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When it comes to researching article topics, I tend to go back through the archives of my website and look at ideas that I have had in years past. This morning, at 2:00 am, I ran across a scathing article I wrote about the laziness of former Charger offensive tackle Jared Gaither.  I then remembered that he is still being paid by the Bolts in 2014.

He is not the only one.

Dead money contracts are those that count against the team’s salary cap despite the fact that the players are no longer on the squad.  When I list the players that are still getting paid, I guarantee your blood will boil when you look at some of the names.  The amounts of their pay will elevate that level of frustration, as well.

For the sake of this article, I am only going to include the players that are being paid over $100,000 without providing any services to the Chargers at all at this time.  They are no longer with the team; in fact, a couple haven’t been on the team for over a year or two.

Let’s start at the bottom — lowest paid non-Chargers — and work our way up to the top, the highest paid.


DL – Lawrence Guy  $100,588

WR – Vincent Brown  $146,517

S – Brandon Taylor  $168,469

CB – Brandon Ghee  $185,000

RB – Shaun Draughn  $201,176

LB – Jonas Mouton  $218,340

DB – Richard Marshall  $570,000

FB – Le’Ron McClain  $833,334

LB – Larry English  $865,000

WR – Robert Meachem  $ 3,750,000

CB – Derek Cox  $3,900,000

OT – Jared Gaither  $4,000,000


Total amount of dead money from the aforementioned NON-CHARGERS:  $14,938,424

Go ahead and let that sink in as you look at a Charger team that has been decimated by injuries.  The same organization that was completely unable to make any moves prior to the trade deadline to supplement a beat-up roster.  Thanks a lot, that one guy who used to be the GM here.

The total amount of dead money, including players that are not listed above, is $15,436,212.

When it comes to getting rid of and cutting poor performers or bad contracts, it’s a very difficult decision.  But when a player is unable to contribute at a serviceable or acceptable level, the time to cut ties is necessary.  Three of the top-four highest paid non-Bolts have played for other teams in 2014; Meachem, Cox and English.  Robert Meachem is the only one that is currently on an NFL roster of those four.

Talk about a kick in the pants.

The last General Manager left Tom Telesco in a rough spot when it comes to navigating the roster and its lack of cap space.  The 2015 season brings Telesco a much better opportunity to make some moves and re-sign some of his marquee players to long-term extensions; namely Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle.

Every team in the NFL has to deal with matters such as what is listed above.  But it goes without saying that the Chargers were forced to make some tough decisions when cutting the players listed.  But, perhaps, cutting non-performing players like Gaither, Cox, Meachem and English were actually simple decisions that came at a heavy price.  At least a few of the players noted actually played for San Diego in 2014.  The same can’t be said for some of the bums that made the list.


Thanks a lot for reading.  Which of these players frustrated you the most due to the money they made without having contributed to the cause in 2014?  Let me know by leaving your thoughts below in the comment section.


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2011 Draft grades

So it is a long story but life got in the way of my Chargers coverage. The same weekend Tommy Telesco and the Bolts selected new players I was super busy. The draft was held the same weekend as The World Horror Convention which is the Super bowl of my profession, so I couldn’t break down the draft like I normally would. Then I got to thinking, if you listen to most football experts they will tell you over and over that you can’t grade a draft class for three years.

I know this is like asking a Charger fan to open a long scarred over wound, but I thought I would grade the 2011 draft class overseen by AJ Smith and Norv Turner. I am super happy with the first two drafts by McCoy and Telesco, but we are still rooting for a team put on the field in part by Norv and AJ. So How did they do?

Corey Liuget, 1st round, 18th overall, DE

What they were thinking:
AJ and his team had not yet found anyone to replace Jamal Williams who really push the line, stop the run and take up a double team on the front. Liuget played on a bad Illinois defense, but his highlight reel was impressive.

Key plays:
Liuget’s best game was probably in 2012 on the road against the Jets. The defense set a franchise record that day. Liuget and Reyes abused Jets starter that day Greg McElroy. I am not surprised the dude retired from the NFL the next year, I am surprised he didn’t in the 3rd Quarter.

Grade Today:
A-. Sure, Liuget has yet to make a pro-bowl but he has been a key contributor on our defense in moments when things are going right. He is often inches from making plays in the backfield, hopefully this year the draft of Carrethers at NT and Attaochou on the edge will open up the blocking and we will see him dragging down some quarterbacks. I also think it is important to note what happened last year in the preseason game with Chicago. For three plays in a row Liuget was brutally abusing Chicago’s line and Jay Cutler. Liuget was pulled from the game and we didn’t see him until the Monday night opener. We have now learned he played the entire season with a shoulder injury. That tells us that the man has big heart, and the play we saw in the 2013 campaign might have been affected.

Marcus Gilchrist, 2nd round, 50th overall, CB

What they were thinking:
Gilchrist is a player that the Bolts needed. He played both safety and cornerback during his time at Clemson. I think the versatility was the main draw, but his football IQ and ball hawk skills were important too. Remember we were still living with Jammer on one side and Cason on the other.

Key plays:
Gilchrist has been a big contributor, some standout moments include an amazing sack of Peyton Manning during our Thursday night upset in Denver. Another was a key interception against KC in Arrowhead. If you go further back he intercepted the first pass ever throw his way. He did have some negative plays most notably dropping a game-ending interception against the Titans.

Grade Today:
B. Asked to play CB his first two years he has been playing a lot safety and cover of slot receivers. Is he elite? No, but his play has been solid and important.

Jonas Mouton, 2nd round, 61st overall, LB

What they were thinking:
College Totals – include 44 games played and 34 starts, 264 tackles, 18 tackles for loss (-56 yards), three sacks (-28 yards), four interceptions, three fumble recoveries and seven passes defensed. This was the start of the Bolts trying to get young at the linebacker position.

Key plays:
Crickets, that is what you hear.

Grade Today:
F. Bustarony.

Vincent Brown, 3rd round, 82nd overall, WR
What they were thinking: After all the headaches with AJ had with VJ no one expected VB to be the VJ, but he was a key wide-out. The third all-time leading receiver in San Diego State history with 209 catches and 3,110 yards. Youth, speed and play making ability.

Key plays:
During his rookie campaign Brown averaged 17.3 yards per catch,. He finished his rookie season with 19 catches for 329 yards. He burst on the scene with a Thursday night perform in Oakland, he caught two touchdowns, that involved amazing catches and he had to really fight for the ball. Last year he started the season strong with a great Touchdown against the Texans. It was an effort play with fantastic Yards after the catch, stretching out to pylon. After Week Two Phillip Rivers raved on the Darren Smith show about a heads up play on 3rd and 2 that VB stepped and converted the play they never practiced before. Rivers was impressed that VB stepped up in the moment just after Malcolm Floyd was knocked out of the game.

Grade Today:
C. Hard to say since his first year was affected by the lock-out, his second was lost to IR and last year was his first full year. VB disappeared in the second half of the season. He was a ghost during the two play-off games. This is an important year for him. At this moment he is not looking like a good pick.

Shareece Wright, 3rd round, 89th overall, CB

What they were thinking:
AJ was clearly worried about the Cason and Jammer combo. Wright finished career with 127 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 8.5 tackles for loss, four fumble recoveries, one interception and 13 passes defensed. Also important in this draft he had 24 career special teams tackles and one blocked field goal.

Key plays:
Picking off Eli Manning never hurts when winning the hearts of Chargers fans.

Grade Today:
C. Wright certainly played better than Free Agent Derek Cox, and improved his play throughout the final stretch 2013. I know it started out rough.

Jordan Todman, 6th round, 183rd overall, RB
Key plays:
Less than zero.

What they were thinking:
Norv defended this pick on the radio often. Todman racked up 200 all-purpose yards against Pitt in a game Norv watched. Apparently Norv’s son was working for PITT or something like that. The idea was that he would be the new Sproles.

Grade Today:

F. Bustola. Ended up with the Vikings mid-season after a week or two on our practice squad, they eventually released him too. Desperate Jags finally gave him snaps.

Stephen Schilling, 6th round, 201st overall, OG

What they were thinking:
I have no idea why AJ took Schilling at this point. This was before our O-line started it’s meltdown.

Key plays:
His rookie year however was when the O-line started melting down. Schilling ended up at ground zero on a Thursday night against the Raiders. That night we had so many injuries even die-hard Charger fans who actually watched week four of pre-season were wondering who was protecting Rivers. He played an important role in stabilizing the line.

Grade Today:
B-. Some of you are scratching your heads. That is a high-grade for a 6th round offensive guard. That is just it. He did fantastic from where he started.

Andrew Gachkar, 7th round, 234th, LB &ST

Key plays:
He has not had a ton of key plays but has been a solid back-up.

What they were thinking:
Honorable mention All-Big 12 by league’s coaches as senior…Missorui’s Special Teams Player of Year as freshman in 2007…finished career with 208 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, four sacks, four forced fumbles, five recoveries and two interceptions.

Grade Today:
A-. Drafted 173 picks after Mouton, he played in 44 more games him. Drafted to be special teams player but filled in at Linebacker. Mixed results but still a value pick.



Overall Grade:
B-. I almost gave a C grade, but if you consider 5/7 of the picks have become role players and are 4/7 are still on the roster I feel like this is a good but not great draft for the Chargers.

David Agranoff is the wonderland award nominated author of three horror novels including Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich. A die-hard Chargers fan who can be followed on twitter @DAgranoffauthor

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