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Ricky Henne of interviews punter Mike Scifres.


Matthew Pagels of asks the question of whether or not Darius Philon will take over at defensive end for Kendall Reyes.


Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune talks about how the young players on the Chargers must step up.


Derek Togerson of NBC7 San Diego writes about Philip Rivers focusing on his footwork.


John Clayton of believes that it is unlikely that Rivers leaves the Chargers.


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While making my rounds all over the internet this morning, I came across an article on where John Clayton had ranked the 32 starting Quarterbacks in the NFL.

To my surprise, not only did Clayton have Rivers ranked as the number 11 signal caller in the league, he actually labeled him as being in the elite category.  Although he believes that his “arrow” is pointing down, he acknowledges the fact that the Offensive line is garbage.

Below is an excerpt from the piece.


11. Philip RiversSan Diego Chargers



Analysis: Whether it’s Rivers or the roster around him, the Chargers’ offense seems to going down the wrong river. Last year his yards-per-completion average dropped from 7.9 to 6.8. His 66 percent completion-rate days are diminishing. He has thrown 53 touchdown passes over the past two years. But his offensive line has gotten worse, and we really don’t know if he has enough good pass-catchers. Mike McCoy was hired to allow Rivers the chance to throw shorter, quicker passes.



Arrow is pointing: down




Booga Peters




Now that the draft is over, all of the media experts are weighing in on what they think about each team’s haul.  As you will read below, John Clayton, of ESPN, has stated that he believes the Chargers are the “big winners” of the 2013 draft.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel even a little better than I did about the overall class.  It’s just his opinion.  I understand that.  But I do like the fact that he, among others, has an appreciation for what Tom Telesco and company accomplished during the three day event in New York City.

Take a look at what Clayton wrote on




1. San Diego Chargers: It was a nice scene when the San Diego Chargers had their top three choices — tackle D.J. Fluker, linebacker Manti Te’o and wide receiver Keenan Allen — standing on a podium holding up their new uniforms.  This draft might not be as memorable as the 2005 draft, but it was a good one.  That draft produced Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, Vincent Jackson and Darren Sproles.  Once Philip Rivers took over the starting job in 2006, the 2005 class provided enough of a lift to turn the Chargers into a perennial playoff team and a Super Bowl contender.  Merriman and Castillo provided power and explosiveness to the defense.  Sproles offered big plays to the offense and special teams.  Call the Chargers 2013 draft class serviceable — and their best class in years.  Fluker should immediately become one of the most powerful right tackles as a rookie.  Te’o isn’t to be confused with Junior Seau, but his play should make him a fan favorite.  In the 3-4, Te’o might not be the all-everything like Seau, but he could be more like Zach Thomas, the former great linebacker of the Miami Dolphins.  Takeo Spikes is gone, so starting inside linebacker is Te’o’s job to lose.  Linebackers are usually favorites for defensive rookie of the year, and it’s not out of the question for Te’o to end up as a good candidate.  Allen could put this class over the top.  He’s a big receiver, although he doesn’t have Vincent Jackson’s deep speed.  For a third-round choice, though, the Chargers couldn’t go wrong.


And there you have it.  Although it’s obviously premature to judge or rate a draft class, it’s the offseason.

Let’s hope that the quality of this draft class translates to a solid group of players on the field in the NFL.  As you all know, the Chargers certainly need it to be


Thanks a lot for reading.





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