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If you need to be motivated for this game, you may want to check your pulse! The game between the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs is of huge importance for both teams. If the Chargers win, they are in the post-season. If they Chiefs win, they have a chance, however so slight, to grab the last wild card spot as well. It is week 17 and this is no time to hold anything back.

With that in mind, the coaches have to walk the fine line between getting their team too fired up, which would cause reckless play, and too loose, which could cause lazy mistakes. Let’s take a look at how Coach McCoy (Chargers) and Coach Reid (Chiefs) can spin what they know in a way that will inspire just the right amount of emotion and confidence. Remember, these are my words, not actual quotes. Please comment below and let me know how you would motivate your players in this situation.

Kansas City Chiefs: Coach Andy Reid

  1. Win and We Have a Chance: “Let’s face it men, we need some help to make the playoffs. After we beat the Chargers, we still need the Browns and the Jags to win in order to make the playoffs. Yes, that sounds like a longshot. That’s okay! Longshots come in all the time! Strange things happen in sports. It will not upset me to win this game and not make the playoffs. What would really eat at me would be to lose this game and then watch the Jags and the Browns win their games. Then we would have to live with the fact that we had the post-season in our hands and we let it slip through our fingers. Can you live with that?”
  2. Next Man Up: “We are all very well aware that we lost Alex (Smith). Well boo hoo for us! What are we going to do? Cry? Not me. I’m going to help get Chase (Daniel) prepared to play a football game. Chase can play! We almost beat these guys in San Diego last season with Chase at the helm and our second team in the game! He is a quality professional quarterback. We are fine.”
  3. Meet Their Intensity: “The Chargers are going to come out on fire! If they beat us, they are in. They know that and we know that. If we go out flat, they will run away with the game. We need to go out there like a team that believes that they will be playing next week. We need to show them early that all their excitement is for naught. That being said, they showed last week that they have the ability and the heart to come from behind, so if we get them down, we need to step on their throats and keep them down. Hold nothing back. We have all offseason to rest.”
  4. Ball Control: “Last time we played these guys we held the ball on offense for 39 minutes! That gave Philip Rivers and their offense 21 minutes with the ball. It is hard for a team to score points when they do not have the football! The Chargers are decent against the pass, but they have been getting torched on the ground. That plays right into our hands. We need to run it down their throats and methodically move down the field. If we get them worried enough about the run, it will open things up for the passing game. I foresee a lot of long drives for our offense. The keys will be to not turn over the ball, move the chains, and do not settling for field goals! If we can do that, we will win this game.”
  5. Home Field Advantage: “No one likes coming into Arrowhead Stadium to play. We have one of the loudest crowds in the history of the NFL. That is an advantage that we need to capitalize on. If we let them get out in front early, that will quiet our crowd and there goes our advantage. Again, I must emphasize the importance of starting the game with a bang. Score early and often. The crowd will feed off of our momentum and life will be very difficult for the boys in blue.”

San Diego Chargers: Coach Mike McCoy

  1. Inspiring Comeback: “Men, we showed a lot of heart last week in San Francisco. To come back from 21 down on two occasions against a very good Niners defense is not something just any team can do. Did we do that for nothing? Because if we lose this week, that victory was wasted. Keep believing, men. If you show the same heart this week that you showed in the second half of last week’s game, we will be on to the tournament! I’ll be honest with you, as great as that victory was I would be much happier with a nice comfortable early lead that we stretch throughout the game.”
  2. Win and We’re In: “I doubt I need to explain this to you, but do you all completely understand our situation? We are one game away from competing in the tournament! If and when we beat the Chiefs, we are on to the post-season. We are in control of our own destiny. Are you going to let the Chiefs take away what is ours? Are you going to waltz into Arrowhead Stadium and lay an egg and have to spend the entire offseason wondering “what if?” Not me! I’m not going down without a fight! In fact, I have no intension of going down to defeat! This is our destiny, not theirs. Let’s go on and see what the football gods have in store for the San Diego Chargers.”
  3. Offense: “We need to control the ball much better than we did in our last meeting with the Chiefs. We need holes for our running backs. Running backs, we may need you to break a tackle, fight for extra yards, or juke someone out of their jocks! I don’t want any excuses! We need to be able to run the ball and protect our quarterback! You know that Philip is banged up. You also know that he is tough as nails, but he is also human. Keep him clean. Receivers, you can help with that too. Get open ASAP! They have a good pass defense. Who cares? We will get open and we will move the football. No excuses!“
  4. Defense: “WE MUS STOP THE RUN! If we cannot stop Charles and their other backs, we cannot win this game. The Chiefs offense runs through Jamaal Charles! Hit him every play! Wrap up on all tackles! Team tackle! Make Chase Daniel beat us….or at least try to beat us.”
  5. Professional Football Players: “We are all aware that Alex Smith is out for this game. We are also aware that Charles and Bowe are on the injury report as questionable. I have an opinion about this situation. My opinion is…..I don’t care! We will be facing professional football players. If you recall, their second team, led by the same QB we will face tomorrow, took us to overtime last year in week 17. We took them lightly last season. We should know better this season. I say we play as if we are going against the best team in the league and we have to play with great intensity and we must shut up that crowd early and break their spirit. We have been going with the next man up philosophy all season. They are using it now. We know it works for us. It doesn’t have to work for them. Get them down and keep them down and it’s off to the playoffs.”

There you have it! That is how I would address both teams before this giant of a game. I’d love to hear your opinion and your ideas how to do the same. Thanks for the read and Go Chargers!

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