In a recent article published by Bleacher Report ( ), there was a suggestion for realignment of the AFC and NFC based on pure geography. It is, to be blunt, a terrible idea.

While this proposal would save teams in travel costs, that is the only benefit to such a notion. Let’s focus on why this is a bad idea.

First off, it’s bad for Charger fans because it breaks up the long-standing (since 1960) rivalries with Kansas City and Denver. This idea would not have us going head to head twice a year. This proposal would create a western division of the Chargers, Raiders, 49ers and Seahawks. Really?

Secondly, it’s bad for other cities for the same reason. No longer would you have the rivalry between Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia and the New York Football Giants, as the suggested realignment would pull the Cowboys and Giants into other divisions.

Other long-standing rivalries that would be broken up would include the Jets, Patriots, Dolphins and Bills. Also the Saints and Falcons rivalry would go away as would Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The only rivalries that would go undisturbed would be the NFC Norris with Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota.

Last, but certainly not least, this would blur the line between the old legacy AFL teams and NFL teams. Enough of that was done to create balance in the 1970 AFL/NFL merger when the Colts, Steelers and Browns were moved to the newly formed AFC for balance.

Roger Goodell has caused enough harm to the game we all know and love. Let’s not help him with stupid ideas.

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