Manti Te’o owes you nothing.  He doesn’t owe me anything.  He certainly doesn’t owe the media a damn thing.  Yet, much of the sports media world is up in arms about San Diego’s decision to deny them the opportunity to interview him during the team’s offseason training activities.

I couldn’t agree more with the team’s decision to shield him from the gauntlet of useless, non-football related questions that would indeed be the focus of Te’o’s time at the podium.  If there was any sort of way to guarantee that the questions were solely about football then this would be a different story.  But we all know that would not be the case.

The media coverage at Chargers Park was rumored to have quintupled during the beginning stages of minicamps.  My assumption is they were not there to focus their attention on the new practice field.  I’d be interested to see if that number has reduced since it was announced that Te’o would not be speaking to the media for now.

I personally couldn’t care less about the catfish fiasco involving Manti Te’o.  My concerns with him are his inability to shed blocks and keeping his head up on tackles so as not to miss them.  Te’o’s lack of timed speed may be an issue for some but his football speed is better than most would give him credit for.  His instincts and football smarts make up for what some consider to be a poor track time.

The bottom line with Te’o is that as long as he is making plays and being a good citizen off of the field, which is expected, then Charger fans will have most of their doubts erased by the man’s ability on the field.

I suppose only time will tell.  I do know that I am more than ready to see this team together on the field in games that count.  Although they need time to figure out where guys fit in, who the starters will be, installations of both the offense and defense, etc, I am just a bit impatient at this point.  Admittedly, patience is not my strong suit.  We’ll find out if the media has the same patience issue in regard to their inability to badger the newly drafted Te’o.


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