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On Thursday, the New England Patriots officially extended the contract of wide receiver Julian Edelman. The nine-year veteran received a two-year, $11 million dollar deal with $9 million in guarantees, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Network. This season was the last of his current contract. Edelman would’ve been a free agent next offseason and possibly could have been able to earn more money on the open market.

The Patriots are loading up at wide receiver for another Super Bowl run. Add Edelman, 31, to new addition Brandin Cooks, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola and Tom Brady will have no shortage of playmakers out wide. By the way, Rob Gronkowski is fully healthy and participating in all team workouts.

The Evil Empire of the NFL is only getting better….


The Greg One




The Cleveland Browns just got a little bit, if not a lot, better. On Friday, the Browns announced the signing of their number one overall draft pick in Texas A&M defensive lineman Myles Garrett. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the deal is for four years and $30.4 million. The deal includes a $20.25 million signing bonus.

The defensive end was largely considered the best player in the draft and the Browns will be looking for him to make an immediate impact on the field. Garrett is a shredded physical specimen at 6″4′-inches, 272-pounds. At the NFL Combine he recorded 33 reps of the 225-pound bench press, 41-inch vertical jump, a 10″8′-inch broad jump and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.64-seconds. At the Texas A&M Pro Day, he improved his 40 time to 4.57-seconds.

The Browns tweeted out the moment Garrett signed on the dotted line while “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal played in the background.

Bolting for the NFL after his junior year at Texas A&M, Garrett amassed 141 tackles (81 solo), 47 tackles for loss, 31 sacks, five passes defensed and one interception. Those numbers would have been even more substantial had it not been for an ankle injury that limited his production last season.

Below is a look at the beast the Browns will be unleashing this season:



As many of you have already read, Warren Sapp was arrested for soliciting a prostitute and assault.  This is not the first time that Sapp has been in trouble with the law and it is safe to say that it won’t be the last time. It will, however, be the last time that it happens while he is employed by NFL Network.  Everyone’s favorite channel terminated the contract of Warren Sapp amid his latest legal troubles.

Back in 2011, the Chargers signed Eric Weddle to a very lucrative contract extension to keep in San Diego for quite some time while paying him handsomely.  Sapp didn’t approve of the move and took to social media to voice his opinion on the matter.

Four years later, Eric and his agent, David Canter, had yet to forget the incident and it was now time for Weddle and company to respond via Twitter.

Below is the initial tweet from Sapp and a response from Weddle.



Thank you for the motivation the last 4 yrs. E really appreciated it.

— Eric Weddle (@weddlesbeard) February 3, 2015



** Mic Drop **


Although Eric’s Twitter account is run by Canter, I can only imagine the smile on his face.  He has been one of the best free safeties in the NFL for the last five years.  Some could argue that he is the best.

Regardless of Warren Sapp’s ignorant comment in 2011, I can speak on behalf of all of the intelligent Charger fans that are ecstatic that the former Charger General Manager, he who must not be named, locked up Weddle with a sizable contract.

Entering the 2015 season, this is the last year of his current contract.  Look for him to be restructured and extended.


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The NFL is full of the most elite football players from all over the world with incredible athletic abilities; Odell Beckham Jr.’s three finger catch says enough. With the top athletes facing off every week, a team knows there is one thing they need to do in order to outperform their opponent; win the turnover battle every single game.

In 2013, teams that win the turnover battle have a 72-17 record; going 810-220-2 from 2008 to 2012. According to Steve Mariucci, an NFL Network analyst and former head coach, “It’s all about the number of possessions”, and he’s right. Ultimately, turnovers dictate the amount of possessions a team has and the number of scoring opportunities.

For the Chargers, winning the battle this season has landed them a 6-0 record. Even games ending in turnover ties has given them two more wins. Basically, the Chargers success thus far has been from limiting giveaways and forcing the takeaways.

Since week one against the Arizona Cardinals, the Chargers have had a total of 12 turnovers while their opponents have had 13. Currently, San Diego ranks 13th in the NFL in turnover margin per game, for a turnover differential of 1. In addition, they rank 6th in team fumbles and fumbles lost with 11 fumbles and only 3 lost. Since Mike McCoy took over the head coach position, he has reiterated how important it is to limit turnovers and force them. In the five-game win streak earlier this year, the Chargers had seven takeaways and only one giveaway. Unfortunately, that record was snapped during the three-game losing streak; turning the ball over seven times and not a single takeaway.

Since 2010, the Chargers have only had one season with a positive turnover differential. Even making it to the postseason last year, the Chargers ended with a -4 differential. It was Tom Telesco’s responsibility to add play makers to the defensive unit. Brandon Flowers was a free agent signee in the offseason and has accrued three interceptions this year so far. Before the season ending shoulder injury to rookie cornerback Jason Verrett, he had one interception and ranked 10th-best cornerback by Pro Football Focus. Even Corey Liuget has added to the equation with two forced fumbles; ranking him 23rd in the league. At this time, the Chargers rank 9th in over team defense. They will need to hold this, if not improve, in order for a potential postseason appearance.

In order for the Chargers to advance their record and earn a spot in the playoffs, the team has to win the turnover battle every single time; there’s absolutely no way around it. Back in 2012, three of the top four teams that won the battle in the AFC went onto the playoffs. Heading into the final five games of the season, the Chargers are set to face off against the league’s top teams. Of those five teams, three rank better than San Diego in team turnover differential; the New England Patriots ranking 2nd among all teams. If that isn’t intimidating enough, of the five quarterbacks the defense has to play, four rank higher than Philip Rivers in touchdown-to-interceptions ratio; 3.4 total combined against Rivers’ 2.4.

For the remainder of the season, the offense needs to limit their mistakes and the defensive needs to make game changing plays. The winner of the turnover battle will win football games every time. We all know Rivers does the unthinkable in December, he is the NFL’s third highest-rated passer in December/January (99.0) with a 71-to-22 touchdown-to-interception ratio, but will his success continue? Stay tuned Charger fans for the next five weeks.


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On a special Monday night edition of BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 at 7:00 pm we’ll be joined by fantasy football extraordinaire Adam Rank of, NFL Network and NFL Fantasy Live!

I met Adam at the NFL draft two years ago and have kept in touch with him since via text.  Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable regarding fantasy football, he is an extremely cool guy.  His insight is very valuable to any of you that play fantasy football and it could possibly help put your name on a championship belt in your fantasy football leagues.

For those of you that have not been tuning into BoltBlitzLIVE, you guys are missing out.  We do our best to inform and entertain the listeners and fellow Charger fans.  Rank will be a fantastic guest and I cannot wait to have him on the show.

If any of you have any questions for Adam Rank, please leave a comment below and we’ll ask him some of the best ones live on the show this evening.  We are, of course, a Charger-related radio show, but don’t be afraid to ask about non-Charger players.  Rank will, without a doubt, help give you the inside track to reaching the top of the standings in your fantasy leagues.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you all tune into the show at 7:00 pm tonight on or the tune in radio app (search KRLY).  We’ll also be posting the podcast from the show in the next day or so on this website


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Before people jump all over me for the title of this article, I definitely believe that Antonio Gates is a top 100 player in the NFL today.  That being said, this list was supposed to be voted on while basing it off of the player’s 2012 performance.

Gates did not have incredible numbers last year.  Some may attempt to argue that the numbers were good but not “Gates good.”  The pass-catching Tight End has certainly come to the forefront in recent years.  Lets take a look at Gates’ numbers from last year and previous seasons.

TOTAL 642 8,321 72 83 3 2
2012 SD 15 15 49 538 11.0 34T 7
2011 SD 13 13 64 778 12.2 38T 7
2010 SD 10 10 50 782 15.6 48T 10
2009 SD 16 16 79 1,157 14.6 56 8 1 0
2008 SD 16 16 60 704 11.7 34 8 1 1
2007 SD 16 16 75 984 13.1 49T 9
2006 SD 16 16 71 924 13.0 57T 9
2005 SD 15 15 89 1,101 12.4 38 10
2004 SD 15 15 81 964 11.9 72T 13
2003 SD 15 11 24 389 16.2 48 2 1 1


Although I think a lot of it had to do with having no time for Philip Rivers to throw the ball, Gates averaged 3 catches a game while scoring a touchdown 7 times.  Prior to the 2012 season, Gates was said to have been the healthiest he has been in years.

Again, I am not knocking Gates at all.  I am just asking an honest question.  I expect him to have a better year in 2013 than he did last year in 2012.  He will be another year removed from the plantar fasciitis that plagued him for the better part of four seasons.  Am improved offensive line would surely allow Gates and Rivers to get back to where the once were on the field.  They are responsible for being the number one duo in NFL history for connecting on touchdowns between a Quarterback and a Tight End.

Quite frankly, I find the Top 100 list to be a little bit of a joke anyway.  I am not ripping it to shreds, but it ranked Percy Harvin behind Jacoby Jones.  If you had to choose one or the other, who would you choose?  I rest my case.


Thanks a lot for reading.






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