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After a 2012 offseason free agency spending spree of sorts, how much money was left to re-sign the players that were already Chargers?  ( I’ll be touching on the need to re-sign Butler in the near future) The players that it would make sense to lock up?  I had been on record multiple times talking about how I thought that the Chargers should have locked up Louis Vasquez for the long haul during the 2012 season.  Knowing that he was a poor run blocker, I was hoping that portion of his game would improve.  But his run blocking leaves a lot to be desired.  He is not successful at getting to the second level.  Yet, despite his flaws, I was calling for his re-signing for one reason, and one reason only.

The Chargers were looking at the possibility of having to replace four out of five offensive linemen during the 2013 offseason.  That kind of task seemed fairly daunting, to say the least.

But I fell into the trap of wanting to keep a player for the wrong reason.  For that I am guilty.

The Denver Broncos paid above the premium for Vasquez.  They had obvious reasons for signing him and it is fair to assume that the Broncos will be passing the ball quite frequently in ’13.

The bottom line is that despite having an already dire need on the offensive line at multiple positions, Tom Telesco was not willing to overpay for a guy that was not destined to remain America’s finest city.  He was replaceable and I was a little bit late to the party.

Were you, or are you still, one of the people who fell into the same trap?  As football fans, we are allowed to change our minds.  We are prone to making poor decisions, at times.  But the fact of the matter is that Vasquez is gone and he is now a Donkey.  Let it go.  I did a day or two after his signing with the Denver.  You should too.


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Booga Peters




I am finding it hard to write this article.   Two of the top acquisitions once dawned Bolt colors.   That’s one heck of a receiver we cut three or four games into his career (Wes Welker).

Did I mention San Diego lost one of their top offensive lineman in Vasquez?

I give Fox and company an A+ for the Free Agency moves made this off season.   I am sure having a Hall of Fame QB (Elway) for a G.M. does not hurt when attracting talent.  Well, how do you surpass a team that finished 2012 13-3?  I’m not sure you do.


WR                                                    REC.            YARDS            AVG.           LONG               TD

Wes Welker                                          118                  1,354                   11.5                 59                      6

OL                                                     GP                   SCKS ALLOWED

Louis Vasquez                                    16                                 2.5

DT                                                   SOLO/ASST        TOTAL             SACK/INT             FF

Terrance Knighton                              20/12                      32                           2/0                        2


Stewart Bradley                                   6/2                            8                           0/0                         0


Dominique Cromartie-Rodgers       43/8                       51                            3/0                        0


(WR) Wes Welker – Lovely another effective weapon for Peyton. (Losing  players like him is why A.J. needed to go.)

(OL) Louis Vasquez – Better protection for a future H.O.F. QB  in our division.  Just what the doctor ordered.

(DT) Terrance Knighton – Let’s add a menace in the middle to a superb defense.

(LB) Stewart Bradley – Solid body to give starters a rest.

(CB) D. Cromartie-Rodgers – A very solid corner who just didn’t quite find his groove in Philly.



Sam Mcc




In an article on ProfootballTalk.com, it has been reported that the agent for Louis Vasquez, Rob Sheets, has stated that his client is looking forward to seeing what’s out there.

He is also quoted as saying, “The Chargers had a chance to get something done in November. Now Lou wants to explore every option”

Gee, thanks A.J.  This is bad news, in my opinion.  Although the team has freed up a little bit of additional cap space, to be in a bidding war for the services of the former Texas Tech offensive lineman could spell disaster for the Chargers.

Free agency begins Monday at 4:00 pm est. 

As we all are aware, th team has plenty of holes and it is looking like the need at right guard will be difficult to be filled with one of our own.  Vasquez is an up and coming player in the NFL.  The market just might price him right of Sab Diego’s hands.


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Despite the fact that the Chargers will not, most likely not, be using the franchise tag on anyone, the deadline for teams to do so is Monday at 4:00p.m. est. 

If the team had more salary cap space, I would be all in on franchising Louis Vasquez and then attempting to work out a long term deal for the team’s starting right guard.  I am concerned about the fact that it looks like the team might allow him to test the free agent market.

The biggest name in the NFL that could see the franchise tag applied to them is Joe Flacco of the Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens.  According to NFL AM, on NFL network, the two sides haven’t spoken since Tuesday of this week.

Other than the aforementioned Vasquez, the Chargers do not have even one other player worth consideration for the franchise tag.

Although this is considered the offseason, there will be plenty of things to talk about.  Stay tuned to BoltBlitz.com to catch up on all things Bolts!


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