Social media is a funny thing, so to speak. Lately, I have seen a ton of Chargers fans arguing about the number of wins the team will finish with in the 2016 regular season. The numbers range anywhere from three to 12, with some providing solid reasoning behind their prediction, while others have naively stated things that are just plain ignorant. Thus is life in #ChargersTwitter.

I like what the team has done this offseason. The free-agency additions of Matt Slauson, Brandon Mebane and, eventually, Joey Bosa should certainly help fortify both the offensive and defensive lines. Wide receiver Travis Benjamin and rookie tight end Hunter Henry provide quarterback Philip Rivers with two intriguing weapons in the passing attack. That being said, the team has already placed 14 players on injured-reserve, including players who were expected to provide solid contributions in ’16, such as Branden Oliver, Stevie Johnson and Sean Lissemore.

But this article is not about how I think the team will perform this season, it’s about what YOU think.


Below is a look at the Chargers’ 2016 schedule:


Week 1 – @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 2 – versus Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 3 – @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 4 – versus New Orleans Saints

Week 5 – @ Oakland Raiders

Week 6 – versus Denver Broncos

Week 7 – @ Atlanta Falcons

Week 8 – @ Denver Broncos

Week 9 – versus Tennessee Titans

Week 10 – versus Miami Dolphins

Week 11 – BYE WEEK

Week 12 – @ Houston Texans

Week 13 – versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 14 – @ Carolina Panthers

Week 15 – versus Oakland Raiders

Week 16 – @ Cleveland Browns

Week 17 – versus Kansas City Chiefs



How many games will the Chargers win in 2016?

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Thanks in advance for reading and voting. Please feel free to leave a comment stating why you voted the way you did.


Dave Booga Peters





“Hope in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first.” – Unknown


After losing six games in a row, the San Diego Chargers pulled off a much-needed win against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, taking the game by a score of 31-25.

Currently sitting with a record of 3-8, the Chargers’ playoff hopes are basically nonexistent. That being said, the AFC is very weak in 2015, and nothing would surprise me at this point.

Who am I kidding? I would be incredibly surprised if the Bolts have anything to play for following today’s game.

Many fans were disappointed with the team’s victory over the Jags because they were looking for the team to tank in hopes of securing a top-5 draft pick in 2016.

The Chargers face the Denver Broncos at home on Sunday. The Broncos are coming off of a big win against the New England Patriots in Week 12.

With Peyton Manning on the shelf due to plantar fasciitis, Brock Osweiler has taken over the starting role at quarterback. The Denver offense seems to be performing better now that Osweiler is the signal caller.

Although the Broncos’ offense seems to be clicking on all cylinders, with their running game finally adding to their arsenal, their defense boasts one of the best units in the NFL. Philip Rivers and company will have their work cut out for them, as the Broncos have playmakers at all three levels of the defense.

Things do not appear to be in the Chargers’ favor today, but these are the type of games the Bolts seem to do just enough to win; they play up to the competition of quality opponents, and down to the level of lesser teams.

Well, that’s enough with me rambling on, let’s get right to the point of this post.

Are you hoping for a Chargers’ win today? Or are you wanting the team to take that much-expected ‘L’, helping to move them closer to a better draft pick in ’16?

You know the drill; place your vote below and leave a comment justifying why you voted the way you did.


Are you hoping for a Chargers' win or loss today?

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Thanks in advance for voting and commenting.


Booga Peters



Whether or not the seat beneath Chargers head coach Mike McCoy is heating up or not within the organization, the fans have become very vocal about who is responsible for the team’s 2-5 record.

The hashtag #FireMcCoy is spreading like wildfire all over social media.

Personally, I think it is a bit premature to consider firing McCoy, but his 20-19 record as head coach of the Chargers might speak otherwise.

Sunday’s loss to the Raiders was just too much to handle. The team was inept and ineffective in all three phases of the game until the fourth quarter, when it was far too late to affect the final outcome. The score of 37-29 is very deceiving. The Raiders dominated the game, bullying the Chargers all over the field.

The team seemed unprepared for their first divisional game of the season, looking lost and out of sync from the get-go.

There is no denying that this squad has been decimated by injuries since the season began, but all teams go through injury problems. It should no longer been an excuse. The Bolts took the field on Sunday without two of the biggest names in Chargers’ history, Antonio Gates and Eric Weddle. Their replacements, Ladarius Green and Jimmy Wilson, just aren’t the caliber of players as the two future Hall of Famers. The latter, Wilson, played miserably in coverage, while Green filled in admirably, scoring a 31-yard touchdown and two two-point conversions.

But the loss to the Raiders is just one game. It may be the pinnacle of poor play for the 2015 season, but four other losses this season must be added into the equation.

In 39 games, McCoy is only coaching the team to one game above a .500 record. That is just not good enough. Squeaking into the playoffs should not be a goal for this club, much less not making the playoffs at all. How much hope should there be for this team to turn it around after this terrible start? If the past is any indicator, it is not looking too good.

The finger-pointing around Chargers Park has been going on quite often in the last month. Veteran players have been trying to spread a message to younger players about taking things more seriously, working harder to help the Bolts achieve their goals. McCoy himself has iterated that the players and coaching staff must do a better job to right this ship.

But are McCoy’s words falling on deaf ears at this point? Has he already lost this team?

I am not in the locker room or private meetings, but it is fair to speculate that something is being lost in translation during the week when attempting to prepare this team to win football games.

Again, I do not believe that he should be fired right now, nor do I think that Dean Spanos or Tom Telesco would consider canning him any time soon. But the question is worth asking.

Without reopening all of the old wounds of this disastrous year, I’ll get right to the point of this article.

Do you believe the Chargers should part ways with Mike McCoy, firing him from his first NFL head coaching gig?

Please place your vote on the poll and leave a comment stating why you voted the way that you did.


Should the Chargers part ways with Mike McCoy?

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Thanks in advance for voting and commenting. It will be interesting to see what you all have to say.


Booga Peters




It is getting to a point where I might have to consider changing the name of my website to WeddleBlitz.com. With all of the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Chargers, speculation is running rampant all over social media.

Many fans are taking the stance that Weddle should be at Chargers Park working out with his teammates, preparing for the upcoming season. Other fans understand and share the frustration that he has with the organization regarding the fact that there will be no contract talks during this season.

Personally, I would feel just as Weddle does…. highly, highly disrespected. After all, he’s been a leader for this team for the better part of a decade. I won’t waste your time talking about all of his accolades on the field and his reputation off of it. That type of information is common knowledge and known by all fans, yet, intentionally ignored by far too many.

But I digress.

The 30-year-old appears set to finish out his contract with the Bolts and then test free agency in 2016. There is no doubt that he will be in high demand once the bidding begins. I cannot imagine, based on their lack of effort in contract negotiations up to this point, the team spending the exorbitant amount of money that will be on the table once other clubs get involved in the process.

But this article isn’t about what I think. This is where you chime in.

Below is a poll question. Place your vote and then leave a comment stating why you voted the way that you did.


Will Eric Weddle be a Charger in 2016?

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Thanks a lot for reading, voting and commenting.



Booga Peters






The Chargers finished the 2014 season with a crushing loss to their division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs.  They had the opportunity to make the playoffs for the second consecutive season but they fell short in week 17.

Despite some fantastic, heart-wrenching victories over teams like the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, injuries and holes on both sides of the ball led to the Bolts watching the postseason from home.

San Diego’s needs, in an order to improve and make a run into the playoffs and beyond, are plentiful and there are many different opinions as to what the most important area is that needs work.

Let’s take a look at some positions that need to be filled or upgraded.


Running back:

The running back corps happened to be one of the groups that was decimated by injuries.  Ryan Mathews missed significant time and it appears that he has played his last season in San Diego.  Danny Woodhead missed all but 2 games and was sorely missed.  He looks to rebound in 2015 from a broken leg that cut his season short last year. Undrafted free agent out of Buffalo, Branden Oliver, led the Bolts in rushing but was unable to top the 600-yard mark.  Tom Telesco’s only “major” free agent signing was Donald Brown, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts.  He was a bit of a disappointment but it sounds like he’ll be back to give it another go in ’15.

A backfield consisting of Woodhead, Oliver and Brown is not exactly eye-catching.  Not one of those players is an every-down back.  The position lacks a pounder that can grind out tough yards and keep the sticks moving in the running game.  Expect the Chargers to add a cowbell-like ball carrier via free agency or the draft.


Wide receiver:

Keenan Allen had what some would consider to be a sophomore slump last year.  Opposing teams had a full year of NFL tape on him and the coverage he received was quite different from that of his rookie campaign.  In what came as a bit of a surprise, Malcom Floyd played in all 16 games for only the second time in his career.  M-80 ended the 2014 season with the most receiving yards – 856 yards – on the team.  He also averaged an impressive 16.5 yards per catch. Eddie Royal, a free agent moving forward, was second on the squad with 7 touchdown receptions.  He came up clutch in multiple moments and was a safety valve, of sorts, in the absence of Woodhead in the passing game.

Future Hall of Famer, and favorite target of Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates had another impressive statistical year with over 800 yards receiving and 12 touchdown catches.  He seems to have found the fountain of youth in the later stages of his career.  The rapport he has formed with Rivers is undeniable and they’ll look to continue that in 2015.

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not Allen is a true number one wideout.  While he has shown this ability at times, it might be fair to question if that is the best role for him moving forward.  Floyd will turn 34-years-old during the first week of the 2015 season.  There are question marks surrounding his cap number next year as he is due over $3 million.  As mentioned above, Royal is a free agent and it will be interested to see if the Chargers make re-signing him a priority.

Drafting or signing a playmaking wide receiver may be a major part of plans in the offseason.  After seeing Rivers’ reaction as to his future playing career in San Diego, it might behoove Telesco to give Rivers a major weapon that can provide something extra to the aerial attack.


Offensive line:

The most consistent offensive lineman in 2014 was King Dunlap.  He performed admirably and it has been pointed out by multiple players and coaching staff members.  Dunlap was given the Chargers “Lineman of the Year” award for his play on the field.  The difficult part is that Dunlap is no longer under contract.  Because he played so well, he may command a much higher salary than when he first signed in San Diego.

Chad Rinehart manned the left guard spot and, for the most part, he had a rough year.  Despite having worked with offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris in the past, he struggled mightily in his second year with the Bolts.

Without getting into the various names that started at center in 2014, the recent retirement of Nick Hardwick proves that a center will be a major position of focus.  After starting 5 different players at center, it is crucial that they find the “quarterback of the offensive line” that can learn and grow with Rivers and company.

The right guard position was a bit of a mess last year.  Johnnie Troutman did not have a good year and rookie Chris Watt had trouble adapting initially.  After improving with a few games of experience under his belt, Watt was forced to move to center.  It is not certain where the team likes him best along the Oline.  He had never played center prior to entering the NFL and it may benefit San Diego to find a more natural, experienced fit.

DJ Fluker, the Chargers’ 2012 first-round selection, was good in the running game but he struggled against speed rushers in passing situations.  The news around the internet is stating that there will be a position switch for Fluker from right tackle to guard.  Kicking him inside makes sense as that has been talked about possibly being the best NFL position for him since his days at Alabama.

The offensive line must be retooled in order for the Charger offense to have success in 2015.  Though the injuries along the line were ridiculous, the play must improve.  Expect them to add multiple players in both free agency and the draft.



The San Diego defensive backfield finished the 2014 season ranked 4th in the league against the pass.  They did this with a lackluster pass rush.  One can only imagine what they would have ranked had the front-seven been able to create more pressure and rack up more sacks.  The cornerback spot has multiple free agents and it will be difficult to sign all of them.

The signing of Brandon Flowers paid massive dividends.  He brings a fire, swagger and playmaking ability to the position that the team hasn’t had in quite some time.  Like Dunlap, Flowers is no longer under contract.  Re-signing him should be a top priority.

Shareece Wright is also a free agent.  He struggled at times, but he could still be re-signed in the offseason due to his knowledge of the defensive system.

Last year’s first-round draft pick, Jason Verrett, flashed exciting ability and speed.  His season was cut short due to a torn labrum.  He is undersized but his instincts and quickness allow him to make plays in the passing game.  Getting Verrett back healthy is huge and it would be nice to see him play a full season as a sophomore in the NFL.

After missing the regular season as a rookie, Steve Williams came in and showed that he belongs.  Like Verrett, he has solid speed and quickness.  He improved as he saw more time on the field and he is one of my sleepers as an impact players for the Chargers next year.

Although he was moved to the strong safety spot, Marcus Gilchrist also spent a lot of time in the nickel at corner.  He is another free agent this upcoming season.  It could boil down to retaining Gilchrist or Wright.

It is hard to say which direction the team will go at the reserve cornerback spots.  Both Flowers and Verrett could start on the outside but the nickel corner is up in the air.  It wouldn’t surprise if cornerback was a point of emphasis in the offseason.


Nose tackle:

Back in the day, the Chargers were spoiled at nose tackle due to the services of Jamal Williams.  He was an enormous presence in the middle of the defensive line and he occupied two blockers on almost every down.  He wasn’t much of a pass rusher but the position does not require that type of production.  San Diego has yet to find a suitable replacement since Williams left.

Sean Lissemore was the starting nose in 2014.  He doesn’t have the prototypical build for the job and he might be better suited as a defensive end.

Behind Lissemore is San Diego’s fifth-round draft pick in 2014, Ryan Carrethers.  Early in the year he was inactive in some games, but once he saw the field his performance continue to get better.  Unlike Lissemore, Carrethers has great size for the nose and he is very strong at the point of attack.  I would be getting too far ahead of myself to assume that Carrethers is the permanent answer there, but it will be interesting to see how he plays in his second year.

Because the Charger defense is only in the base about 40% of the time, the team may not put adding a nose tackle high are on their offseason shopping list.  They may be happy with finding a veteran free agent or selecting one late in the draft.


I suppose that defensive end could have been added to this list.  But a lot regarding that spot has to do with the route they take at nose tackle.  Again, if Lissemore is able to move to end, that would change the composure on the defensive line.

Tom Telesco will, by far, have more cap space in free agency than he has had during his first two years as General Manager of the Chargers.  With a few cuts coming and the restructuring of some veteran contracts, that number could increase to around $40 million.  I am sure that Telesco and company have their plan set and they are ready to make the moves to supplement this team in a way that accentuates its foundation.  But I want to know what you think.

Below there is a poll listing the positions that could be at the top of the priority list for the 2015 offseason.  Place your vote and then leave a comment stating why you voted for the position you did.


Which position is the biggest need for the Chargers during the 2015 offseason?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.


Booga Peters










I could sit here and talk ad nauseum about why this is a special year for your San Diego Chargers.  But, for once, I’m not going to do that.  I want YOU to decide the answer to my question.

Keeping this short and sweet, just like me, is this the year the Chargers bring home the Lombardi trophy?  Is this the year that the Super bowl parade will be held in America’s finest city?  You know, that trophy with a gleam.

“There’s a gleam, men.  A gleam.”  – Marty Schottenheimer

Let me know by voting on the poll and leaving your thoughts on why you voted the way you did in the comment section below.


Is this our year?

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Thanks in advance for voting and commenting.  On behalf of the entire staff at BoltBlitz.com, we really appreciate all of your support.


Booga Peters




When questioning a group of Charger fans regarding who their favorite San Diego quarterback of all-time is you receive varied responses.  Depending on which era you began watching the Bolts play, there are about 5 or 6 names that continually seem to pop up and dominate the conversation.

Below is a chart from footballdb.com.


Player Seasons # Yrs Att Cmp Pct Yds Avg TD Int Lg Rate
Dan Fouts 1973-1987 15 5,604 3,297 58.8 43,040 7.68 254 242 81t 80.2
Philip Rivers 2004-2013 10 4,108 2,646 64.4 32,369 7.88 221 104 81t 96.0
John Hadl 1962-1972 11 3,640 1,824 50.1 26,938 7.40 201 211 85t 68.9
Stan Humphries 1992-1997 6 2,350 1,335 56.8 16,085 6.84 85 73 99t 77.1
Drew Brees 2001-2005 5 1,809 1,125 62.2 12,348 6.83 80 53 79t 84.9
Jack Kemp 1960-1962 3 815 389 47.7 5,996 7.36 37 49 91t 62.6
Doug Flutie 2001-2004 4 737 408 55.4 4,901 6.65 25 22 78 74.8
John Friesz 1990-1991,1993 3 747 401 53.7 4,396 5.88 19 20 66t 68.7
Jim Harbaugh 1999-2000 2 636 372 58.5 4,177 6.57 18 24 80t 71.9
Billy Joe Tolliver 1989-1990 2 595 305 51.3 3,671 6.17 21 24 49 65.5


Needless to say that the last four names are not going to be a part of the poll.  I am going to throw in Jack Kemp for some of our more “seasoned” Charger fans.  Despite not totaling 6,000 yards passing, Kemp did finish with a 22-6 record.  Doug Flutie was one of my favorite quarterbacks but he didn’t really spend enough time as a starter to be in the running.  John Friesz, Jim Harbaugh and Billy Joe Tolliver, well, they are just here to complete the list of the top-ten statistical signal callers.

Although Drew Brees has gone on to win a Super bowl, and have a fantastic career, with the New Orleans Saints, his time with the Chargers is a bit overrated.  Some like to talk about the decision to move on from Brees to Philip Rivers was a huge mistake.  Those that believed that only did so in hindsight.  San Diego, Miami and New Orleans were the only teams interested in signing Brees.  The shoulder injury he suffered in the last week of the regular season in a meaningless game made the decision a bit easier for the Bolts. Having Rivers waiting in the wings contributed to the ease of that decision as well.





Stan “The Man” Humphries is the only quarterback on this list to lead San Diego to a Super bowl.  Many fans claim him as their favorite signal caller.  Humphries was ultra-tough and he kind of seemed like of the fans.  He didn’t exactly look like a great athlete. His leadership and toughness make him a fan favorite.

Though John Hadl’s days were before my time, I have the utmost respect for what he did while slinging the ball in the powder blues. As you can see from the chart above, he put up some very impressive numbers.  My issue with Hadl is that he finished his career with more interceptions than touchdowns.


Rivers Tunnel



That brings us to my favorite, Philip Rivers.  His time as a Charger has made him one of my favorite players of all-time, not just a favorite quarterback.  Rivers has at least 4 more years to build on his impressive stats.  Everyone remembers him playing through a torn ACL during the playoffs.  His passer rating is higher than that of Dan Fouts; who we’ll get to in a moment.  Philip has over twice as many touchdowns as interceptions.  Despite consecutive seasons of poor numbers in 2011 and 2012, he has been a steady force since taking over the starting job in America’s finest city.  Rivers will be getting my vote without a doubt.

Last, but not least, is Dan Fouts.  The bearded-Hall of Famer was a part of one of the most prolific offenses of all-time.  And like Rivers, he was incredibly tough.  The stats that Fouts has under his belt earned him the nod to Canton.  I already mentioned that Rivers will get my vote, but it was a terribly hard decision.  Fouts finished with 254 touchdown passes and the former Oregon Duck never played for another NFL franchise other than the Chargers.  He was the real deal.

Now its your turn.  Place your vote on the poll below and then justify your choice by leaving a comment as well.


Who is your favorite Charger quarterback of all-time?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.


Booga Peters








While working on a post about the Chargers being deep at outside linebacker, I started to think about who would lead the Chargers in sacks in 2014.  I then decided that I would ask the fans what they thought on the subject.

San Diego’s pass rush, or lack thereof, was quite pathetic in 2013.  Injuries and poor play in the secondary certainly aided in the defense allowing opposing quarterbacks to take their sweet time in delivering the ball.  I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that John Pagano’s scheme, more often than not, was bland and unimaginative.

When looking at the defense for the upcoming season, I feel like the health of that side of the ball could be the key to the team’s success going forward.  Melvin Ingram was hurt on the very first day of OTAs in 2013.  Although he miraculously came back near the end of the season, he’ll certainly benefit from being further removed from the torn ACL he suffered.

Another huge defensive loss for the Bolts was Dwight Freeney.  After losing Freeney in week 4 of last year, unproven players like Thomas Keiser and Tourek Williams were forced into starting roles on defense.  Clearly, that is not the ideal situation.  It is said that Freeney is healthy and ready to contribute.  Although I don’t expect to see much of Dwight on running downs, he will be utilized on passing downs.

To say that it was difficult to lose both of your starting outside linebackers is an immense understatement.  The team drafted some insurance in the form of Jeremiah Attaochu in the second round of this year’s draft.  It’s hard to say what kind of impact he’ll have as a rookie, but look for Pagano to ease him into the lineup and send him after opposing team’s signal callers.

Last year our leading sacker was an injured Corey Liuget.  He had a paltry 5.5 sacks while playing through a torn labrum.  Finishing a half a sack behind Liuget was Kendall Reyes with 5.  The entire Charger defense only accounted for 35 sacks in 2013.  That is a number that must improve for this season to be a success defensively.

There are a few candidates that stand out to me as being capable of leading the team in sacks, but I’ll make the list long so that people are able to choose whomever they believe will be tops in the category.


Who will lead the Chargers in sacks in 2014?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.



Booga Peters




As we inch closer to the NFL draft the talks in San Diego are beginning to focus on the 25th pick in the first round.  Those conversations range from who to take at 25, should the team trade up or should they trade back and accumulate more picks and then a debate follows said topics.

For those that have been reading my posts for the last couple of years, I’ve made my stance clear on trading up.  Not a fan of doing it, quite honestly.  Of course there is a time and place for such a practice to occur, but I have trouble giving up the opportunity for more players in an effort to get that one guy.  The entire draft is a crapshoot.

When it comes to staying at pick 25 in the first, this might make the most sense.  In most drafts, when sitting on the clock this late in the first round you’re going to have trouble finding a true stud to provide instant value for your team.  This is clearly not always the case when you look at all of the Hall of Famers and Pro bowers that are taken much later in the draft.  There are far too many examples to point out.

Finally, trading back to accumulate more picks is awfully tempting considering the depth of this year’s draft class.  As mentioned above, in years past teams may have tended to lean toward either moving up or staying with their pick in order the land “their” guy. But this draft class is deep at many positions ( Most of those deep positions happen to be areas of need for your San Diego Chargers). Some experts have plainly stated without batting an eyelash that this is the best class in the last 20-30 years.  Now that’s saying something.

Minus the team trading up, I could get behind either of the other two methods; staying put or trading back.  But those are just my thoughts on the subject.

Below is a poll and you all know how it works.  Place your vote and leave a comment below explaining why you voted the way that you did.


Will the Chargers beat the Broncos on Thursday Night Football?

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Thanks a lot for reading, voting and commenting.



Booga Peters




We now have just over a month until we are graced by the arrival of the NFL Draft.  I, for one, am getting incredibly anxious for that day to finally get here.  I think it is safe to say that fans of all 32 NFL teams are ready to get down with the get-down.

The speculation regarding the direction the Chargers will go in the first round is all over the place.  The assumptions – remember what happens when you assume – range from cornerback to nose tackle to wide receiver.  Additionally, both the offensive line and the outside linebacker position are certainly in the conversation as well.

After seeing what the 2013 draft class was capable of at the NFL level, the pressure may be on Tom Telesco to repeat last year’s success.  With Telesco landing DJ Fluker, Manti Te’o and Keenan Allen as his first three picks, the now second-year general manager looks to build on his first crack at the draft.

Despite a 2013 season that ended in the second round of the playoffs, San Diego has plenty of areas of need.  But I’m not sure that even the most novice of fans are debating the amount of needs.  The focus at this point is geared more toward which of those many needs must be addressed in the first round of May’s draft.  Now let’s give the power to the people.

Below is a poll listing some of the positions of need for the Bolts.  Place your vote on the poll and then meander your way down to the comment section to explain why you voted for that position.  With the right amount of participation, I think it will be very interesting to see where the fans believe the team should go with pick number 25.


What position should the Chargers address in the 1st round?

View Results

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As always, thanks for taking the time to vote and read this post.  I look forward to reading your comments below.


Booga Peters


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