Eric Weddle’s beard

WeddleBeardLet me start by addressing the title.  I am not saying that Eric Weddle came out and said he is trying to break any beard-length records.  This is just my way of saying that his beard is going to end up being very, very long.  Please, I implore you to read on.

During last night’s devastating loss to the Oakland Raiders, Dan Fouts stated that Eric Weddle told him he was going to grow his beard out until the Chargers win the Super bowl.  I can only imagine how happy his wife must be.

At this point, because I have yet to hear Weddle say this himself, I am going to assume he was joking around with Fouts.  If he is serious, and does come out and say that this is true, I wonder if he will pull an “Aaron Rodgers” and pull out of the bet.

Lets face it, people.  The Chargers are a long way from winning the Super bowl.  Meaning, Weddle’s beard is going to grow to insane length prior to it being removed from his face.

What’s even worse is if Weddle is a man of his word he may continue to grow his beard out until after he is no longer a Charger.  I love the Chargers but this team has so many issues.  We all knew that coming into the 2013 season.  And that was before losing the likes of Melvin Ingram and Danario Alexander.  Add to that Malcom Floyd and Dwight Freeney and, just like that, the team is without four of its starters; two on each side of the ball.  That is only taking the present season into mind.  It goes past this season.  I know of very few fans that actually believe that the Chargers are, or were, Super bowl-bound.

Tom Telesco and the new regime were completely aware of what they had on their hands when they took on the task of rebuilding the Bolts.  Yup, I said it.  They are rebuilding.  The process is sure to be arduous and long.  Perhaps the length of this process is only to be trumped by that of the eventual length of Eric Weddle’s beard.


Booga Peters

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