sure to call me and let me know having seen them as he drove by the big Lemon!  I couldn’t get down there fast enough and I’m so glad I did.

Far too often, celebrities choose to be arrogant and do so most of the time.  But not the Charger players I met on fan appreciation day. These guys are genuine people.  Great guys.  One of the Chargers, Kendall Reyes, was even nice enough to talk to Booga on my cell!  Awesome!!  So I would like to give a shout out to the Chargers, Cam Thomas (CAM SMASH!!) I’ll take some credit for the CAM SMASH idea I gave him.  Just look at his @Baby_Zilla76 twitter profile page.  Also, Kendall Reyes, Corey Luiget and Jarius Wynn (see the “boltblitz” pose he gave me!) were among some of the Chargers gracious enough to come out.

Here are a few pics…


Kendall Reyes



Jarius Wynn graciously signing autographs


Jarius Wynn doing the Boltblitz pose












Randy Mainwaring

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