We all have moments in our lives when we are presented with situations which, perhaps, would allow us to take the next step toward greatness.  A step that could possibly enable us to achieve the ultimate goal.  Whatever that goal may be, were you threatened and terrified by the opportunity?  Did it cause you to fold and stop believing in yourself due to the pressure?  Knowing that failing would end in taking a step back, were you able to overcome your deficiencies and insecurities to ensure that you were positioning yourself for that next step toward everything you have worked for to avoid failure?

At some point in our lives, we have all been there.

To a degree, these are the issues that face the Chargers this Sunday.

Injuries and a lack of consistency — both offensively and defensively — have plagued the Bolts.  Are these excuses or reasons for having to battle their way into the playoffs this Sunday?  Perhaps even a bit of disbelief in their ability to achieve greatness due to so many wrongs that needed to be righted may have come into play?

I have no clue.

There is a knock on the door, San Diego.  Before you find out who it is, reach deep down and ask yourself if you’ve done all you can to succeed and achieve all that you’ve “said” you’ve wanted.

It is no longer about lip service and broken promises within one’s own mind.  Talk is cheap.  And that includes when attempting to convince yourself that you’re doing everything within your plan to be where you’d ideally like to end up.

Are you actually doing it?

Sure, the fact that the team is employing the one-game-at-a-time strategy makes sense.  Each win gives them another chance to further the levels of their confidence and mojo.  But keeping your eyes on the long-term prize shows that each and every game could be your last, unless you refuse to believe in that.

The ultimate prize in the NFL is to win a Super bowl.  A second trip to Glendale, Arizona for the 2014 season would be just that for the San Diego Chargers.  It could even equate to an opportunity to get even with the week 1 opponent that beat them should Arizona do the unthinkable and play a Super bowl in their own stadium.

As many analysts, media members and myself have pointed out, the Chargers control their own destiny.

Let’s get back to that knock at the door.

You answer the door, and it just so happens that it is destiny.  Would you prefer to see them as a mother-in-law you’re determined to get out as quickly as possible?  Or that future wife that you have prematurely decided could be a mainstay in helping you become everything you want, need and deserve to become?  Maybe that knock from destiny gives you the hope you have been searching for.  If you can find it within yourselves, San Diego, make destiny a long-term solution.  But it all starts with you; not the ones that surround you and that you believe in.

Believing in yourself only allows those around you to better themselves.  Which, in turn, establishes a trust that they can do all that you’re doing while they’re watching you give it your all.  Why?  Because they will see the example you’re setting and latch onto what you’ve shown them is possible.  That is when the chemistry begins and unfolds. That is when a team, whether it be a married couple, two partners dating, a friendship or a football team begin to overcome the odds.

It has to start with you.  It’s infectious and it will spread like wildfire if you can show the rest of your peers that you have what it takes to give it your all.  Not many people are built like that.  Especially not in today’s society.  Giving just enough to get by has become the status quo and new goal in the world that we live in today.  But who is willing to rise above?

Chargers, don’t fall into that trap.  Do not allow yourselves to rely on others to pick you up at this time.  As the NFL goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.  But what have you done to set an example for that person to become better?  And what have they done to elevate your abilities?  That means that everyone must play their best for the remainder of this campaign.  There are no excuses or reasons.  It is all about moving forward and, to a degree, answering that knock on the door of destiny knowing that you are ready to finish what you started.

Destiny is knocking on the door for the San Diego Chargers.  Fling that door open and make sure that you are willing to give all that you have to make sure that you leave with a sense of satisfaction that proves destiny chose its destination appropriately.

It is mirror-time.  But don’t wait for it to happen.  Generally, waiting for it to happen means that you’ve waited too long and it is too late.  Get in that mirror tonight and prove to yourselves that you’re prepared and ready to give your best.  It is now or never.  That doesn’t only pertain to the Chargers; it goes for a lot of us as well.


Booga Peters



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