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As most of you know, I was asked to be the Chargers head General Manager in Brandon Nall’s #MockSix series on

I was very appreciative of the offer and took it very seriously.  I was assigned two great assistant general managers in Alex Ramirez ( Bleacher Report) and Murph (  I was able to choose an assistant general manager and I selected Jerome Watson from Bolts From The Blue.

Although some of you may not like the selections that we made, read the explanations before you start barking at me about the picks.  Also, please remember that a lot of players that we had hoped for were not available at our positions to select them.

That being said, I’m an ecstatic about how our draft played out.  We added a lot of team speed at multiple positions.  Not to mention, we adressed a lot of needs but still took best player available.

Here is a look at who we took and why we decided to take them.  There is a little bit of short hand in my explanations of each pick.


Pick Overall Choice Notes
1.11 11 Kenny Vaccaro, S
from Texas
This is the guy we wanted all along. Vaccaro’s versatility will be a huge asset next to Weddle. Chargers pushing toward top 3 safety tandem in NFL within 2 years. Very pleased to get our guy.
2.15 45 John Jenkins, DT
from Georgia
The strength of San Diego is the defense. Although ppl may wish we’d hop in line with all the “experts” and go Oline, not fond of any tackles here. Jenkins helps us immediately and was BPA here.
3.21 83 Matt Barkley, QB
from Southern California
In a New England-like move, the Chargers take a QB in Matt Barkley. The Bolts have time to groom him behind Rivers for 3-4 years ala the Brees/Rivers or Favre/Rodgers moves of the past. If Rivers plays as he is capable of playing, then, like NE, you have the opportunity to trade Barkley for a nice pick down the road. Couldn’t watch him sit here much longer. Had to pull the trigger. This was difficult to do because he won’t be available here. Charger fans everywhere will be divided by this decision.
4.13 110 Marquise Goodwin, WR
from Texas
A poor man’s Tavon Austin, this is another pick made while looking to the future. Faster than Austin but not as agile or shifty. Had a strong Senior bowl showing. We have been all about drafting BPA. Chargers will not succeed by drafting per need in 2013. Goodwin has world-class speed, literally, and is very versatile. He’ll also play a major part in the return game. This makes Eddie Royal expendable. Cut Royal and save 1.5 million in cap space. That cash can help bring in either McKinnie or Winston at OT. Bring in either of them and you can also cut Jeromey Clary and save an additional 2.3 million. Glad to have Goodwin this late in the draft. #BoltUp
5.12 145 Nico Johnson, ILB
from Alabama
The Chargers need someone next to Donald Butler. Johnson is very athletic and after some tutelage could be a 3 down LBer for the Bolts. His speed will help him in pass coverage. Not the thumper we were hoping for but we considered grabbing him in the late 4th.
5.23 156 Brennan Williams, OT
from North Carolina
We didn’t feel the need to address OT early in the draft while having a guy like Brennan Williams in mind. Strong upper body coupled with good athleticism. Shows a nasty streak to his game. Has NFL pedigree in that his father played in NFL. Long armed and has his fair share of pancake blocks. We’ve seen him on some analysts top 100. That’s where we had him.
6.11 179 Josh Johnson, CB
from Purdue
Solid CB that is very physical. Listed as a 3rd to 4th rd prospect on some boards. Will be a standout on special teams in his first couple of seasons with the Chargers. Lacks elite speed but very physical with WRs. Could eventually play his way into the starting lineup down the road.
7.15 221 Knile Davis, RB
from Arkansas
Davis has had more than his share of injury problems. But taking him here in the 7th, the Chargers could have found a diamond in the rough. He has great speed and good hands out of the backfield. He is also very solid in pass protection in the backfield. Although his injuries are a concern, we are very happy to close out the Chargers 2013 draft with Davis. Plus, Ronnie Brown is 471 years old.


Be sure to let me know how you feel about our draft in the comments section below.


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As some of you may know, in the second version of my Chargers 7 round mock draft, I tabbed Kenny Vaccaro as the team’s selection with the 11th pick.

Although many of you are banging the table for an offensive lineman, the top three tackles will most likely be off the board when the Chargers are on the clock.  It’s looking like at least one of the top guards could be gone as well.

Vaccaro is the player that I am coveting for San Diego.  We all known that it’s been since the despised removal of Rodney Harrison from the roster that the team has had a legitimate strong safety.

Adding Vaccaro to the Charger secondary would provide the Bolts with one of the best safety tandems in the NFL.  That one guy Eric Weddle is pretty good.

The timing is perfect as far as where Weddle is at in his career.  Eric still has a little, not much, room to improve.  Meaning, Vaccaro could learn from Weddle and there could be a season, or two, where they are both are at their best.

Vaccaro is the top rated safety coming out in the draft.  His versatility and athleticism are unmatched among the other prospects.  At times he does tend to take poor angles.  But that’s where the tutelage of Weddle comes in.  He could accelerate the pace at which this phenomenal athlete hones his craft.

In addition to his athleticism and versatility, Vaccaro has solid instinct and is not afraid of contact.  When you have a player like him that is so physical and athletic, the ways that you can use him are endless.

At 6’0″ and 214 pounds, he certainly has the size to man the strong safety spot in today’s NFL.  With the league becoming more and more of a passing-focused game, players like Vaccaro are hard to come by.

Below I have posted multiple highlight reels of the man I hope to see wearing Charger colors in 2013.



Thanks a lot for reading.










After spending countless hours trying to put together a strong mock draft, I changed it roughly 457 times.  At least that many.

I’m going to get right to it.  This is the second mock draft I have done for the 2013 NFL draft.  Although I was unable to talk myself out of one player, the rest of the selections are new to this mock.  Also new to this mock, I do not have the Chargers trading down in the first round despite my firm belief that is the best option for the team.  But what do I know?

Quite frankly, I will probably change it at least one more time prior to Greg and I traveling to New York City to watch the draft live at Radio City Music Hall.

Without further ado, the second version of my 7 round mock draft for your San Diego Chargers.


1st Round:  Kenny Vaccaro   SS   Texas –  Vaccaro is an elite athlete.  His versatility alone provides him with one of the most unique skillsets in the entire draft.  To have a strong safety that can drop down and cover the slot is an asset to any defensive coordinator.  There are so many things about Vaccaro that you can not coach.  Pairing him with Eric Weddle provides for a dream safety tandem in San Diego.


2nd Round:  Terron Armstead  OT  Arkansas-Pine Bluff  –  The ultra athletic Armstead could end up being a perfect fit for the Chargers in their combo ZBS/power running game.  He is, of course, a bit raw due to his playing for such a small school.  There is quite the buzz building around him as we inch closer to the draft.  He definitely has some things to work on in order to make an impact at the next level.  Perhaps playing for new offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris could help speed up that process.  ( Thanks Shane )


3rd Round:  Jon Bostic  ILB  Florida – After posting a 4.6 forty yard dash time at his pro day, Bostic is the only repeat player from my last mock.  Bostic is a very physical player that is aggressive to take on blocks while shedding them quickly.  He would be a perfect pairing next to Donald Butler.  Shows above average ball skills for an inside linebacker.


4th Round:  Kenjon Barner  RB  Oregon –  I’ve tried to keep him out of my mock draft.  I can’t any longer.  Yes, he would be the second Duck in this mock draft.  Barner had a good college career, especially after stepping out of the shadow of LaMichael James in Eugene.  It would seem that this could be Mathews last season as a Charger.  Ronnie Brown is certainly not the answer.  Barner would be a solid addition to the Bolts’ backfield.


5th Round:  Brandon McGee  CB  Miami –  McGee is not a great tackler by any means.  But he has good fluidity in his hips to turn and run with receivers.  He has good footwork and tends to highpoint the ball very well.  Despite his lack of interceptions, McGee could become successful at the next level as a nickel or dime defensive back.


6th Round:  Ace Sanders  WR/KR   South Carolina –  Sanders is not much of a wide receiver.  But his ability to take a punt to the house is undeniable.  He has excellent feet and is good and changing gears.  His lateral agility is great.  He reminds me of Trindon Holiday in the return game.  Selecting Sanders makes Eddie Royal expendable.  The release of Royal would save $1.5 million in cap space.


7th Round:  TJ Barnes   DT/NT  Georgia Tech – Barnes has always been a backup nose even in college.  That is exactly what the Chargers will bring him in to do in San Diego.  He is a gigantic man at 6’6″ 369.  A space eater like him could allow for multiple one on ones along the front seven.  He looks a bit sluggish at times when you watch him in games.  He would provide much needed depth behind Cam Thomas.


Well, there you have it.  Feel free to rip it to shreds in the comments section.  I like this mock just a little bit better than my last one.

As I mentioned above, I will be releasing one more prior to the draft beginning on April 25th.  Don’t forget to tune into on draft weekend.  We’ll be doing everything we can to provide you with the same experience that we’re having while attending the draft live.


Thanks a lot for reading.





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