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I feel it is time to throw my two cents in regarding the stadium issue. The only problem is that I tend to waffle when I think about it. Some days I feel optimistic and think to myself, “No one really wants to see the Chargers leave San Diego”. The next day I’ll do a complete turnaround and pessimistically say, “There is no way to get the 2/3’s vote that is needed to use any tax payer’s money to build a new stadium”. So let’s take a look at both sides of my split-personality.

The Optimist:

What kind of fool would allow the Chargers to leave San Diego? The Chargers are in one of just 32 cities to host an NFL team and reap the benefits. Having the Chargers is a large reason why San Diego is relevant in the sports world. Building a new, multi-purpose stadium would open the door for hundreds of events to take place in San Diego, hence funneling money that is currently going to other cities. The new San Diego stadium could be “Jerry’s World West”! Final Fours, Championship boxing, MMA Championships, major college football bowl games, SDSU football, high school football, Pro Bowls, The World Baseball Classic, World Cup, Olympics, Super Cross, Comic Con, major concerts, etc. Oh yeah, I forgot that every 10 years or so; the Super Bowl. There are countless opportunities for the city and county of San Diego to benefit from building a new stadium. How can people not see that?

Wait! I think I know the answer to that question. Stop saying that San Diego needs a new stadium for the Chargers! Too many wealthy people have no interest in the Chargers or sports in general! I have heard people say, “Why would we spend a billion dollars for 10 games a year?”  Also, I have heard, “Why are we paying money for a rich guy to get richer?” Honestly, those are valid questions. That is why the Mayor and the Chargers must stop talking about “saving the Chargers” and focusing on a multi-purpose stadium that will be filled more than 200 nights a year. Put enough events in that stadium and the revenues that San Diego brings in will be enormous. The Chargers staying will be a nice bonus, but not the main benefit (I secretly wink to Chargers fans). I don’t care if the number one reason to build a new stadium is to retain the Chargers. It won’t pass unless the rich folks think they will profit from the stadium. Hopefully, that angle will take the headlines soon and the public vote will sway toward the positive.

The Pessimist:

I hate to say it, but I find it hard to believe that the “leaders” in charge of getting this stadium vote through will be able to pull it off. As I understand it, if the city has to raise taxes in order to finance the new stadium, it must receive a 2/3’s vote to pass. The Padres were only able to muster a 59% vote to get Petco built and that was after going to a World Series! If the city of San Diego wanted to keep the Chargers that badly, it wouldn’t have waited 14 years to get the project done. Once the NFL said that there would be no more Super Bowls in “The Q”, the city should have used that as a reason to get it done ASAP. But they didn’t.

Now, here we are in the eleventh hour and still no stadium. That is extra bad news as the St. Louis Rams are talking about moving to Los Angeles and have already purchased property! It wasn’t so long ago that the Chargers said that a team moving to Los Angeles would force them to leave San Diego due to losing the LA and Orange County markets. It looks more and more like by the end of the 2015 season the Rams will announce their plans to move. If they do, the Chargers will have to make a decision on their future. The only problem with that is that the vote for a new stadium would not take place until November of 2016! Without knowing the outcome of that vote, the Chargers may be forced to move to LA, or another city that has been trolling around for an NFL franchise. Not good.

Another, less important issue that I have with the new stadium is, will San Diego fans be willing to pony up the money for tickets at a new stadium? I hate to say it, but a new billion dollar facility will certainly increase ticket prices by quite a bit. The Chargers already have trouble selling tickets without the ridiculous prices that may be in our future. Then there is Personal Seat Licenses (PSL) where people will pay thousands of dollars to basically have the right to get a seat for the season. You still have to pay for a ticket, but you get first chance. At least that is my basic understanding of what has been happening around pro sports. Now, some stadiums only have PSL’s in their luxury boxes and more exclusive seats. Let’s hope it is no worse than that in San Diego.

The moral of the story is that San Diego fans need to get the word out that not only do they want the Chargers to stay, but they don’t want the city to lose a great opportunity to create jobs and revenue through a multi-use facility that would also keep San Diego as one of the elite cities in the country; a true destination city.

Remember, “…I’m Just Sayin’”, represents my opinion on Chargers topics of the day. I would love to ready your opinions too. Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for the read and Go Chargers!

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We all know the playoff scenario. On Sunday the Chargers need the Ravens and Dolphins to lose even to have a chance at getting into the playoffs. The Ravens plays at Cincinnati and the Dolphins host the Jets. It’s a possibility the cards can fall into place  and both games go the Chargers way. That really isn’t the important thing.

The Chargers must beat Kansas City at home on Sunday.

We all want to see the Chargers in the playoffs but the Chargers don’t need to worry about things that aren’t in their control. Even if one of the above mentioned teams wins, it is no excuse for the Chargers to play with anything less than their absolute best. By the time the Chargers come out of the tunnel at Quaalcomm stadium, they will know if they are playing for a spot in the playoffs or not. If so great. If not, doesn’t matter. The win is what matters.

There are rumors that it is common for Andy Reid to rest starters when he knows his team is set to make the playoffs. Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe won’t be playing due to a concussion. Stud pass rusher Tamba Hali will not play due to injuries. Jamaal Charles playing time may be restricted. This game has no bearing on the Chiefs playoff seeding. They are in and they are playing on wild card weekend.

Whether they’re playing the Chiefs reserves or the starters, the Chargers winning will signal a successful beginning of the Telesco/McCoy era. The Chargers are guaranteed at least a .500 record. They were 7-9 last season and they are 8-7 now. A win gives them a winning season and means they closed the season on a 4-game winning streak. The Chargers need that momentum going into the offseason.

We have witnessed a return of Pro Bowl Philip Rivers. Rivers is the fourth highest ranked quarterback in the league and is in the top five in almost every passing category there is. The new offense implemented by McCoy and conducted by OC Ken Whisenhunt has kept Rivers standing upright and completing passes all over the field, putting up sensational numbers.

Ryan Mathews has played in every game this season, a first for him in his career. As a result, he has posted a career high in yards with 1,111 yards and 6 touchdowns. Mathews has played very well the last half of the season. Next season is Mathews’ last season before his rookie contract expires. A repeat of this season’s effort could earn him a veteran contract. The one-two combination of Mathews and Woodhead has been a success and will be lethal if Mathews can show he is durable enough to be counted on week in and week out.

The offensive line has turned into a cohesive unit and with one week left Rivers has been sacked almost 20 fewer times than he was last season. DJ Fluker has been every bit worth his draft position to the point where his exclusion from the Pro Bowl should be considered a snub. King Dunlap has played admirably. Clary at guard has been a great decision. The entire line is playing their best when it counts, at the end of the season. This line will only get better.

All the new names on defense from rookies Mantei Teo, Jahleel Addae and Tourek Williams to guys getting starters minutes  like Thomas Keiser and Andrew Gachkar have thrived. They will make great second unit once the injured stars like Dwight Freeney, Larry English, Melvin Ingram and rookie draft pick Steve Williams return at full strength next season.

A 9-7 record highlighted by a four game end of season win streak is the objective. That’s a wave of momentum that can sway free agents to San Diego, highlights areas to enhance in the draft and sends the team into the offseason on a high. That momentum then flows into offseason workouts, minicamps, training camp and preseason. Playoffs or not, getting the win is the most important thing the Chargers can do for themselves.

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