Look, I am as angry as the next Chargers fan. I debated all day whether I needed to write a glass half full or half empty article. There are plenty of writers for various media outlets are going to handle the sky is falling part of this reaction. Believe me, I think this is a worse loss than any in the former coach’s era.  At least we got two field goals in the 7-6 2012 loss to the Cleveland Browns. The last coach never once got blanked. This effort was so bad, and this team looked like something I had never seen from a Rivers-led Chargers team. They looked helpless.


Eric Weddle and Kennan Allen have already started calling out teammates, and with good reason.


Check some things I saw online just after the game.


“Can’t say this in an elite QB anymore.”


“The window is closing on this team.”


“You can’t compete without a pass rush.”


“That O-line is a shambles, and is going to get their quarterback killed.”



Wait a second…Those statements were not about the Chargers – Dolphins game, they were about New England after they got their asses handed to them by the Chiefs in KC.


Internet comments were hilarious of course look at a few I pulled from that night on


“The 2nd worst team in the NFL besides jokeland and yes the jags would beat the patriots.”



“Man, the Pats are awful. Talk about overrated. Sadly they will still make the playoffs just because their division is so bad.”


And my favorite:


“It’s time for Tom Brady to retire he sucks now. This defense is overhyped. They would be lucky to win 8 games this year the dynasty is over. It’s time to start Jimmy Garoppolo he can’t do any worse than garbage Brady.”


Was the Patriots loss to KC as bad as The Chargers loss to Miami?


Sure, the Brady Bunch had two touchdowns. (7 of those points from a TD thrown by rookie back-up Jimmy Garappolo). I would argue that it was just as bad mostly because of the national stage on Monday night football. The 27 point defeat was the second largest of Brady’s career, behind only a 31-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills on opening day 2003. The Chiefs had 303 yards of offense in the first half, the most of any game coached in the Belichick era.


So why do I want Chargers fans thinking about the Brady Bunch now?


Five weeks since the game that Pats fans called the Monday Night Massacre, the Patriots have the number one spot on the power rankings a spot held five weeks ago by your San Diego Chargers. In that time they have won five games, three of which they won by 20 points or more.


Several of the last couple Super winning teams including the Ravens, Packers and Giants suffering humiliating beat downs before getting hot the right time of year.


The Chargers can and will fix the issues that lead to this humiliating loss. It is important to note that this has happened to many good teams before. The Patriots were left for dead just five weeks ago. If you are a bandwagon fan, I can see why you might be ready to throw dirt on the Bolts.


There is a lot of football ahead, and, to be honest, the team was worse off this time last year. Don’t be like those jokers calling to bench Brady. The Chargers can turn this around.

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David Agranoff is a diehard Bolt fan. He is the wonderland award nominated author of three novels. Hunting the Moon Tribe, The Vegan Revolution…With Zombies and his latest Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich. You can get his novels on amazon and follow his musings on horror fiction, the Chargers and his NBA team the Portland Trailblazers on Twitter @DAgranoffauthor.

Just two short weeks ago the San Diego Chargers were sitting at 5-7 and in the “dream on” section of the group of teams considered still in the hunt for the 6th and final playoff spot for the AFC. Now here we stand, 2 victories later and the Chargers are 1 of the 3 teams with 7 wins. The other two teams are the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins.

The Chargers do not control their own destiny at this point unfortunately. Even if the Bolts go on to beat the Raiders AND Chiefs at home we still need some help.

The Ravens have a pretty rough 3 weeks ahead of them. Since we have a worse conference record we would lose a tie breaker with them so we need them to lose 2 of their final 3 games OR if we drop one to either the Chiefs or Raiders, the Ravens need to lose out.

So who do the Ravens play? On Monday night the Ravens travel to Detroit to take on the 7-6 Lions who are in their own playoff race trying to keep pace with the Bears. In week 16 the Ravens have their only home game of the last 3 weeks against the Patriots. Then the Ravens finish the season on the road against division rival, and leader, Cincinnati.

That is the good news.

The bad news is the Dolphins. The Dolphins would win a tie breaker with us due to beating us in week 11. This puts them in the same position as the Ravens for us, we need them to lose at least twice.

So who is taking on the Fins in the last 3 weeks? This week they host a division rival and leader, the New England Patriots. Good news for us right? Well yes, but that’s where it ends. In week 16 the Dolphins make their final road trip to another division rival the 4-9 Buffalo Bills. The final game of the season the Fins are back at home against the third and final division rival, the New York Jets.

Now as an optimist here are some reasons for hope. 1) The Dolphins, like the Chargers, are from a town with pretty good weather. Traveling to Buffalo in December is not fun. 2) The Bills are a Division opponent and would love to play spoiler. 3) The Jets are still considered “in the hunt” and a division opponent so again they would take pride in beating the Fins.

Therefore, Charger fans, here is your guide of who to root for (however hard it may be or sick it makes you) over the next 3 weekends!

Week 15: New England Patriots (over Dolphins)
Detroit Lions (over Ravens)

Week 16: New England Patriots (over Ravens)
Buffalo Bills (over Dolphins)

Week 17: Cincinnati Bengals (over Ravens)
New York Jets (over Dolphins)

Oh and just so nobody forgets, our last two games are home games! So save your best support and cheers for the Chargers!

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