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“Bosa better get three sacks and a forced fumble against the Raiders!” This is an actual quote from a Chargers fan on Facebook earlier this week. This fan is completely serious! Here is another good one; “Bosa doesn’t want to play. He is a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf!”

My answer to both of these quotes is the same. For God’s sake, will you just stop already! Take a breath and quit pretending you know anything about the situation. You are not in the trainers room when they are working with Bosa. You are not in the coaches office when they are deciding if Bosa should practice in pads, or continue to limit his duties. Finally, you are not inside the brain of the Chargers first round pick. You have no idea if he wants to play, or if he is just happy to get paid. If you are freaking out over this whole situation, perhaps you are in a little too deep.  Pull back on the reigns and let the situation unfold and not judge the kid on what he has not done. In other words, chill-out already!

Okay, now that is out of my system, so let us take a look at what is fair to expect from Mr. Joey Bosa.

First of all, do not expect him to play 50 snaps. He cannot be in football shape right now, so he will most likely be limited to around 20 snaps or fewer. They may be desperate enough to send him out there more often, but if they do, he will fatigue early and vanish in the box score in the second half. Something to keep in mind is that Joey Bosa has not played a complete football game since Saturday, November 28, 2015, when his Buckeyes destroyed Michigan 42-13. He was scheduled to play a bowl game in January of 2016, but he was ejected early, ending his college career. I do not think it is fair to expect much from a guy who hasn’t played football in almost a year, even if he did hold out and alienate himself from many Chargers fans.

As for sacks, who knows? It is quite possible that he will get a sack, or even two! It is also quite possible that he will end the day with zero sacks. That would be okay, as long as he managed to get pressure on the quarterback (QB) and disrupt the pocket. That kind of play will not show up in the stats, but it is a huge part of the game. Pressuring the quarterback is responsible for many of the interceptions thrown in the NFL today. The Raiders offensive line is not considered elite by any means. That tells me that Bosa could have success on obvious passing downs when he can focus on getting to the QB. But remember, if he has too much success, they will add a second blocker and most likely shut him down. If that happens, look for others to be able to find success in the sack department. That would still make it a positive start for Bosa, even if others were accumulating the statistics.

Finally, as for forced fumbles, that is not something we can predict with any certainty. Last I checked, Ryan Mathews does not play for the Raiders so fumbles are far from certain. Okay, that was a cheap shot. Moving on.

Now, all that being said, I do appreciate the level of frustration that fans feel after what was an excruciating and embarrassing contract dispute. Try to remember that he was a young man trying to trust his parents and his agent. The Chargers had plenty of blame in that situation as well.

Try to have patience. Remember, winning football games is the most important thing. Hopefully, Joey Bosa can help with that.

Oh, as for that, “..bigger bust than Leaf” comment. That isn’t even worth discussing. There will never be another draft pick that will have the negative impact on a team that Ryan Leaf had on the Chargers.

Go Bolts! #VoteYesOnC

Will McCafferty



The San Diego Chargers’ private plane landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday. The mission: Bring back the Chargers’ number one draft pick, Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa. Escort him from his childhood home to his adult home, San Diego, as a signed, sealed and delivered star of the future.

Armed with their best and final offer, Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco presented the offer on Tuesday. The offer was rejected on Wednesday. The plane returned to San Diego with the same names on the passenger manifest that it left with.

The mission had failed.

To that end, the Chargers front office released a official statement detailing the specifics of their offer before pulling the offer from the table. Paraphrasing the release, future offers will be adjusted based on the looming reality that Bosa will not get sufficient practice and classroom time to make playing the week one road game against the Kansas City Chiefs a possibility. The more games Bosa misses, the less money he will make out of the gate.

Not to be outdone, the management team of Joey Bosa, CAA, issued a response to the Chargers’ statement. Their statement reads as follows:

It is unfortunate the San Diego Chargers have decided to manipulate facts and negotiate in the media.  The team surely is not strengthening its relationship with Joey Bosa by taking this stance and making their position public.

We have decided that we will not engage in public negotiations or discuss numbers and/or terms in this negotiation.

We will say, that it is ironic that the team now takes issue with the timing of Joey’s arrival, since the Chargers unilaterally decided to remain silent for the first 14 days of training camp instead of replying in a timely fashion to the proposal we made on the eve of training camp on July 28th.

At this point, all we can do is continue to fight for a fair contract on behalf of our client, as we do for all of our clients.  The Chargers can focus on trying to sway public opinion, but our focus will remain on our client and securing a contract for him that is fair and consistent with his draft position.

This is the typical, We’re-taking-the-high-road response we’ve seen before. If Bosa’s management had gone public first, this would have been the Chargers’ response. Once again, both sides look to be entrenched with no end in sight. At the same time, these situations can turn overnight.

This deal will happen. Bosa will be in lightning bolts before week one is underway. Simply put, there is too much money on the table for the parties to walk away from and have Bosa re-enter the 2017 draft.


1. There’s no way to ever make that money back. Even if Bosa plays for 15 years and is paid handsomely, there is no way he will account for the millions he passed on by sitting out a year. This season will always represent millions more dollars that could have been in the bank.

2. Bosa will not be picked third in the 2017 NFL Draft. The top stars of the 2017 draft class will be taken ahead of Bosa. Bosa may fall into the middle of the first round or lower due to the fact that since the Chargers own his rights, he will not be able to visit, work out for or speak to other teams. The uncertainty will cause his stock to fall and even if he is selected in the first round, he will not make as much as he will by signing with the Chargers this season.

3. Perception of owners and players. Fairly or unfairly, this ordeal casts an unflattering shadow on Bosa. Other NFL owners may pass on him after seeing how the situation unfolded in San Diego. Telesco isn’t the only GM who doesn’t waive offset language or guarantee the full signing bonus before the end of the calendar year. Players may see Bosa as an entitled diva unwilling to earn his paycheck.

In the end, Bosa’s value will never be higher than it is right now. He only hurts his pride and his bottom line if he decides to sit out and re-enter the draft. That decision would run counter to the whole purpose of these frustrating negotiations.

Get. Paid.

Bosa will not make endorsement money sitting on the couch. He will not become the next big thing in football watching the games on Sundays. The only solution is to suit up, ball out and soak up the adoration of his teammates, the fans, the city, the media and cash in on Madison Avenue as he creates SportsCenter highlights on a weekly basis.

The shrug was local at Ohio State. If he performs up to his ability and shines, it will go viral in the NFL. That’s how you get paid.

It’s go time, rookie.


Bolt up!!


The Greg One



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