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On Tuesday, the NFL announced a rule change that has fans and players upset. In regards to the overtime period, there will now be five less minutes to determine the outcome. Overtime will now go from 15-minutes to a crisp 10-minutes. The league cited player-safety as the main reason with concerns in regards to teams playing on a short week.

The rule change presents more problems than it solves. For one, it tips the scales in favor of the team that gets the ball first. What’s to keep them from running a short pass, ground-and-pound offense and milking the clock? Team A has the ball for a 7-8-9-minute long drive and Team B gets the ball on the 25 (presuming a touchback) and has to two-minute drill (or less) to score?

This rule almost definitely will raise the number of ties in the league which will lead to more obscure tiebreaker rules coming into effect. There will be nothing worse than seeing your favorite team lose out on a playoff spot because of a technicality!

If player-safety is such a huge concern why not get rid of overtime altogether and say all games knotted at the end of the fourth quarter will be in the records as ties? Better yet, go to college football rules. Give both teams the ball from the 50-yard line. Each team gets a turn with the ball. If both teams score, next score wins. No ties, equal footing for both teams, crowd gets to see a definitive winner and there will be no ties!!

It’s crazy enough to work, which is why the league won’t do it…

I wouldn’t sweat this rule change for long. All it takes is the wrong team (and owner) getting screwed by the amended overtime to change the rule back to the way it is currently.

(Looking at you, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Rooneys’ Maras’…)

What do you think of the rule change? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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This off-season’s free agency market will be the one for the books. A rich draft class have teams rather curious by seeking young talent fresh out of college. Fortunately for many running back needy teams, that leaves some availible players to be picked up. One of those players is DeMarco Murray, current running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

It was recently announced that Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager, will allow Murray to test the free agent market. That being said, should Tom Telesco and the Chargers consider signing him? The answer is absolutely.

Murray, 26, has come off his best season yet with over 1,800 yards rushing, 13 touchdowns all while averaging 4.7 yards a carry. He set a NFL record rushing for 100 yards in eight consecutive games. Additionally, this is his second year in a row that he has rushed over 1,000 yards. With stats like that there’s no question that he is requesting to be paid, and rightfully so.

If the Bolts are to consider Murray, at what price should it he be worth? With the most cap space now available in recent years (about $25 million to spend), there is some room to negotiate. There’s no question that Murray will want a long-term contract, and San Diego needs a long-term solution in the position. Whatever the contract would be, it would have to appease and benefit both sides. I feel that this could be a love affair in the making.

San Diego enters the 2015 season with an uncertainty in the backfield. Current running back Ryan Mathews is also a free agent, but is coming off one of his worst years yet. There’s no doubt that Mathews is adept of getting the job done with he is healthy, however it’s staying on the field that seems he struggles with. In this situation, Murray would be an excellent replacement and fill-in on the Chargers roster.

Now, let’s address the so-called injury issues with Murray. Many say he too is injury prone, but when you look at the stats it’s not as severe as many would think. Yes, he has been injured in the NFL, however he still managed to play 37 of 48 games in his first three seasons with Dallas; he played all 16 games this last season. I hate to point fingers, but it isn’t like he has suffered two broken collar bones in a single season. Griping about Murray’s injury history is like complaining ten years later about your high school girlfriend breaking up with you before prom- it’s irrelevant by now.

A player like Murray won’t be on the free agent market for long. If Telesco is considering the stud running back, there’s no question he’s had the notion for a while now. The Bolts are in great need of a running game booster this off-season and Murray would be a great addition in San Diego.

Below there is a poll listing if the Chargers should sign DeMarco Murray this offseason. Place your vote and leave a comment as to why you voted for your selection.


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We’re two days away from Thursday’s NFL Draft. I’m looking forward to returning to New York City for a second year in a row with all intention of getting some great interviews, photos and coverage for you, loyal BoltBlitz readers.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what the Chargers will do in the draft and if GM Tom Telesco can have as successful a draft as he did last year. This is shaping up to be a very exciting draft, full of twists and turns. In my opinion, there will be far more wheeling and dealing than we saw last year. Here are some of my observations of what we will see over the draft’s three days.

Houston will take Johnny Manziel. The talk out of Houston is about everyone but Manziel, which usually means they’re most likely picking him. They will be smart and trade out of the number one spot with Atlanta or Oakland, adding an extra pick and taking Manziel at 5 or 6. Houston’s biggest weakness is the quarterback position and the most famous/best quarterback in the state of Texas is Manziel. A pick for Johnny Football will bring people back to the stadium, get cash registers ringing and sell season tickets at a nauseating rate. This is the perfect professional and financial fit for the Texans, and the buzz will make their fans forget all about Matt What’sHisName.

San Francisco will trade into the top ten. The 49ers have 11 picks in this draft and there is no way they use them all. Eleven picks would take up 20% of their opening day roster. San Francisco is desperate for a big-time wide receiver to play opposite Michael Crabtree. No to mention they’re looking for the heir apparent to Anquan Boldin, who is still productive but only has a year or two left in the tank at age 33, a geezer by NFL standards. Don’t be surprised if they package three of their picks to jump ahead of Tampa and claim Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans.

Picking at 25, my gut instinct says San Diego will pick Louis Nix III. The biggest hole on the team is at nose tackle where they only have one player who could play the position if they had to play a game today, Sean Lissemore. Nix is the most pure nose tackle in the draft, often compared to Vince Wilfork. If Nix is gone, I think the Chargers will trade out of the first round with a team that wants to re-enter the draft such as the quarterback-needy teams like Cleveland, Tampa Bay or Oakland.

Dallas will move out of their spot at 16 and overdraft a player they could have had in the second round. Such is life when Jerry Jones runs the war room. Dumb things happen.

At least two big name veteran players will be dealt during the draft.

Six quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round.

Five teams will not pick in their designated slot so that means at least five trades, three of them involving the top ten slots.


Last season, the Chargers had a groundbreaking draft and I can’t help but give myself some credit for bringing some good Chargers karma into the building. Remember the commercial about superstitious fans? That’s me. I’m going to try to find the same seat I was in last year!

I’m looking forward to bringing you live coverage, blogs and hopefully some great interviews. I will be live-tweeting as long as the battery on my iphone holds out. RCMH is a drafty, cavernous building that seems to sap the life out of cell phones with alarming speed. I will not be opposed to the NFL moving the draft to a different venue such as Honolulu or Las Vegas maybe….hmmm. Are you listening, Mr. Goodell?

Stay tuned, Chargers fans. Here’s hoping the Chargers war room yields results as good or better than last year!


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