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As most of you know, I scour the internet to find the best of the best when it comes to adding to the most significant of #BoltFam members.  Well, lo and behold, I was fortunate enough to find a fan that might, just might, rival even MY love for your San Diego Chargers.  Sit back, relax and take a second to soak up what this extreme diehard has to say about our team.


“I’m pumped, let me get a blindshot on Brady!”  -Preston


Booga- For starters, when  and why did you become a Charger diehard?


Preston:  It all began in the 80’s.  Where I lived, in Charlotte, NC, we didn’t have a team.  That playoff game versus the Miami Dolphins where Kellen Winslow was carried off the field cemented my love and appreciation for the Chargers.  I was only 7 years old and what child does not appreciate or dig the presence of a lightning bolt?


Booga:  What has helped you sustain your love for the Chargers considering that you’re on the opposite coast of your favorite NFL team?


Preston:  Hmmm. I have never looked back.  Before the internet, I didn’t have much to go off of besides the boxscore in the newspaper.  I was fortunate enough to have a Sports Illustrated subscription.  So I was able to follow the Chargers from afar, but I refused to allow that distance to hinder my ability to support the team that I truly loved.


Booga:  Who is your favorite Charger of all-time and why?


Preston:  In North Carolina, there is a full-circle notion.  When in North Carolina, what could be finer than to live in Carolina.  My twist on that has become what could be finer than a Charger from Carolina.  The finest example of such, is none other than Natrone Means.


Booga:  If you were to have been able to attend any game in Charger history, what game would it have been and why?


Preston:  That would have to be the AFC Championship at Three Rivers Stadium versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This is simple, that was the one game that sent our San Diego Chargers to our first, and only, at this point, Super bowl.  


Booga:  What was your initial reaction to that game and our first Super bowl berth?


Preston:  Oh man, like I won the lottery.  Like all was right in the world.  It felt like I was dreaming.


Booga:  What was your feeling behind the firings of both Norv Turner and AJ Smith?


Preston:  To be honest, it was the SECOND greatest day, for me, when it comes to being a Charger fan. I realized that it was time for Norv to go when it was easily predictable what the next play was going to be.  I lost my full confidence in his ability to call plays successfully.  As far as AJ is concerned, minus the allowance of Buster Davis being drafted, seeing him battle with Vincent Jackson for a long-term contract left a lot to be desired.  


Booga:  What is it that you expect out of the 2013-14 Chargers going forward?


Preston:  I would tell you this…. we’ve experienced good, we’ve experienced great,  but we have yet to experience that special, elusive trophy.  It feels as though THIS is the time for the fans of OUR San Diego Chargers to feel the necessary love and redemption of that final piece of the puzzle.  That trophy named after VINCE LOMBARDI!


Booga:  Regardless of your diehard status, what is your final prediction for tomorrow’s game?


Preston:  Danny Woodhead has his biggest game of his NFL career and the Chargers handle their business with a 31-20 victory.  


P.S.  Melvin Ingram will knock Peyton Manning out of the game in the third quarter.  Some call it an injury; I call it THUNDERSTRUCK!  Pay close attention to my predictions.  If they aren’t accurate, blame Booga.


Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it!  This man was as serious about his love for the Chargers as anyone that I’ve ever met.  His passion and love for the Bolts is not only to be admired, it is to be replicated by those of you that might have any doubt regarding this team.

I’d like to thank Preston for taking the time to do this interview.  I have no doubt that the #BoltFam will truly appreciate and love the opportunity to read about this diehard from the other coast!  Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter, @pdiddu!


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