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The NFL Draft kicks off in three weeks from today and the Los Angeles Chargers are doing their due diligence in their search to find the heir apparent to Philip Rivers. The team made news Wednesday when NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported they have scheduled highly touted quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen for private workouts. The visits are considered local visits for UCLA product Rosen and USC product Darnold. As a result, they do not count against the Chargers’ thirty allowed draft prospect visits.

Both quarterbacks are projected to go at the top of the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft. Most projections indicate they will go in the top five, almost certainly in the top ten selections of the draft. The Los Angeles Chargers select 17th. Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco would have to sacrifice high draft picks in this draft and likely the 2019 draft as well to get high enough to select one of them. Darnold and Rosen are considered two of the top four quarterbacks in the draft alongside Wyoming product Josh Allen and Oklahoma product Baker Mayfield. All four are projected to be off the board before the top ten selections are complete.

The Chargers know the clock is ticking when it comes to finding the man who will take the team into the future once Rivers calls it a career. Now 15-years a professional, Rivers will not be around very much longer. The franchise quarterback has taken an extraordinary amount of wear-and-tear on his body and he’s going to want to spend more time with his wife and eight children. The Chargers quarterback room currently consists of Rivers, the recent addition of veteran quarterback Geno Smith and the raw talent of project Cardale Jones.

This is nothing new of the front office to bring in the top quarterbacks in the draft for a visit during the weeks leading up to the event. This is the time to recognize the window on stability at the quarterback position is about to close. Not selecting a franchise-caliber quarterback to be groomed and mentored behind one of the best quarterbacks in the game would be a great setback to a young team that is trending in the right direction. Let’s hope the team acts on that need sooner than later.

Do you believe the Chargers will select a franchise quarterback in the draft or is this much ado about nothing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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Coming off a 31-0 victory, the biggest question coming out of the game is, “Do the Jets really suck that bad? Or are the Chargers the best team in the AFC? That one point loss to Arizona seems like it happened in another season. By the end of the game I was sure that the Jets punter Ryan Quigley was the only member of the team that came ready to ball. I have a feeling Quigley was the only player who will look forward to watching game film.

If you watched this game you it might not realize that the Jets had a coach or coaching staff at all. Rex Ryan didn’t miss the team plane he was there and implied that there was in fact a game plan. He did apologize to the Jet fans. “First off, I apologize to our fans — those that are left,” Rex Ryan said. “Clearly got outcoached. I thought we had a good plan going in and obviously that wasn’t the case.”

I was at this game and there was not a moment from the kick off to the hand shakes at the end where San Diego was not in total control. Really Jet fans I hate to remind you that Jacksonville put up more of a fight. Over the last 8 Quarters of play Chargers are 56-0 against Jags/jets. I don’t want to take away from the way the defense played, because first and foremost they were physical. It all started with a terrible call on Jarret Johnson was call for roughing the attempted passer. (Could you call the Jets QB’s passers today?)

Philip Rivers continued his MVP campaign with a first half passer rating of 128.7 while Geno Smith didn’t manage double digits. For real it was 7.6%. I wasn’t surprised Jet fans were chanting Vick’s name, actually I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were chanting Jamarcus Russell’s name. It wasn’t just Geno…  The longest drive of the first half for the Jets was five plays long. Punt, punt, punt, fumble, punt, interception. I think Malcolm Floyd out gained them on his one 49 catch. They had just as many first downs as letters in their team through three quarters.

Once the Jets fans got the dog abusing back-up quarterback they were calling for he didn’t do much better. Before Pagano went soft zone on them, Vick had only completed 2 of his first 11 attempts. He got sacked twice. The Jets didn’t manage to cross the 50 yard until 7:35 was left in the game thanks to a 33 pass interference call. So that doesn’t count in the end they had 62 yards passing. The Chargers had 438 yards of offense to the Jets 113.

Any Jets fans still reading are probably demanding a mercy rule. So this domination was complete we can all agree on that. With all those numbers out there it would be easy to dismiss the Jets as ready for the 33rd spot in the NFL power rankings. Don’t forget they hung tight in some of their other losses including playing Green Bay on the road.

The reality is the Chargers did play great. We could talk about how Philip Rivers played. Rivers’ passer rating was 125, giving him a career-best four straight games of 120.0 or higher. The running game finally showed up because the line was battling and creating holes. Our fourth string running back looked like the second coming of LT. The defense got turn-overs and never gave up big plays.

Were we good or did they just suck? A little of both but I am leaning to this being a sign of a team on the rise. Let’s face it Mike McCoy seems like he is running a MASH unit not a football team. Dean is going to have to hire another cart team just to pull our injured off the battlefield. In the past this would have been a death sentence for the Chargers.

It would be easy to point to depth, but I am not sure this team is as deep as it is well coached. With an injury report as long as Stephen King novels it is amazing that we see no drop off in play. You can say this team is playing cupcakes in the soft part of schedule. I don’t buy it. This team managed in years past to play down to the level of competition. This many injuries should be ending our hopes as well several players seasons. It has not done that. This 2014 squad is different. This team is good. The Jets may suck, but don’t discredit this 31-0 whopping.

Your Bolts are playing their guts out on that field and we need to show them the love they deserve.

-David Agranoff

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David Agranoff is the wonderland award nominated author of three novels published by cult publisher Eraserhead press. His novels include The Vegan Revolution…With Zombies, Hunting the Moon Tribe and Boot Boys of The Wolf Reich. They are available on amazon, help a Bolt brother out and check one out if you like horror fiction. Follow him on Twitter @DAgranoffauthor or on Facebook.




A quarterback  many consider as the first to be selected, Geno Smith, may go earlier than expected.

Mike Mayock, of NFL Network and, suggests that the West Virginia signal caller should not be selected in the top 20 picks in this years draft due to his poor ball protection, slow eyes, and pocket presence.

Geno most likely WILL go in the top 10 and here is why.


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 182 lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.59


Geno Smith became a starting quarterback during his sophomore season at West Virginia University.  So experience at the position is something he has on his side.  He is a mobile quarterback who can make a play but he’s not an RGIII/Russell Wilson caliber player.  He has a great arm and quick release at times which helps him with accuracy on quick decision throws.  He fits it into tight spaces and does a great job with leading his receivers, which give them opportunities for extra yards.

Some of his downfalls include lack of experience under center.  His offense at West Virginia heavily used the spread offense out of the shotgun formation which leads to poor footwork when taking the ball from under center.  His blitz recognition is not up to par and tends to run away from pressure rather than making a throw or a play with his feet.


Although Smith has a lot of technique to work on, he is undoubtedly one of the best QBs in this year’s draft.  I agree with Mayock and believe he should not be a top 20 pick.  But I also think he will be a solid pro.  Take a look for yourself at some of Geno Smith’s college performances.

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