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Per multiple sources, including both NFL Network and, the Oakland Raiders have agreed to acquire Matt Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks.  The trade agreement is said to include a 2014 draft selection and a 2015 conditional choice.

Although the Raiders are at least a couple of years from being a serious threat in the AFC West, you better believe that they just got better at the quarterback position.

The acquisition of Flynn shows that Carson Palmer is indeed on his way out the door. also reported that Oakland is close to shipping Palmer to the Arizona Cardinals for “minimal compensation.”

The trades of both Flynn and Palmer will affect the Chargers.  It is now going to be assumed that the Raiders and Cardinals, both of which have draft picks before the Chargers are on the clock at number 11, and have been connected to rumors of selecting a quarterback with their respective first round choices, will forgo selecting a signal caller at picks 3 and 7.  This very well could mean that the top 3 offensive tackles will be off of the board when the Bolts are ready to make their pick.

I had already come to grips with the fact that the Raiders would most likely trade for Matt Flynn.  Hearing now that the speculation about Palmer to Arizona is a strong possibility leads me to believe that I am justified in my thinking that the Chargers should trade down and acquire more picks in the upcoming draft.

We will find out soon enough.  Greg Williams, staff writer here at, and I will be there live to provide you as much coverage of the draft as possible.  We are going to be flying out to New York City to attend the 2013 NFL draft live at Radio City Music Hall.

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Yesterday there was an agreement, which can be considered all but finished, between the Seattle Seahawks and their former rival Oakland Raiders to trade quarterback Matt Flynn to the Raiders.  The Seahawks will likely get a pair of draft picks to give up their highly paid clipboard holder.

What happened?  Did Vince Young forget how to answer the phone?  The Raiders had been sniffing up that tree longer than they will publicly admit.  Did they not hear about the Jamarcus Russell comeback bid?  Was Jeff George busy?  Jeff Garcia is always ready.  They ran through fire to bring in Carson Palmer and he will be shown the door after two miserable seasons in silver and black.  That leaves Terrelle Pryor, he of whom the Raiders gave up a third round pick in the 2011 Supplemental Draft to obtain.

Bad quarterback decisions, Raiders be thy name.  Since 2002, the Raiders are third to last in passer rating, dead last in completion and touchdown percentage.  The Raiders are 49-111 in that time span, not that anyone in the AFC West is complaining.  The good get better, the bad play for the Raiders, which is what makes today’s deal all the more strange.

Matt Flynn actually has shown potential.  So far, he has started two games. In the first he went 23-37 for 254 yards, 3 touchdowns and one interception in 2010 against New England in a loss. In his second start, in the Packers final regular season game in 2012, Flynn lit up the Detroit Lions for 480 yards and six touchdowns in a 47-41 win.  He sat watching and learning behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay for four seasons before he went sent to Seattle last season.  Flynn was set to start until Seahawks coach Pete Carroll decided to open the competition and let the rookie compete.  We would all be laughing at him losing out to a rookie until we see that rookie became phenom Russell Wilson.  If there is a consolation for losing your starting gig, there it is.

I imagine Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers like pledgemasters watching awkward, lanky, uncoordinated pledges (Flynn, Alex Smith) tripping over their own feet trying to get accepted into the fraternity. Now Flynn will find himself in Oakland, devoid of quarterback talent for over a decade.  No chance Flynn won’t be the starter even if Oakland is closer to playing in the CFL than the NFL.  Congratulations on the new starting gig Matt Flynn, too bad its with the Raiders.  Twenty dollars to you if you can name your number one receiver.  No?  ANY receiver…and remember Heyward-Bey is gone.  No?  We don’t know either.  Welcome to the AFC West cellar.  Ice packs and the trainers room down the hall. Alex will show you around.

Greg Williams

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