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It is Week 2 and the Bolts are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs. Here are three things they must do in order to avoid being 0-2.

1.) If something is working, don’t stop doing it
Even writing that makes me feel weird because this should be an easy one to follow. Not to this coaching staff. The reason why they lost last week was because they did the exact opposite of what worked in the first half. They quit blitzing and running and started slinging it and playing “bend-but-don’t-break defense,” or as I like to call it, no-win defense. Stick to what works, whether it be onside kicks all game, throwing on every down or doing the wildcat. These are all extreme examples but I think you get the point.

2.) Don’t let up at any point
Again, another one that should be obvious but the Chargers are known to give up big-time leads late in the 4th quarter. I am one who hates to see teams let off the pedal. That does nothing for your team. In case the other team comes back, well the momentum is on their side and it’s not exactly easy to just automatically flip it back into high gear. If you are up 21 points, make it 28; especially against the Jaguars. They have a numerous amount of weapons on their offense that includes Julius Thomas, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, TJ Yeldon and, of course, Blake Bortles. They are vastly underrated and they aren’t a team to mess around with at all.

Who is going to step up for Keenan Allen?
Probably a key for the rest of the season after losing Slayer to a season-ending knee injury. Who will step up and take over his role? I want to think it will be Tyrell Williams. He brings the size and speed that teams dream of and can be a huge mismatch for any opposing defense. He had a decent game last week versus the Chiefs, hauling in two passes but getting 71 yards receiving. Both plays exceeded 20 yards total and he was targeted five times. If Tyrell can step up and be the man, the Chargers’ offense will be okay.

What do you guys think is a key to victory? Let me know down below and go Bolts!

Zak Darman (@WilMyersGOAT)




The staff at gives their picks and analysis of Sunday’s home opener

Zak Darman: Chargers start out hot and get out to a two-score lead going into halftime, giving the fans thoughts of last game. They come out sluggish once again, as Jacksonville, behind Bortles and Julius Thomas, tie it up but Rivers executes a beautiful two-minute drill to get into field-goal range where Lambo nails a 48-yarder to give the Bolts their first win of the season. 27-24 Bolts

Charles LaFurno: McCoy lets Gordon run wild and it pays off. 100+ yards on 20 touches for two touchdowns. Defense comes up huge with a turnover late in the fourth to secure the win. Henry gets his first touchdown. Philip throws for 300 yards but will be under pressure for at least 70% of the game. Luckily, he’s great when doing that. Chargers 24 Jaguars 20

Travis Blake: The pregame strategy meeting between McCoy/Pagano/Wiz goes like this: McCoy starts off by saying “we’re really going to shake things up this game, boys. Since we have to limit Melvin Gordon to 20 carries, I want him to get 19 of them in the second half this week instead of the 1st half like last week. The Jags won’t know what hit em!” Pags chimes in with, “that’s great, Mike! I want my guys to blitz/get pressure only in the second half this game instead of the first half like last week, they won’t be able to handle it!” Wiz looks at both of them and thinks, “at least the weather is nice here, and this job pays good.” So after the best game plan meeting in 4 seasons, and an excellent week of “salty” practice the team comes out to shit the bed in the first half of the game. Every other play is a delay draw to Danny up the middle for little or no gain leaving 3rd and a mile to go, perfect time to throw a bubble screen to Travis Benjamin behind the line of scrimmage. Rivers throws a frustration pick to end the first half and the defense bends to the tune of 250 total yards but only gives up 13 points to a Jax offense that looks sluggish. The second half sees the Bolts come roaring back with Melvin Gordon leading the charge for two more touchdowns. The Bolts win only due to the fact Jax is not quite there yet and the two teams don’t play each other very often. Charger fans complain for another week because we didn’t blow out the hapless Jags and the #FireMcCoy hashtag goes in popularity. 24 to 19 Bolts

Corey Decker: The bolts are looking to make a statement in front of their home crowd. Not just for the team, but for the city as well. The chargers must bounce back and not take their foot off the gas like what happened last week. Chargers 24-10

Cheryl White: Whiz continues to feed Gordon all game and Tyrell Williams uses that big body to his advantage. Isiah Burse sees some playing time. Scores by Gordon, Williams, Woodhead. And of course #85! 27-21 Chargers

Chris Hoke: In a high scoring affair the bolts break out to a 14-0 lead only for the jags to come charging back. Trading points for points. The Chargers lose another heartbreaker. 31-28 Jaguars

Mike Pisciotta: Jacksonville is Jacksonville. Chargers will get out to a resounding 28-10 lead on 2 TDs each from Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon. Jacksonville will make a valiant effort to make McNorv pay for sitting on another lead, but the Bolts hold on to win on a late field goal by Josh Lambo and a comeback drive thwarted by a Jason Verrett pick six. 37-31 Chargers

Will McCafferty: I’m going to assume that the Chargers are going to play a complete game and not pump the breaks in the second half. Chargers 28 Jags 20

Greg Williams: Chargers learn their lesson from last week and show up for BOTH halves. Gordon runs for 80 and a touchdown and Rivers throws three touchdowns (two to Gates). Chargers beat the Jags 30-20.

Dave “Booga” Peters: Gordon scores twice, again. Manti Te’o provides an encore performance of last year’s Jags-Bolts contest, picking off Bortles (and missing several tackles). Chargers rack up almost 200 yards on the ground and Rivers passes the 300-yard mark in an offensive explosion. Jalen Ramsey picks off Rivers and does “the Bosa shrug,” reminding fans who the team should have taken (I’m kidding, folks…. kinda). Chargers 31 Jaguars 30



The Chargers (2-8) have all but checked out on head coach Mike McCoy as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6). The Jags look to stay on the winning trend, trying to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Here are my keys to victory.

1.) Contain Allen Robinson
The biggest threat on offense for the Jags is wide receiver Allen Robinson. Jason Verrett is going to have to bring his A-game to contain him and I mean like the game he had versus Alshon Jeffery, minus the injury. Robinson has recorded 100 yards receiving in two of his last three games and 90 yards or more in four of his last five. He is their clear No. 1 receiver and one that Bortles looks to more than anyone else.

2.) Pass the ball, Rivers
The Jaguars are ranked 25th in football against the pass and the Chargers rank 2nd in passing offense. The running game is nonexistent for San Diego, so don’t force it. Go right to your strength and air it out. Floyd was back at practice and you still have Stevie Johnson and Ladarius Green. On a lost season, let’s break that record for Rivers. He at least deserves that much.

3.) Play for a purpose
Play for a purpose and that’s the purpose of spoiler. If you don’t like your head coach, fine. But don’t go out there and play for a paycheck. Go out there with a purpose and don’t embarrass yourselves like you did last week. Make up for it by beating the Jaguars and pushing them off their playoff cliff.

Zak Darman

Rivers Tunnel



Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is not certain where he’ll be playing in 2016 and not just because of the team’s shaky stadium situation in San Diego.

In case you missed it, Rivers talked with the U-T San Diego about his future with the team.

Basically said he’s committed to playing out his contract with the Bolts, which expires after the 2015 season, but is unsure whether he’ll sign a new contract or try to work out an extension before training camp starts in July.

One of the reasons is, of course, family. Philip and his wife Tiffany have built a family in San Diego and if a move is necessary they will likely try to make it back South (both are from Alabama) instead of Los Angeles.

Add that revelation to the fact the Chargers are bringing in Oregon QB Marcus Mariota for a workout in April, and all of a sudden you have grounds for some serious speculation on a major overhaul of the Chargers offense.

So, let’s remove the emotion from the situation and sort some of it out logically.

First and foremost, the Chargers want to keep Rivers in place. General Manager Tom Telesco came from Indianapolis. His first year there was 1998, when the Colts drafted Peyton Manning. His last year there was 2012, when they took Andrew Luck. If anybody understands the importance of having a franchise quarterback in place, it’s Telesco (You can hear for yourself how Tom feels about Rivers in the video attached to this story, which was recorded December 31, 2014).

Telesco says he thinks Rivers has a number of good years left in him. The recent signings of Stevie Johnson and Orlando Franklin would suggest the Bolts still consider Rivers the key to their offense. For now, at least. Telesco also said he’s committed to Rivers retiring as a Charger.

But, what if Rivers is not? Then what do the Chargers do?

Bolts fans don’t have to think too far back to see what happened the last time the team let a QB walk out of town while getting nothing in return. In about 10 years they’ll see it on the bust of Drew Brees in Canton, OH. Rivers blossoming into a star eased the pain of Brees’ success, but the odds of having three Pro Bowl (and possibly Hall of Fame) caliber passers in a row are astronomical.

Here’s where Mariota enters the mix.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner is going to have a private workout for the Bolts’ brass. Mariota’s athletic skill set could not be more different than Rivers, but having him learn for a year under #17 (who has already spent time coaching the youngster before the NFL Combine) would not be a bad thing.

If Telesco gets the vibe he’s not going to be able to retain Rivers long-term, he needs to be looking out for his franchise, and he could certainly do worse than adding someone as talented as Mariota.

Of course, that opens the question of … how would the Chargers get their hands on Mariota? He’s projected to be long gone before the Bolts make their selection in this year’s Draft (and no, the irony of that pick being #17 has not been lost). So, the Chargers would have to make a trade up.

Assuming Tampa Bay selects Jameis Winston first overall (which they’ve said publicly they’re leaning towards), the next team up also has serious QB issues: Tennessee. The Titans are quite the interesting possibility.

Ken Whisenhunt is their head coach. In 2013, he had a tremendous relationship with Rivers while serving as San Diego’s offensive coordinator. He would love to get his hands on Philip. However, sources close to the Titans tell me they’d be “shocked” if Tennessee traded the second overall pick for Rivers.

The Titans have a bunch of holes to fill. They are not one QB away from being true contenders. So, if they do deal the number two pick, it will be to stockpile other picks, and the Chargers are not likely to make that kind of gamble when they have as many issues to address as they do (o-line, d-line, running back, linebacker, etc.).

Looking at the rest of the NFL Draft order, there aren’t many teams who will use a pick on a quarterback:

3) Jacksonville – took Blake Bortles last year
4) Oakland – took Derek Carr last year
5) Washington – still don’t know what to do with Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy
7) Chicago – Possibility here. Jay Cutler could be released in another year
8) Atlanta – Matt Ryan
9) NY Giants – Eli Manning
10) St. Louis – just traded for Nick Foles but still a possibility
11) Minnesota – took Teddy Bridgewater last year
12) Cleveland – took Johnny Manziel last year
13) New Orleans – Drew Brees
14) Miami – Ryan Tannehill, although it’s possible they’re not 100% sold on him
15) San Francisco – Colin Kaepernick, basically the same style as Mariota
16) Houston – definitely in the market for a QB

So, the Chargers might not have to deal Rivers to get their hands on Mariota. If he falls far enough in the first round, they could conceivably move up just a couple of spots and not sacrifice too much (of course, the Eagles are lurking at #20 and, despite what Chip Kelly says about Sam Bradford, he’d make a more for his former recruit).

So you see there are a lot of moving pieces in play that would have to line up for Marcus Mariota to land in San Diego.

The other part of this whole scenario is this: The Chargers offense is built around Philip Rivers. If he is shockingly dealt before this year, or allowed to leave after the 2015 season, a whole lot of guys will go with him.

Antonio Gates, also a free agent, will leave. Eric Weddle, also a free agent, will leave. Those guys are not going to wait around for a rebuild; they’ve been through enough already. The entire identity of the Chargers, the franchise as we know it, will cease to exist. It will signal a complete personality change for the franchise.

Now, you can crack your jokes about that being perfect for a team playing in a new city, but the fact is this is a defining moment in Chargers history, not just off the field, but on it, as well.


Derek Togerson




“In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.” – Ulysses S. Grant

For the first half of yesterday’s 33-14 victory against the Jaguars, it seemed as if we were not as prepared as we should have been.  The second half, however, was an altogether different entity.  Keyword: Adjustments

San Diego was facing a rookie QB at home.  This was not just any rookie.  This was the #3 overall pick of the 2014 draft.  This kid will be good, if not great.  Pagano and the defense appeared not to give Bortles much respect, almost as if they felt entitled to roam around the backfield as they please.  The pocket was hardly collapsed giving Blake time to read through his progressions.  Denard Robinson looked like a pro bowl back.  On top of this, the Jags defense did not seem intimidated.  After watching the Bolts first offensive series, I was actually a statue of inconceivable shock.  After trailing to the winless Jaguars, the Bolts seemed to take a hit of smelling salt and drove down the field with a purpose; perhaps even a prideful one.  At halftime, San Diego led by 3 points and headed into the locker room with modest confidence.

Now this, in my opinion, is where the “W’s” and “L’s” become detached.  Can the team make the necessary adjustments in order to overcome the inadequacies that were presented in the first half?  Could Pagano master a scheme that would make Jacksonville’s offense look more than pedestrian rather than a playoff contending team?  Can Joe “D” and Reich prepare their guys to improve a less than stellar run game?

The adjustments that were made by Pagano and the defense were first-rate.  Freeney and Liuget were barbarians pushing their way into the young rookie’s grill.  This opened the door to other playmakers to show off their special set of skills.  Flowers ran amok and seemed to have a homing device planted in his head as he was blanketing, intercepting and tackling like a Pro Bowler.  The defense came away with 3 sacks and 2 interceptions all the while not giving up a single point in the second half.  It seems that all the haters of Pagano have been mummified over the last 3 weeks.  Pagano reflected on the first half and shut the Jags offense down.

How bad are we missing Nick Hardwick right now?  Or Rich Ohrnberger for that matter?  The run game has not improved and holes are as hard to find as a white cat in a snowstorm.  Donald Brown is a good back, and many fans out there are wishing on stars for Ryan Mathews to return.

The Chargers have played top defenses in the first three weeks of 2014.  Mathews 3.09 yards per carry is not as bad as it seems.  Would Ryan have had a better game yesterday than Brown?  Let the speculations begin.  I love seeing #24 out there and I have a ton of confidence in him. The offensive line, who has done an amazing job protecting our QB, has been struggling opening holes in the running game.

The Chargers run game is what it is: a clock-eating, defense-tiring ploy that so far has been successful.  Does it matter that we don’t have a few 100-yard rushing games, or for that matter a rushing touchdown?  Not yet, but it could prove fatal if it is not brought up to par – especially going against a very good run defense next week against the Jets.

On a side note, I was happy to see Branden Oliver out there.  I have been through many debates during training camp about him and while I perhaps have broken my arm patting myself on the back about him making the 53, he is a work in progress.  He has the speed and the quickness to compete at this level.  That being said, his field vision needs to improve.  He will improve and I am very excited for the future of Oliver.

Overall, I am ecstatic about Captain Rivers as well as Pagano and his men.  With all the injuries that have been suffered by the Chargers, especially on the defensive side of the ball, I am nothing less than a very proud fan of our Bolts.  Rivers is on an MVP track and with the lack of running room, he might need to continue his greatness throughout; a task I am positive he is comfortable with.


Game Balls:

Offense – Rivers and Allen

Defense – Pagano and Flowers






Before I begin…


This column is for entertainment purposes only. This column is not an endorsement of gambling, as gambling is highly illegal. That is, unless you’re in a licensed casino or other permitted gaming establishment, or playing small enough stakes it will never be noticed. (Office pools, home games, gentlemen’s bets etc..) On a side side note…no snitching. Bet responsibly. (That’s IF we were betting, which we’re not…) Bet only what you can afford, I don’t want anyone losing their homes and being forced to read my column from a shared computer in a Starbucks or something. That would be tragic.

There, that should take care of legal. On to the subject at hand.

The Las Vegas bookmakers are the go-to source for the odds to win in any sporting event. Like the casinos in Vegas, those brick and mortar palaces of overindulgence are built on the backs (and bank accounts) of visitors foolish enough to think they could out-think the ‘wiseguys’, more commonly known as the analytics gurus who set the betting lines. The house always wins and the wiseguys always win. Right?


Okay, well they’re right a majority of the time. However, Vegas has been wrong about the Chargers all season. If you had bet on the Chargers like a certain writer we all know who shall remain nameless, you would have beat Vegas and be in the midst of a three game win streak right now. How?

The Chargers were +3 underdogs to the Arizona Cardinals in week one. The game was decided by one point. Win.

In week two, the Chargers were +6.5 point underdogs to the Seattle Seahawks. We know how that game turned out. Win.

In week three, the Chargers were +2 point underdogs to the Buffalo Bills. Another win.

For the gambling illiterate, when the underdog wins, the bettor wins more money than he wagered. In three games, three bets on the Chargers would have all resulted in wins. Vegas had not picked the Chargers to win a game and each week the Chargers have proven them wrong.

That is, until now.

The wiseguys have finally decided to favor the Chargers for the first time this season in their week four tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Vegas has made the Chargers 14-point favorites. A betting favorite has to beat the point spread to win. There is a game the wiseguys think the Chargers can win! Stop the presses! Of course, for a bettor to make it to the pay window this week the Chargers have to win by 15 to get paid. To win by 14 would constitute a tie, or as its known in Vegas, a push. No one wins and your money is free to bet elsewhere. Now the question is not if the Chargers will win but will they win by 15 or more. Quite a different question as opposed to the first three weeks. Let me consult my Magic 8-Ball…

All signs point to yes

Let’s hope the Chargers don’t start thinking like the wiseguys. Yes, the Chargers should be able to blow the doors off the Jaguars and their newly appointed rookie quarterback Blake Bortles, but they should not look past them. Just because they’re supposed to slaughter the hapless Jaguars doesn’t mean they will. The Patriots needed a final minute goal line stand to beat the Raiders last week. The Patriots were 14-point favorites to beat Oakland last week and they barely squeaked by 16-9. No one gave Cleveland a shot against New Orleans in week two but the Browns got the win.

The Chargers are entering a nice stretch of games where they will encounter the Jaguars, New York Jets, Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs in succession before they have their first clash with Denver in Mile High Stadium. Even Vegas is likely to favor the Chargers until they meet Peyton and company. The Chargers need to focus squarely on each of these highly winnable games (the Raiders, Chiefs, Jets and Jaguars are a combined 2-10 heading into week four) and collect these wins as they will be significant in the push to win the AFC West and make the playoffs.

The wiseguys aren’t dummies however. Although the placing varies, Vegas has San Diego as one of the top eight favorites to win the Super Bowl not in the AFC but in the league at 20 to 1 odds (pay one dollar, win twenty in return) or better. Depending on the which bookmaker you pick, its up to 12-1 odds.


Vegas is welcome to be right on that one. As for me, I always bet on 17.


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One









“Great going, kid!  Don’t get cocky.”- Han Solo, “Star Wars,” 1977

Now that the Chargers have returned from Buffalo and roster spots have been filled after the losses of Danny Woodhead and Manti Te’o, it’s time to re-focus and ask, “Who’s next?”

The answer:  the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Yes, those Jaguars.  You might remember these are the same Jaguars the Chargers beat in their backyard last year, 24-6.  No, it wasn’t even that close.

It would be easy to ignore the Jaguars and start thinking ahead to the Sunday after next when the New York Jets come west on October 5th. After all, the last six meetings (including the playoffs) are even at 3-3.  The Jets will bring with them the traveling fans that the Jaguars don’t obviously have.  In fact, by the time this article is posted tomorrow, fans will know if they’ll have to make alternate plans on Sunday afternoon.

We’ll address the blackout issue in another post, but let’s look at what’s coming to Qualcomm this Sunday.

The Jaguars have handed over the offense to rookie quarterback, Blake Bortles. He was drafted third overall from the University of Central Florida.  He is big at 6’5″ and 232 lbs.  The tape on Bortles is limited to second-half action against the Indianapolis Colts when the Jaguars were already down 30-0.  The rookie did throw for 223 yards on 14 of 24 passes with two touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  This Sunday will be his first start.

Along with a rookie quarterback, the Chargers face a backfield that combined for 105 yards against the Colts (among four running backs).

While the Chargers have been emphasizing a renewed focus this week, I’m sure Philip Rivers is secretly drooling at the prospect of facing the Jaguars pass defense.  This same pass defense was taken apart by Andrew Luck and the Colts for 390 yards on 31 of 39 passing and four touchdowns.  The Chargers will likely use this weakness to their advantage considering there isn’t one dominant receiver on the Chargers side. Experts think that the Jaguars won’t know who to cover and, barring any dropped passes, Rivers and the receiving corps may have a field day.

The Chargers defense will be without the services of Te’o who leads the team in tackles (19).  He suffered a fractured foot last Sunday against Buffalo.

The poor Jaguars run defense is dead last yielding 160 yards per game.  This defense is probably just the remedy the Chargers run game needs as it goes into its second game with Donald Brown starting.  Branden Oliver will get a chance to pick up the slack left when Woodhead was lost for the remainder of the season.

Based on the intel I’ve presented, you might think of one thing:  blowout.  The game might be over by halftime, am I right?  Maybe a double-digit slaughter in which a fan may bet the over?  Sports books have the Chargers as 13.5 point favorites with an over/under of 44.5 points.  The odds are not in the Jaguars favor.  However,  I urge fans to exercise caution because the Chargers have gone into similar games only to underperform or play down to their opponent’s level.

The main thing I cannot emphasize enough to everyone who plans on watching Sunday’s game to do is be cautious.  Fans had high hopes against Arizona only to be disappointed.

The Chargers cannot take the field and think about the weeks ahead of them.  Especially since these games are against teams that are as weak as Jacksonville (the New York Jets and on the road with the Raiders).  If the team can focus on what’s on the field this Sunday, it’s a three game winning streak.  San Diego can’t sleepwalk through this game.  Anything can happen on any Sunday.  That’s what makes the NFL the nation’s most popular league.


David Parada





The Chargers are back home at Qualcomm stadium this Sunday for a week 4 contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They are coming off their second impressive win in a row and they are picking up steam heading into what is considered to be the weak portion of their schedule.

In this matchup against the Jags, the Bolts have some intriguing options for all of you fantasy football enthusiasts out there.  The Jaguar defense is ranked 32nd in pretty much everything.  Clearly the advantage there goes to the offense led by Philip Rivers.

Speaking of Rivers, he is going to have plenty of opportunities to air it out.  Expect him to put up solid numbers through three quarters and then cool off in the fourth as San Diego will most likely be in “run the clock mode” by that time.  He is definitely worth a start against a woeful Jaguar defense.  To be honest, he is a true QB1 and a signal caller that you should be starting every week if you have him on your fantasy squad.

Forgive me for my confidence regarding this game.  I just don’t see how Jacksonville can compete with the Chargers.

When looking at the receiving options for San Diego, there are quite a few weapons for number 17 to take advantage of this week and every week.  Mike McCoy and Frank Reich are going to find mismatches and exploit them to gain an advantage in an effort to get rolling.  Malcom Floyd had two 49-yard catches last week and he looks to be healthy.  His size and acrobatic ability make him a target worth looking at if you have a wide receiver that is on a bye week.

Opposite of Floyd is Keenan Allen.  He was slowed by a groin injury last week, but this could be a game where he explodes.  Allen is an excellent route runner and that will be on display in week 4.  If Keenan is even 85% healthy, so to speak, he should have a solid game.  It boils down to whether or not that groin hinders his explosion.

Eddie Royal put up very good fantasy numbers against the Bills.  He didn’t have a ton of receiving yards, but he did have two touchdown receptions.  The question is whether or not he can string together two straight successful fantasy games in a row.

After erupting in week 2 with 3 touchdowns, Antonio Gates cooled off in week 3.  He finished the Buffalo game with only one reception for 8 yards.  Never fear, Antonio Gates owners, he’ll bounce back this week.  With Danny Woodhead out for the season with a broken fibula, Rivers will look for his reliable tight end when under duress.  Gates and Rivers practically share the same brain when on the field.  Antonio could have a big game in the redzone on Sunday.

If I’m not mistaken, there was a Ladarius Green sighting last week at Ralph Wilson stadium.  Although he was unable to reach the endzone, he did have four receptions for 64 yards.  Green has slowly been getting more snaps in the Charger offense.  For a man his size, his speed is impressive.  Like Gates, he could easily be utilized as a redzone target.

The theme-killer here is there is only one ball to go around.  But if you have a Charger receiver or tight end on your roster and you have to fill a void due to a bye, start ’em.

Donald Brown is being talked about on NFL Network and ESPN as a must-start now that the Bolts have lost Danny Woodhead for the year and Ryan Mathews for the next month.  Brown will now be called upon to be the workhorse in the Charger running game.  Watching him carry the ball 31 times shows the team believes in feeding him the rock.  Though he only rushed for 62 yards, his chances will be there and he must make the most of them.  He is a strong option as an RB2 or flex start.

Both Branden Oliver and newly acquired Shaun Droughn will probably have carries against Jacksonville.  That being said, neither are viable options to pick up on your fantasy teams.  I’ll say this, I would love to be wrong and see either one or both of them reach the endzone.

To put it quite simply, Nick Novak is money.  He has now made 23 consecutive field goals tying Nate Kaeding for the second most consecutive made tries in Charger history.  If Novak is available, go pick him up and feel confident that he’ll get you solid fantasy points.  But, this week you’ll most likely see him kicking extra points, as opposed to field goals.

John Pagano and the San Diego defense are dialed in and churning on all cylinders.  Despite not creating many turnovers, they are limiting points and getting to opposing quarterbacks at an increased rate.  This Sunday, the Charger D is facing rookie QB Blake Bortles.  Release the hounds!  Players like Corey Liuget, Dwight Freeney and Kendall Reyes will be introducing themselves to the rook often.  If enough pressure is applied, perhaps the Bolts will snag their first interception of the 2014 season.  The San Diego defense is a must-start in week 4.

In conclusion, there are a lot of options, fantasy-wise, for this week’s game.  If you have Charger players on your fantasy teams, find a way to get them into your starting lineups.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters




Despite what many of us would consider to be a difficult time – waiting this long for the draft to occur, that is –  we are less than a week from the NFL’s premiere offseason activity.  The cattle call that is the NFL draft will be taking place before you know it.  I’ll be in New York City in the blink of an eye.  I’m on a plane as we speak, heading to Charlotte to see my amazing children.  Then it’s time to take over NYC and the NFL draft. ( Editor’s Note:  I began writing this on 5/3)

This is a big year for the Chargers and Tom Telesco.  After having what many of us consider to be a solid 2013 draft class, the hope is to replicate last year’s success.  Telesco nailed three potential first rounders in the first three rounds of the draft in his first go-around as an NFL GM.  Perhaps, the expectation level increases knowing that a player like Stevie Williams, a fifth-round selection, has yet to play in a regular season game.  Tourek Williams made the occasional play as well, despite being a sixth round pick. Additionally, Brad Sorensen managed to stay on the ’13 roster as the third quarterback.  That could say a lot about what the team has in mind for the former Southern Utah signal caller.

I find it safe to say that the 2013 draft was a success.  And, I think that most people in here would agree.  But does that put even more pressure on Telesco to trump his rookie attempt at building the team through the draft?  Sure, I can get behind that kind of thinking.


Odell Beckham, WR, LSU

Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois

Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Marcus Martin, C, USC

Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama

Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State

Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

The NFL did a great job, in my opinion, of mixing up the prospects.  So, the question remains, and I’ll leave it to you, is the next Charger going to be an invitee to Radio City Music Hall?  Popular mock draft choices landing in America’s finest city such as Louis Nix III and Kyle Van Noy were not invited ( That is according to the above list which is credited to

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Booga Peters



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