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Over the weekend the San Diego Chargers released a brand-new four-and-a-half minute sizzle ad, launching their movement to win the stadium vote in November. The ad, narrated by Chargers’ legend and Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, shows a beautiful 3-D rendering of the stadium, complete with improvements to the cityscape both physically and financially. Edited versions of the ad will be seen on local television soon.

The ad spearheads a full mass media campaign blitz which will also cover print, radio and social media. In addition to the Chargers’ efforts, citizen-led fan groups such as Save Our Bolts, Die Hard Bolt Club, San Diego Chargers Backers, Bolt Pride and others will cover the streets of San Diego by foot, detailing the stadium plan and encouraging citizens to vote YES in November.

To view the full-length stadium ad, click on the image below.

The ad is funded by Citizens for Sports, entertainment and Tourism with major funding from Chargers Football Company LLC. Major bulletpoints in the video stress the fact that there will be no new taxes levied on San Diego citizens. The funds would instead come from tourists, convention-goers and out-of-town business people staying in local hotels.

The 55-year history of the Chargers in San Diego is highlighted going back as far as Fouts’ famed ‘Air Coryell’ era to the current Philip Rivers-led era. The CGI-renderings show a beautiful state-of-the-art facility with a convention center annex. The deck of the annex would feature multiple viewing balconies and a grass-covered rooftop ‘sky garden’ where patrons can enjoy a panoramic view of the San Diego skyline.

The stadium would hold 61,500 fans and when they host the Super Bowl, seating could be expanded to hold 72,000. As Fouts so eloquently asks in the video, “What could be sweeter than Raiders, Broncos and Patriots fans all helping pay for the project, when they pay their hotel bill?”

The video is capped by Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos, speaking on behalf of the entire Chargers organization.

“This new facility will be much more than a stadium, it will be a world-class event center for San Diego that will create new convention space and attract new sports and entertainment events year-round. I hope you’ll take some time to consider our proposal and know that we’re here to listen and respond. San Diego is our home, and I believe the best is still to come for all of us together. So please, join with us.” Spanos said.

The video is remarkable and would be a boon to the San Diego economy for decades to come. In the short-term, tons of new city and government jobs will be added. Stadiums take time to build and this stadium could take 5-7 years to complete. Money from the approved hotel rate hike would go into the general fund after the stadium revenues are fulfilled. That money can go anywhere from repaving roads, improving schools and improving outdated features of the city.

San Diego is the greatest destination city in America, every travelling convention, trade show, major concert act would make San Diego a priority. Special attraction events such as the Olympics, World Cup, Final Fours, Wrestlemania and the yearly return of Comic-Con would ensure there is no off-season when it comes to the amount of money the city stands to make.

Citizens of San Diego, you owe this to yourselves and to your families. All it takes is a Yes vote at the polls in November to provide the brightest future, not just for the Chargers, but for the city of San Diego and its’ people for decades to come.




When all those annoying Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs fans roll into town bragging about how great their team is, we can just smile and thank them for building our new stadium. What do you think Bolt Nation? Will this get a YES vote from you in November? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One






Who doesn’t love a good tailgate?  Furthermore, who doesn’t love a GREAT tailgate?  Getting together with fans of the San Diego Chargers and preparing to watch your team go into battle with the opposing team is one of the reasons I love the Bolts.

Tomorrow, at P4 at Qualcomm stadium, I’ll be tailgating with the Bolt Pride group.  I am incredibly hyped to hang out with this amazing group of Charger fans.  If you are going to the game, you should definitely make a serious effort to come by and check out what these folks are doing. They are one of the best tailgate groups in the entire NFL.

One of the main members of the Bolt Pride group is Josh Casillas.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2014 NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York city.  Talk about a wild time.  But that story is for another day.

Speaking of a wild time, although I have yet to attend one, the word is that the Bolt Pride crew throws on of the best tailgates in the country.  I don’t know about you, but I’m hyped to check it out and lose my “Bolt Pride tailgate virginity.” ( Danielle Anderson )

Here’s a quote from Josh that he used during our phone conversation last night:

“We’re a group that welcomes any and all Charger fans.  We’re all about respect and regardless of whether or not you throw your own tailgate, we’d love for you to stop by and check out what we have going on.  The Bolt Pride group is all about bringing Charger fans together and getting hyped to watch our San Diego Chargers play.  We want to share our fun with as many fans as possible.  It doesn’t matter which blog you write for, group you belong to, or Charger club that you are a part of, we want you to come and experience the best tailgate in the entire NFL”

Josh is a great guy and I really look forward to experiencing what the Bolt Pride crew has to offer during the pregame.  I have heard nothing but great things about them and it should be, without a doubt, a great way to get pumped for the game.

I hope to see all of you there and perhaps I’ll have the pleasure of meeting so many of my “social media friends” for the first time in person.


Booga Peters

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