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I am proud to have been hired by Booga this past spring to join  As the old cliche goes:  “If you do what you are passionate about you’ll never work a day in your life.”  When it comes to passions, football is definitely on top of the list.  I apologize in advance for taking so long to write my first article for BoltBlitz.  I have spent the past year studying at UCLA for my degree in Public Relations.  Now that stage of my life is behind me, I am ready to go all-in with my contributions to

So, allow me to introduce myself with some tidbits about the Chargers and myself:

  • I’ve been a fan since 1978.  While growing up in Riverside, California, San Diego Chargers games were always televised because Los Angeles Rams games were always blacked out (they played in the Coliseum).  The infamous “Holy Roller” game against Oakland hooked me.  I dare you to go on YouTube, watch the play, and tell me the Chargers didn’t get screwed.
  • I’ll always believe the greatest moment in Chargers history was when Stan Humphries threw that bomb to Tony Martin in the 1994 AFC Championship Game.  It gave the Chargers a lead over Pittsburgh they never gave back and it punched the ticket to Super Bowl XXIX.
  • As an aspiring publicist, I don’t have favorites.  Well, I should say I don’t pick favorites.  Who’s not to love on the team?
  • I’m sure I won’t have too many arguments that drafting Ryan Leaf in 1998 was the lowest point in Charger history.
  • I despise making predictions but I’m happy to report that I think the Chargers have as good of a chance at winning the Super Bowl as everyone else in the league.
  • As a current Inland Empire resident, I’m happy to say there are a lot of Chargers fans here.
  • On a draft related note:  don’t you still despise the Manning family for not allowing Eli to play here?  I mean, he did win two Lombardi Trophies after all?  At any rate, that’s my two cents.  I’ve been proven wrong before.

I’m on all social media platforms feel free to send a request on Facebook.  I’m on Twitter @davidmparada.  Let’s connect and see you at the Q this upcoming fall.


David Parada

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