Mayor Kevin Faulconer


Above is what San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer had to say about the Chargers’ stadium proposal that was released on Wednesday, according to a tweet by Derek Togerson of NBCSanDiego.

If you have the time to read the 110-page stadium proposal drafted by the Chargers, you can find the link here.


It has finally come down to working out a plan for a new football stadium for the Chargers in San Diego. Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in Charger football history. The players are Dean Spanos, Mark Fabiani, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Ron Roberts and Jan Goldsmith.

The agenda is to use the blueprint of CSAG’s stadium plan on how to come to a compromise between the City and the Chargers. The final plan in the end will most likely look nothing like the plan that was announced May 18. But it is the closest the city and the team has ever come to reaching a deal.

There is still so much that needs to be worked out. How much will the Chargers pay in the end? CSAG recommended the Chargers get 100% naming rights and half the PSL money. How will the public and private financing of the plan be detailed?  Everything is on the table for change, however. I’m sure the talks will get heated on both sides throughout the negotiation process. So there could be a “blackout” on stadium news for a while during the talks; which could take a couple of months for the two sides to reach a compromise. For fans, that probably is a much-needed rest to gear up and get excited for the 2015 season and training camp.

As for the much debated issue of having a vote when one is not needed, the thinking here is it will avoid lawsuits compromising the urgency needed to get this done and finalized in a timely manner. It will more than likely be a Special Election held in late 2015 or very early 2016. The Chargers can file relocation papers in January of 2016, so time is of the utmost urgency right now.

So, for now, it’s time to let the talks begin, allowing fans to sit back and watch it all unfold while waiting for the beginning of the 2015 Charger season. It’s about time, too!


Thomas Powell

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