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Many of you have been clamoring for Thomas and I to release our 53-man roster predictions.  After posting on Facebook that he and I would be doing a joint roster prediction, people were asking for a video commentary of the “event.”  Truth be told, the language was not kid friendly and we believe in keeping the kids in mind with the radio show, our meetups and

Without further ado, we’ll start with Thomas Powell’s roster prediction for your San Diego Chargers.

Thomas Powell’s 53

QB:  Philip Rivers   Kellen Clemens


RB:  Ryan Mathews  Danny Woodhead  Donald Brown  Marion Grice


WR:  Keenan Allen  Malcom Floyd  Eddie Royal  Vincent Brown  Seyi Ajirotutu  Dontrelle Inman


TE:  Antonio Gates  Ladarius Green  David Johnson  John Phillips


OL:  Nick Hardwick  Chad Rinehart  King Dunlap  DJ Fluker  Rich Ohrnberger  Chris Watt  Michael Harris  Johnnie Troutman  


DL:  Corey Liuget  Kendall Reyes  Sean Lissemore  Lawrence Guy  Kwame Geathers  Ryan Carrethers


LB:  Donald Butler  Manti Te’o  Melvin Ingram  Dwight Freeney  Jarret Johnson  Jerry Attaochu  Reggie Walker Kavell Conner  Andrew Gachkar  Thomas Keiser  Tourek Williams


CB:  Brandon Flowers  Shareece Wright  Jason Verrett  Steve Williams  Richard Marshall  


S:  Eric Weddle  Marcus Gilchrist  Jahleel Addae  Darrell Stuckey  


ST:  Mike Scifres  Nick Novak  Mike Windt


Thomas and I had long discussions regarding carrying a third quarterback, Brad Sorensen, the wide receiving corp, the cornerback group and even tight end.  I like his list and I think he did a great job.  He always does a great job.  Powell is one of the most opinionated writers that I’ve ever had.  Heck, he IS, by far, the most opinionated writer I’ve ever had.  I have the utmost respect for his opinion.  But mine is different.

Let’s roll with my 53-man roster prediction.


Booga’s 53


QB:  Philip Rivers  Kellen Clemens  Brad Sorensen


RB:  Ryan Mathews  Danny Woodhead  Donald Brown  Marion Grice  


WR:  Keenan Allen  Malcom Floyd  Eddie Royal  Vincent Brown  Dontrelle Inman  Tevin Reese


TE:  Antonio Gates  Ladarius Green  David Johnson  John Phillips


OL:  King Dunlap  Chad Rinehart  Nick Hardwick  Chris Watt  DJ Fluker  Michael Harris  Rich Ohrnberger  Craig Watts  Jr.


DL:  Corey Liuget  Kendall Reyes  Sean Lissemore  Lawrence Guy  Kwame Geathers  Ryan Carrethers


LB:  Melvin Ingram  Donald Butler  Dwight Freeney  Manti Te’o  Jarret Johnson  Jerry Attaochu  Reggie Walker Kavell Conner  Thomas Keiser


CB:  Shareece Wright  Brandon Flowers  Jason Verrett  Steve Williams  Richard Marshall


S:  Eric Weddle  Jahleel Addae  Marcus Gilchrist  Darrell Stuckey  Alden Darby  


ST:  Mike Scifres  Nick Novak  Mike Windt


Here are some notes regarding the discussions that Thomas and I had prior to posting these predictions.


Thomas:  Although I am completely against it, I think the Chargers will carry 3 quarterbacks.  But due to my strong belief that a decision like that is a mistake, I still decided to leave Sorensen off of my 53.


Thomas:  As much as I’d like to find a way to put Chris Davis on the team, there just so happens to be no room for him.  He has made some plays in training camp.  But it is only training camp.  Both Booga and I debated finding a way to sneak him onto the team.  But it was impossible to find a player, specifically a veteran, that he should replace on the roster.


Booga:  Although Tommy and I agree on the fact that the team should not carry 3 quarterbacks, they will. Everything I’ve been told is that they will do just that.   Neither Clemens nor Sorensen have impressed in training camp.  That being said, just a simple reiteration of an obvious fact, this is only training camp.  The team has yet to suit up against an opposing team.  It’s incredibly hard to justify a fringe player’s ability based on practice.  “We talkin’ ’bout practice?”


Thomas:  Reese’s inability to catch the ball cleanly – he happens to play wide receiver – is a problem.  He’s had difficulty securing the ball on punts, as well.  Booga is an idiot for having him on his 53.  He MIGHT be stashed on the practice squad.  But, at that point, he’ll probably be snagged up by another team due to his speed.


Booga:  Tom Telesco made it known that the Chargers needed to be faster in all phases of the game.  I believe that Reese will be retained in an effort to add that needed element to both the return game and the wide receiver position.  Sure, I’ve seen bobbled balls, dropped balls AND solid, exciting plays by Tevin Reese.  It will be difficult for him to crack the 53.  But he’s going to get it done in the preseason.


Thomas:  Back to carrying three quarterbacks.  When Booga asked me to do a joint 53-man roster prediction, I was ready.  Despite my belief that the team will, indeed, carry 3. I can’t justify removing talent at wide receiver, linebacker, cornerback or offensive line to enable a third QB being on the roster.  It just doesn’t make good business sense to me.


Booga:  Leaving Andrew Gachkar off of my 53 was very tough.  But look at the Charger special teams unit. Stuckey, Walker, Addae and Conner will most definitely form a strong group of playmakers in the third phase of the game.  It goes without saying, and I’ll hear about this for sure, Tutu not making my 53 will be highly controversial.  I’m not sure the team values his ability as a wideout enough to keep him as a solid special teamer. Both Gachkar and Tutu would be tough cuts.  But, I see it playing out that way.  


Thomas:  The kick and punt return games have so much more to do with the final 53 than in years past.


Booga:  Inman has looked solid in training camp.  He has seen some reps against some of the more talented defenders during camp and he has fared well.  Watching Special teams coach Kevin Spencer stay in his hip pocket makes me believe that if he performs well on special teams, he’ll be a Charger in 2014.   


In short, and not due to my lack of height, it is far too early to post an article on this subject.  But, we are one of the last websites to do so and fans have been asking our opinions on the matter. We wanted to deliver.

Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.  Better yet, I’ll insert a poll and you can vote on which roster you think is more on point.  This should get interesting.


Which roster prediction do you think is better?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.  There is a lot riding on this and I cannot wait for your feedback.



Booga Peters and Thomas Powell












On a special Monday night edition of BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 at 7:00 pm we’ll be joined by fantasy football extraordinaire Adam Rank of, NFL Network and NFL Fantasy Live!

I met Adam at the NFL draft two years ago and have kept in touch with him since via text.  Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable regarding fantasy football, he is an extremely cool guy.  His insight is very valuable to any of you that play fantasy football and it could possibly help put your name on a championship belt in your fantasy football leagues.

For those of you that have not been tuning into BoltBlitzLIVE, you guys are missing out.  We do our best to inform and entertain the listeners and fellow Charger fans.  Rank will be a fantastic guest and I cannot wait to have him on the show.

If any of you have any questions for Adam Rank, please leave a comment below and we’ll ask him some of the best ones live on the show this evening.  We are, of course, a Charger-related radio show, but don’t be afraid to ask about non-Charger players.  Rank will, without a doubt, help give you the inside track to reaching the top of the standings in your fantasy leagues.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you all tune into the show at 7:00 pm tonight on or the tune in radio app (search KRLY).  We’ll also be posting the podcast from the show in the next day or so on this website


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Here is the video production of last night’s BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9.  We were honored to have been joined by former Charger offensive lineman Rocky Selanders.  He provided some great insight on the way the game of professional football used to be played.  They didn’t do it for the money, they did it for the love of the game.

Be sure to tune into Mountain Country 107.9 every Wednesday at 7:00 pm for each and every BoltBlitzLIVE radio show.  In the coming weeks I’ll be joined by co-host Eddie Brown III of UT San Diego.  We’ll continue to have great guests and continue to focus on our goal of both informing and entertaining you on all things Chargers.

Thanks in advance for all of your support on both BoltBlitzLIVE and



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