Craig Watts



In what has been a common theme throughout the 2015 season, the Chargers made a couple of moves on Tuesday.

The team announced that they have signed tight end Sean McGrath, formerly of the Chiefs, Seahawks and Colts.

McGrath, 27, has recorded 26 receptions for 302 yards and two touchdowns. He hasn’t seen regular-season action since 2013, starting nine of the 16 games he played in for the Kansas City Chiefs.

To make room for McGrath on the roster, the Bolts waived offensive lineman Craig Watts.

Watts was recently promoted from the practice squad to the team’s 53-man roster when interior lineman Chris Watt was placed on season-ending injured-reserve with a shoulder injury.

If Watts is to clear waivers, expect the team to sign him back to their practice squad.



The San Diego Chargers announced that offensive lineman Craig Watts has been promoted from the practice squad to the 53-man roster.

Monday night’s contest against the Bears will mark the first time that Watts has been active on game day, giving him his first opportunity to contribute on the field during a regular season game.

An opening on the roster was created due to the team placing offensive lineman Chris Watt on reserve-injured.

A former third-round pick out of Notre Dame, Watt has been banged up off and on all season. He injured his shoulder last week in the team’s loss against the Ravens. He had formerly been dealing with groin issues.

Watt will be replaced by center Trevor Robinson.

To learn more about Craig Watts, feel free to check out this interview done by Brian Scott of in May of 2013.



Training camp




Football is back.

Although there was the obvious stadium chatter among the fans, it was easy to just keep my eyes on the field — maybe except when I “accidentally” recorded that good-looking girl walking by — and concentrate on Charger football.

There was no tackling, the players were in shorts and the play calling was very vanilla.

All of that being said, without over-evaluating the guys after their first day, there were some takeaways after day one of training camp.

Here are some notes and observations.

– Many of the players, including Keenan Allen and Jacoby Jones, started having fun as soon as they stepped out onto the practice field.

– There were ZERO players working on the side. For a team that seems to be missing crucial players due to injury quite often, it was incredibly refreshing.

– Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle were up to their usual jawing.

– Jason Verrett looked to be the fastest player out there.

– First offensive play was a completed drag route from Rivers to Ladarius Green.

– Melvin Gordon has a long way to go, but you can tell he has the tools to be special.

– The team rotated DJ Fluker and Joe Barksdale at right tackle in early phases of practice.

– Although Barksdale also saw some action at right guard, Johnnie Troutman was primarily out there with the first-team offense at the position.

– Stevie Johnson wears a weird hood on the outside of his helmet. Not sure why.

– Stevie made a highlight-reel catch on a play where Stevie Williams had solid coverage on him.

– Craig Mager realized that he is no longer at North Texas. He struggled often.

– Gates made a few solid plays. He had one toe-tapping grab on the sideline on a well-placed pass from Rivers.

– Kyle Emanuel was on the first-team for punt coverage.

– Denzel Perryman knocked down a pass over the middle.

– Jacoby Jones can run.

– Danny Woodhead looked quick and explosive. Nice to see him back.

– Similar to Woodhead, Branden Oliver was quick in and out of cuts.

– Craig Watts — in as a reserve left guard — had two straight plays in a row where he did a solid job opening holes in the running game, and good protection on a pass play.

– Orlando Franklin had a great practice. I am so glad he’s a Charger.

– Team speed has increased via acquired players and returning players coming back healthy.

– Titus Davis, a player I’ve written about a couple of times, looked good, catching the ball well.

– The cornerback position is deep at this point.

– Brad Sorensen wasn’t there for the early stages of practice, as his wife gave birth to their second child.


As mentioned above, it is way too premature to do anything other than throw out some first-day observations. But as long as we aren’t talking about the stadium situation, the team not extending Weddle’s contract, the Gates’ suspension or Rivers being hesitant to work out a long-term deal, I’m perfectly fine with throwing together some notes about today’s practice.

I’ll be there again tomorrow, and my major hope is the same that it is each day the Chargers practice: Just stay healthy.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters






EDITOR’S NOTE: launched on February 26th of 2013.  The two weeks prior to the launch were spent building the site and getting things in order to begin what I had hoped would be a successful blog.  The website had a ton of success in its first year.  I brought over Greg Williams with me from a site that we used to write for in the past.  Jarvis Royall has been a part of my team for the majority of its existence.  Williams and Royall are ranked number two and three, respectively, in number of articles written on

Little did I know, it would be working together with Thomas Powell to take this thing to a high level at a very rapid pace.  Take a look at all we were a part of in 2014.  It is quite humbling when you see it all written down.  We were clearly blessed last year.


The 2014 Charger season began with Booga in North Carolina while I was here in San Diego. We had just started to team together to make the biggest fan site for Charger news and information. We also wanted to unite Charger fans from Facebook and Twitter. Then Booga landed a radio show on 107.9 fm Mountain Country here in San Diego, BoltBlitzLIVE. So he, at a great sacrifice to himself, left North Carolina and moved in and the framework for our plans began to unfold. He had been covering the team from across the country and we could communicate better in achieving our goals with him here in San Diego.

So with BoltBlitzLive set to air in June of 2014, Booga arrived in April. We planned our goals and what we both wanted to achieve. Then he left for New York and attended the NFL Draft a few weeks later. But before he left, the plan was set in motion to unite Charger fans: A BoltBlitz Meetup. The date was set for May 31st at the Tilted Kilt in Mission Valley. While he was gone I promoted the meetup and when he returned we went like a steam train putting the news out there.

While pushing and promoting the meetup, we had many questions about its success.  One of the main concerns was whether or not fans would show up in the middle of May to talk Charger football. I mean, it was the offseason. Booga and I worked on the players and the media to get them to attend. Nothing this big had ever been done before, but we were determined to make this a very special event for the fans. Booga was set to raffle off over $4,000 dollars in Charger gear he had obtained over the years.  The many hours of planning for this were, at times, overwhelming. But we knew it was worth it. Even the Chargers front office got wind of the event as people were getting excited and sharing the news all over Facebook and Twitter. Booga and I were hoping for between 50 or 70 people for this event.





As May 31st came, we learned for the first time to not ever underestimate Charger fans and their devotion to the team. People were arriving 2 hours before the event took place. By the time it started an astounding 225 people packed the Kilt from the front to the back. Charger offensive linemen Craig Watts and Jeremiah Sirles showed up for autographs and pictures with the fans. Our good friend Jesse Arroyo of took pictures of the fans smiling and laughing together and the group picture. Derek Togerson of NBCSanDiego came with his video camera to broadcast it on the 6:30 pm newscast that night. Fans were making friends and exchanging numbers. Laughter and smiles filled the room. Everyone had one thing in common that night, a deep devotion to the Chargers. A team that loves a team! The next morning Facebook was flooded for hours with fans sharing their pictures of the event on social media. The meetup was a smashing success. That morning we started planning the next meetup.

But first was the debut of BoltBlitzLive. Booga did the very first show live by himself. Then he was joined by Jamie Hoyle our staff writer at the time. I joined them a couple of weeks later to create a 3-man booth. We interviewed Craig Watts, Marion Grice, Alden Darby, Thomas Keiser, Adam Rank of NFL Network, Steve Adler and Eddie Brown UT Staff draft writer. We had Antonio Garay, Derek Togerson, and Fernando Ramirez of SportsSpeak  (who covers the Chargers) live in studio. We took calls from fans from all across the country including Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Delaware, New York, Nevada, Washington, Texas, Michigan and, of course, San Diego among other places in California. It was a great time but now the 2nd meetup was ready to go!




The 2nd BoltBlitz meetup was at the Tilted Kilt on July 12th. The excitement was building through social media for another event. Most of our staff writers were there. So were CS Keys, Dan McLellan formerly of CBSSports, Eddie Brown of the UT and Tricia Mathews (Ryan Mathews’ mother).  She was there to support their charity the Door of Hope Chest to help single mothers gets the necessities of life. She came all the way from Bakersfield. She took pictures with the fans and donated a pair Ryan Mathews autographed cleats.  One fan came all the way from Seattle just to attend the meetup. It was such an honor for us to have him there and introduce him. The turnout was an astounding 250 people. The night ended with Booga and I in dresses posing for pictures. Fans exploded with laughter. It was another huge success that night.




As the season approached we attended the Chargers MCAS Miramar practice with press passes. It was a practice with the Military, their family members and the Charger players. We were able to take pictures and talk to several players and members of the organization afterwards including Philip Rivers, Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy. The preseason kicked off with Booga in the press box for the Dallas game and quite a few regular season games. I was able to attend practice on Wednesday covering the team as they prepared for Oakland. We were both very appreciative of the access the Chargers allowed us.  We owe a big thank you to Bill Johnston for those opportunities.




As our 3rd meetup approached at the Fox Sports Grill in Downtown. LaDarius Green showed up for a meet and greet. Many of the fans were now not only friends but family.  The view over the bay was gorgeous and Jesse Arroyo handled the group photo again.  The management there was kind enough to donate five $50.00 gift cards for our raffle. We realized at this one to put an emphasis on incorporating the kids in our events.  We had a few of the youngsters hop on the microphone and announce some of the raffle winners. Lesson learned.



Bonfire (1)


The Bolts started the season off strong and all was good in Charger land. So a celebration was in store during the bye week. An intimate evening for the fans: A bonfire at Fiesta Island under the stars. I have to admit this was one of my favorite events. Everyone – about 80 fans – standing near the fire under the night sky smiling and laughing again. But this one was special because we met so many of you for the first time. There were so many new faces at this event. Everyone who attended has become very close friends with Booga and I. They have joined the family and have done so much for us. Future bonfires will happen. The amount of people were smaller than the meetups, but the interaction was so much more personal. It was a great night for all of us.

Through the exposures of these events we were contacted by Paddy Pickford of Evolution Lighthouse to help hold an event downtown where Eric Weddle would sell his jewelry to help stop domestic violence against women. It was held at Taste and Thirst in downtown. It was quite personal as a lot of our guests shared their experiences of what they have gone through. The event raised more money than any other charity in their history. Again, don’t ever underestimate Charger fans, folks.

Our focus of uniting Charger fans and supporting the Bolts continued as we planned 4 viewing parties for the away games. We gathered at La Bella’s in Chula Vista. Fans gathered to be with their fellow family members to watch the games together. It was a good time and San Diego went 3-1 at La Bella’s when the BoltBlitz family got together there.




This brings me to the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We were welcomed to the Bolt Pride tailgate in P4 at the Qualcomm stadium parking lot. We are simply boys among men with these guys. When you are passionate about something in your life, you want to share it with people who share that passion among others; the ones who feel the same way you do. The atmosphere there is amazing. It is a close-knit family sharing the same experience. It is what Booga and I envisioned yet they had already achieved. The music and the dancing was legendary. Bolt Pride, we thank you all so much for the experience. Truly a heartfelt thank you goes out to Rafael Alvarez, Josh Casillas and Johnny BoltPride.  You are Charger fan legends and we thank you all. Much respect to all of the BoltPride members and we love your group and all that you do.





Thanks to Joe Allen again, we were asked to cover the 2nd Annual Ryan Mathews Golf Tournament.  It was a great day as we hung out with Mathews, Seyi Ajirotutu, Ronnie Brown and their friends at the Rancho Bernardo Inn and golf course.  All three Chargers were really cool and each had a great sense of humor.  I won’t get into their golfing abilities.

I am an administrator on several Charger pages on Facebook. While cleaning up one of these pages I came across a 3-year-old with terminal brain cancer. I stared at his picture for 10 seconds and he had me. Something about his mother’s post just got to me. It’s not like we don’t see these posts all the time, but this was like love at first sight. Killy’s mother, Amanda Sardelis, stated he was a Ryan Mathews fan.  They were contacted by Joe Allen from Strikes for Kids and got Killy a signed football and autograph. But the boy stayed on my mind. At work, at home, and while sleeping he was on my mind. Maybe because my kids just moved away. I don’t know, but he was my obsession. He wasn’t looked upon as a son, exactly. Nephew? Nah. Brother? Nah? But he was mine. I fell in love with him immediately.

My father died of cancer, as did my grandfather. You took them but you’re NOT taking him, PERIOD! This was so personal to me. ALL I cared about was a boy named Killy. Cancer talks to so many today. We all know someone. But a 3-year-old? Seriously? Come on? NO! You won’t take him, not him, NO! Love overcomes all and people will love him.

I had no idea the impact that Killy would have on others as he did on me. I went to Booga and shared his story. We decided we’re going to do something for him. We talked and due to having many media contacts and influence among the fans, we wanted to reach out to as many people as possible. The fans have taught us many things. Most importantly, we’re family!




When a family member gets sick, what does family do? They come running in like the cavalry. And you certainly did come blazing in. We shared his story on Facebook and Twitter and you fell in love with him too. We all were going to make this boy’s Christmas the best of any child on earth. The family was assembled and the family responded in such a way that brings me to tears. We can get 40-50 fans together to bring him Christmas presents. YES, that is it. We’ll meet him and bring him presents.

We then asked our Facebook friends to change their profile picture to him 2 weeks before the event on Dec 13th. HA! The next morning everyone changed their picture to the little boy in a Charger Santa hat. I thought maybe 30-40 people would change their profile picture.  Over 400 people (could be more we don’t know the exact numbers) changed their pics. Killy was EVERYWHERE! Mess with family but don’t mess with Charger Family!

When people call San Diego a bandwagon city, tell them to go Google Killy. Even Matthew T. Hall of the UT ran a story about the movement. Killy actually proved if we unite in a cause it can be overwhelming. Nancy Castro of Telemundo, Derek Togerson, Dan McLellan and Annie Heilbrunn all changed their profile pictures to Killy. Presents were sent in from Twitter and Facebook from all across the country. Even Thomas Keiser sent Killy a gift. #KillyStrong and #KillysArmy were hashtagged everywhere on Facebook and Twitter. But would the fans respond? Would they show up to an event to meet our little celebrity on December 13th twelve days before Christmas?  YES, YOU DID! Around 80 people showed with presents at Chargers Complex on December 13th to meet Killy. Then we all hopped in our vehicles and headed out to the Q, cars honking to party with Killy and show him what a tailgate is like.




Dan McLellan dressed up as Santa Clause and Elmo, per a referral from the Make A Wish Foundation, came. Animals for Children came as well. Every fan lined up to meet Killy personally and hand him a present. To everyone who attended, you’re forever in my heart. I love you so much. To Amanda,Valerie and Jimmy we support you and love you. To Killy, you know how we feel about you. You are incredibly special!




Our last event of 2014 was our final viewing party at La Bella’s. We were all shocked and heartbroken by the week 17 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. We accepted that the loss, as heartbreaking as it seemed, was just a loss. Now back to family. Amanda brought Killy down to spend time with the BoltBlitz family. We laughed and shared memories with him after the game. Why? Because that is what family does! So many of you are our family. I can’t tell you enough how much we love you all. For those who have welcomed us into your homes, we thank you. For those of you who have been in our home, we thank you and you appreciate you being in our lives.  To Bolt Pride, the media, and the fans, we LOVE you!

By uniting we all showed what can happen when we come together. Now, let’s go fight for our stadium and Keep Our Bolts in San Diego! You’ve proven that anything can happen.  We have two exciting events coming up in the last week of February that we’ll be making announcements about in the coming days. Let’s make 2015 smash 2014.


Leave a comment on the website in the section below. Not on FB or Twitter, but below. Let us know we met you and at what event.  That would be great information to help us all share in the amazing memories. And, of course, always stay #KILLYSTRONG!

Thank you all for your support.


Thomas Powell

First off, I would like to say it is good to be back.  I’ve had a long break from writing due to starting a new job and getting Married (2 weeks ago).  I’m glad it’s football season again and happy to see the site doing well.  Now without further delay, lets get to the predictions.

Well I already know I am going to get a lot of people disagreeing with me here, but that’s half the fun.  I went back and re-watched all the games and I have come up with 2 lists.  What I would do if I was GM, and what I think will actually happen.  Since I will explain everything below, lets jump right into it!

What I wish would happen      What I think will Actually Happen 

Offense – 25                                       Offense – 24
QB – 2                                                     QB – 2
Philip Rivers                                          Philip Rivers
Kellen Clemens                                    Kellen Clemens

Quarterback was pretty easy for me.  With the huge need we have for an extra body on both sides of the line, carry 3 QB’s doesn’t make much sense.  With Sorensen’s preseason performance, he should be a safe bet to make it to the practice squad without getting picked up by another team, but even if he does, he obviously isn’t our future starter so in my eyes, not a big loss.

RB – 4                                                     RB – 4
Ryan Mathews                                     Ryan Mathews
Danny Woodhead                              Danny Woodhead
Donald Brown                                     Donald Brown
Marion Grice                                        Marion Grice

Running back is also pretty straight forward this year.  The top 3 are a lock.  The 4th position came down to Oliver and Grice.  Grice, along with actually being drafted, did enough this pre-season to put himself ahead of Oliver and wins the final spot.

TE – 4                                                     TE – 4
Antonio Gates                                      Antonio Gates
Ladarius Green                                    Ladarius Green
John Phillips                                         John Phillips
David Johnson                                    David Johnson

With no dedicated FB this year, we carry 4 TE’s.  Gates is getting older and is a pretty terrible blocker, but he is healthy, can find seams better than my Vietnamese tailor, and catches everything.  Green is due for a breakout season, and if Gates goes down to an injury, could wind up as a top 5 fantasy TE.  Phillips is a football player and worth keeping.  Johnson is a monster when used as a FB, and in my opinion, under utilized as a passer so he earns the last spot.

WR – 6                                                   WR – 6
Keenan Allen                                       Keenan Allen
Malcom Floyd                                     Malcom Floyd
Eddie Royal                                         Eddie Royal
Vincent Brown                                   Vincent Brown
Dontrell Inman                                  Dontrell Inman
Seji Ajirotutu                                       Seji Ajirotutu

This is the last position that I think the team will do what I want.  Allen and Floyd are the only “locks” here, however I think based on familiarity with the team/Rivers, keeps Royal and Brown here as well.  Inman earned a spot here.  He was the most impressive new WR on this roster.  He was top 10 in the league this pre-season for Rec Yards and was 2nd in YPC for players with 5 or more receptions.  The last spot was hard.  I think Tutu takes the slight edge over Javontee Herndon due to size and experience.  Herndon should be the first player they offer a PS spot too.

OL – 9                                                   OL – 8
Nick Hardwick                                   Nick Hardwick
DJ Fluker                                             DJ Fluker
King Dunlap                                       King Dunlap
Chat Rinehart                                    Chat Rinehart
Johnny Troutman                            Johnny Troutman
Chris Watt                                         Chris Watt
Rich Ohrnberger                              Rich Ohrnberger
Willie Smith                                      Willie Smith
Mike Harris

The first 7 players on each of these lists are pretty solid locks to be there in my opinion.  Willie Smith won the battle over Mike Harris.  Harris will likely be on a short list of people to call if an injury happens but his liability against speed rushers drops him off this list for the team.  However I kept Mike Harris…for now.  Clary is starting the season on the PUP and when he comes back we will need to let someone go.  Harris is good insurance due to his time with the team but can be replaced with Clary when he comes back.

Defense – 25                                    Defense – 26
DL – 6                                                   DL – 6
Sean Lissemore                                 Sean Lissemore
Corey Liuget                                       Corey Liuget
Kendall Reyes                                     Kendall Reyes
Ryan Carrethers                                Ryan Carrethers
Lawrence Guy                                    Lawrence Guy
Doug Worthington                           Tenny Palepoi

Again, the first 3 players on these lists are locks to make the team.  With the injury to Kwame Geathers, Carrethers is a lock too.  Lawrence Guy was injured but he makes the team based on past performance, and the lackluster performance of our new D-Linemen.  Doug Worthington makes the team as the most experienced DT we have left on the roster, plus he looked solid in limited action.  I have the Chargers keeping an extra D-Lineman due to injury concerns, so UDFA Tenny Palepoi makes the team.

OLB – 5                                                OLB – 5
Melvin Ingram                                   Melvin Ingram
Jarret Johnson                                    Jarret Johnson
Jerry Attaochu                                   Jerry Attaochu
Dwight Freeney                                Dwight Freeney
Cordarro Law                                    Tourek Williams

All of the first 4 players on both lists are locks.  I am a little biased against Tourek, honestly I’m just not a fan.  So I was trying to pick between Law and Keiser.  Law won out for me for 2 reasons: 1) He is a better pass rusher (good bull rush, good hands) 2) He is better against the run.  Keiser is better when dropping back in coverage, but Law will be used as a pass rusher when he is on the field so I’m not as worried about it.

ILB – 5                                                 ILB – 5
Donald Butler                                   Donald Butler
Manti Te’o                                         Manti Te’o
Kavell Conner                                   Kavell Conner
Andrew Gachkar                              Andrew Gachkar
Reggie Walker                                  Reggie Walker

I think this is pretty well set.  Not a whole lot of extra choices here and the team likes these guys.

CB – 5                                                  CB – 5
Jason Verrett                                    Jason Verrett
Shareece Wright                             Shareece Wright
Brandon Flowers                             Brandon Flowers
Steve Williams                                 Steve Williams
Greg Ducre                                       Richard Marshall

The first 4 are locks.  The 5th CB was a hard choice for me.  First off, I know the team has been experimenting with Marshall at S the last few weeks and I love that idea because it means Gilchrist is expendable.  So I moved Marshall to the Safeties.  That left the last CB spot down to Greg Ducre, Chris Davis, and Crezdon Butler.  Butler is unique because he would be the only CB 6′ or taller on the roster, but in my opinion, Ducre and Davis outplayed him.  Both Ducre and Davis had very good pre-seasons.  Davis has the slight edge on special teams, but Ducre is a tackler, and this defense needs tacklers in a bad way.  Ducre takes it the last spot and I cross my fingers we can stash Davis on the practice squad.

S – 4                                                    S – 4
Eric Weddle                                     Eric Weddle
Jaleel Addae                                     Jaleel Addae
Darrell Stuckey                               Darrell Stuckey
Richard Marshall                            Marcus Gilchrist

Weddle and Addae are pretty well locked in.  Stuckey earns a spot again due to his awesome special teams play and being decent on the field.  If we have to start him at any point though, I will be slightly worried.  I moved Marshall here due to the team trying him at S and his ability to also play CB.  The team however, seems to really like Gilchrist so they will likely keep him at backup SS.

ST – 3                                                 ST – 3
Nick Novak                                      Nick Novak
Mike Scifres                                    Mike Scifres
Mike Windt                                     Mike Windt

All 3 of these guys are a given.  Novak was VERY reliable last year, and seems to have more power this year after kicking that 55 yarder last night (which would have been good 2-3 more yards back) and his kickoffs look a little deeper too.  Scifres is a beast, not going anywhere.  Windt has been dependable at long snapper and keeps his job again.

Practice Squad – 10
Chris Davis
Tenny Palepoi
Javontee Herndon
Craig Watts
Joe Kruger
Nick Becton
Colton Underwood
Brad Sorenson
2 Released players from other teams

All of these guys deserve PS spots, and I wish I could find them spots on the active roster.  I think we bring back Nick Becton who was released in the 1st round of cuts, if you follow me on twitter you know I really like him.  I also think we bring in 2 other players, likely a LB and either a DL or OL.  If we don’t grab 2 outside players, the last two spots would be Tevin Reese and Chas Alecxih





The San Diego Charger offensive line has been in flux ever since losing tackle Marcus McNeill and guard Kris Dielman to injury/retirement in 2011. Over the past several seasons there have been two lineman who’ve managed to stay in the starting rotation, center Nick Hardwick and guard/tackle Jeromey Clary.

Hardwick isn’t going anywhere this season, but the same might not be said for Clary. The guard position is beginning to get crowded through the offseason maneuvering of General Manager Tom Telesco, and Clary is due some substantial non-guaranteed money. The sum of which is 4.5 million dollars to be exact.

Chad Rinehart, Rich Ohrnberger and Johnny Troutman all saw time at guard last season, along with Clary. Through the draft, Telesco took Notre Dame guard Chris Watt in the third round. Watt has been practicing at rookie mini camp at right guard, Clary’s current starting position with the team. Early this week, the team signed Craig Watts, an undrafted rookie free agent guard out of West Texas A&M, after an impressive invite try-out.

Granted, the team needs depth on the line, but no matter how you slice it, it’s more than likely that the team won’t carry six guards.

Although it appeared that the offensive line had truly come together toward the end of the 2013 season, Clary had the third lowest run-block rating for all guards, according to Nathan Jahnke of Pro Football Focus. An argument could be made for Clary’s versatility, as he was the team’s starting right tackle for some time. That argument is dashed fairly easily due to the dominance and youth of DJ Fluker, and due to anyone having watched Clary turn the right tackle position into the right turnstile.

Offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris is known throughout the league as one of the best in the business, and is likely the one responsible for the renaissance of the line play last season. If Joe D can turn young wattage into high boltage, (sorry for that) then Clary becomes immediately expendable. As it is, rookies and all, it’s looking that direction anyway.

Clary is obviously happy to be a Charger, is well-liked, and is good for the locker room; when chasing a championship, however, sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Saving the 4.5 million would put the Chargers in a much nicer place when it comes to some thoughts on roster versatility. It’s unclear whether Telesco is considering bringing in any other depth. The option to attempt to trade Clary also exists. Clary is still certainly capable of starting at guard in the NFL and could yield at least some future late round draft pick(s).

As Charger fans saw last offseason, it’s good to have a plan B for key contributors on the roster as unfortunate things can happen during training camp or early in the season. That being said, there are still some quality veterans seeking employment whom would likely fit nicely into the range of extra cap space generated by cutting ties with Clary. Let’s explore some options.

WR Santonio Holmes:

Pros- Big play wideout with a lot of big experience, including one very memorable Super Bowl winning catch from Ben Roethlisberger. Versatility with differing offenses/QBs.

Cons- Does not fit the Chargers’ locker room mold. Known to be selfish and disruptive. May want more money than he’s worth. Santonio has also fought injuries lately.

DE Brett Keisel :

Pros- Coming off of a long and prosperous career as a Pittsburgh Steeler, Keisel would add significant experience and depth along a thin, albeit talented, defensive line. Could be a big time rotational player and mentor, and has a nasty streak.

Cons- There must be a reason the Steelers chose to not bring back this team and fan favorite. Lack of versatility and aging speed likely put Keisel out of the Steelers’ future plans. Can push up field, but likely not effectively get off blocks if the play isn’t coming right at him. Injuries are also a concern.

DT Aubrayo Franklin:

Pros- Spent a productive season with the Bolts in John Pagano’s defensive scheme in 2012. Quick and powerful and lots of experience in 3-4 schemes. Familiarity with some of the young roster and coaching staff. Could line up at end or tackle.

Cons- A hired gun who’s been floating around the league year to year, may not offer much to a young and impressionable locker room. Could be part of an unwanted old regime attitude and culture.

CB Asante Samuel:

Pros- Has a career full of highlight reel plays in big games. Is a ball hawking veteran who could play on any down and be trusted in many situations at least as much as current potential starter Richard Marshall.

Cons- Instincts may still be sharp, but speed and durability may be a factor late in his career. Takes a lot of risks, and can get burned. May be a gamble when Marshall is still productive.

Other possible options:

DT Kevin Williams
DT Isaac Sopoaga

The other lingering option is for Clary to restructure his contract, as some other Charger players recently have done. The truth is that through the good, the bad, and the ugly of his career, Clary has always been a good Charger. If he wants to stick around to see this new team through, he’ll simply have to do it at a more team-friendly price. If Clary is on this team week one, it must speak very strongly of his intangible value to the team, but it will still be all but certain that the clock is ticking in San Diego.



Peter Silberberger

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