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The fan in me is making this a difficult piece to write.  The football realist in me sees an opportunity to get something in return for a player that might be in jeopardy of losing his starting spot to an up-and-coming player.

The Chargers have quite the situation at the Wide Receiver position in 2013.  The emergence of Danario Alexander ( in limited time during the 2012 season ) has solidified him as the number one receiver in the Charger offense.  Tight End Antonio Gates may be the number one option in the passing game, but DX is slated to be the number one Wide Receiver.

After that, it would seem as though everything is up in the air.  And that goes for the positioning of the entire receiving corp after #84. It might be assumed by some that Malcom Floyd is guaranteed to start opposite Alexander.  But when you listen to any of the talking heads out at Chargers Park, Vincent Brown’s name is constantly being brought up as one of the most impressive players at any position on the field.

The question then becomes, should the Bolts be finding every way possible to get Brown as many opportunities to get the ball in his hands?  Starting him would obviously be the best way to do that.

So where does that leave Floyd?

Malcom Floyd has wowed Charger fans for years with his acrobatic catches.  He has built a very strong rapport with San Diego’s signal caller. Philip Rivers’ first career touchdown pass was to M-80 back when Floyd wore the number 13.  He had yet to even earn the moniker M-80. On a sour note, Floyd has only managed to stay healthy for 16 games in a season once in his career.

Despite the fact that I would hate to see him go, now might be the best time to try to obtain a solid draft pick in return for the 10 year veteran.

After losing linebackers Melvin Ingram and Jonas Mouton to torn ACL’s, the Bolts are very familiar with this time of the year being accompanied by injuries.  As you look around the NFL, there are teams that have suffered losses to their wide receiving groups. The Philadelphia Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin for the year.  Shortly after that they had his replacement,Riley Cooper, commit what I consider to be an offense that would lead to him being removed from the team if I were the General Manager.  They have an obvious need at the position.

If you look at the Seattle Seahawks, San Diego’s first preseason opponent, they just found out that they will be without newly acquired Percy Harvin for the next 3 to 4 months.  The two teams worked together to send Charlie Whitehurst from San Diego to Seattle a few years back.  We all know how that turned out.  Seattle is another team that would benefit from a move that involved Malcom Floyd.

One can also see a team like the Baltimore Ravens being interested in acquiring Floyd.  The Ravens have hopes that Super bowl standout, Jacoby Jones, could fill their need as the starting Wide Receiver opposite Torrey Smith.  Jones failed his conditioning test this offseason and has already shown as a Houston Texan that he is more of a special-teams player.  But perhaps this is his time to shine on offense.  I would tend to lean toward them looking to upgrade the position.

With the NFL having morphed into this high-flying, passing league, even teams that you believe to be set at the Wide Receiver spot could be willing to kick the tires on a trade to bring in an established receiver.

Is the time ripe for the picking to attempt to move one of Philip’s favorite weapons?

The logjam at Wide Receiver at Chargers Park is a good problem to have in a lot of ways.  When you look at the depth chart – Danario Alexander, Malcom Floyd, Vincent Brown, Keenan Allen, Eddie Royal, Robert Meachem, Richard Goodman, Dan DePalma, Mike Willie, Deon Butler and Luke Tasker – there are quite a few options in putting together a unit that can find success in 2013 and beyond.

But then there is the frightening question mark regarding Vincent Brown.  Is he injury-prone?  As of right now, Brown has missed three straight practices sandwiched around an off day.  We are all familiar with the broken ankle he suffered during the August 18th preseason game versus Dallas last year.  He has been hampered by hamstring injuries in the past as well.

I only bring all of this up to provide the other side to argument.  Perhaps, despite all of the potential that Vincent Brown has, this conversation about him breaking out is a bit premature.

So, this is where you come in.  Below is a poll that allows you to voice your opinion on the matter.  Make sure to place your vote and then tell us why you voted the way you did by leaving a comment below.VincentBrown


Should the Bolts trade Malcom Floyd with Vincent Brown waiting to take over?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.


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When looking at the current state of the Charger roster, it is easy to see that the team is not lacking in options at the Wide Receiver position.  The Bolts are currently equipped with 11 players to snag balls from Philip Rivers and the other Quarterbacks in camp.  This turns out to be the deepest group on the entire ball club.

It is common knowledge that all 11 players will not remain on the team by the time the season rolls around.  Let’s start by taking a look at them.


Danario Alexander – A lock for the roster.  He will be the team’s number one Wide Receiver.  Lots of excitement surrounding what he can do with a full offseason with Rivers.  Not to mention a full slate of 16 games.  Needs to stay healthy.


Malcom Floyd – Despite the thoughts of some “experts,” he isn’t going anywhere this season.  He is splitting some starting reps.  Floyd has only played 16 games once in his 10 year career.


Vincent Brown – He is the one sharing starting reps with Floyd.  A healthy Brown is a huge addition to the Charger wide receiving corps.  His route running and ability to attack the ball make him a serious weapon for the new Charger offense.


Keenan Allen – The third round pick out of Cal is expected to be a Charger for a long time.  He’ll contribute, even as a rookie.


Robert Meachem – We all know why he’s here and will definitely be a Charger in 2013.  Let’s hope he can make a few plays.  Being that I was at the game in Cleveland last year, even typing his name makes me sick to my stomach.


Eddie Royal – This is the part where skepticism starts to wander into the equation.  He could be cut due to numbers at the position.  He has been starting in the slot.  Royal is capable in both kick and punt return duties.  Those traits could save his job.


Richard Goodman – He’s a solid Kick Returner and but return punts.  His play as a Gunner on special teams might keep him hanging around.  But the fact that he has been unable to play at Wide Receiver will not help his status on the team.


Mike Willie – He still has some practice squad eligibility.  There is a chance he sticks for that reason.  He has the build of a Rivers’ kind of target.


Deon Butler – The former Seahawk can fly.  But it might be safe to assume that he is a training camp body.  Probably will be cut at some point.


Dan DePalma – He is an interesting guy.  When with the New York Giants, the team used him to simulate Wes Welker in their preparation for the Super bowl against the New England Patriots.  The question is whether or not he has any practice squad eligibilty left.  He was picked up as an undrafted free agent in 2011 by the New York Jets.  I don’t think he was ever on either team’s 53 man roster.  That would mean he would have a third year of eligibility on a practice squad.  ( I am waiting to hear back from Kevin Acee regarding his eligibility for practice squad.)  Having Wes Welker in the division would make DePalma a nice piece to keep on the PS seeing as how he has studied Welker extensively.


Luke Tasker – He is the son of one of my favorite non-Chargers of all time, Steve Tasker.  If he is even half of the special teamer that his father was then I expect him to stick on the PS.  Not sure how much work he’ll have at wide out, if any at all.


The Wide receiver group will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.  The four major contributors seem set in Alexander, Floyd, Brown and Allen.  Additionally, as mentioned above, the team will see what they can get out of Meachem.  But after that it’s all up for grabs.  The team has less than a half-a-million in salary cap space.  It is safe to say this group will be evaluated closely to see where some savings could be had.

How many weapons at the Wide Receiver spot should the team keep?  Who do you think will get the almighty axe and be cut prior to the season?

Let us know in the comment section below.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters




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