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On Tuesday, the NFL announced a rule change that has fans and players upset. In regards to the overtime period, there will now be five less minutes to determine the outcome. Overtime will now go from 15-minutes to a crisp 10-minutes. The league cited player-safety as the main reason with concerns in regards to teams playing on a short week.

The rule change presents more problems than it solves. For one, it tips the scales in favor of the team that gets the ball first. What’s to keep them from running a short pass, ground-and-pound offense and milking the clock? Team A has the ball for a 7-8-9-minute long drive and Team B gets the ball on the 25 (presuming a touchback) and has to two-minute drill (or less) to score?

This rule almost definitely will raise the number of ties in the league which will lead to more obscure tiebreaker rules coming into effect. There will be nothing worse than seeing your favorite team lose out on a playoff spot because of a technicality!

If player-safety is such a huge concern why not get rid of overtime altogether and say all games knotted at the end of the fourth quarter will be in the records as ties? Better yet, go to college football rules. Give both teams the ball from the 50-yard line. Each team gets a turn with the ball. If both teams score, next score wins. No ties, equal footing for both teams, crowd gets to see a definitive winner and there will be no ties!!

It’s crazy enough to work, which is why the league won’t do it…

I wouldn’t sweat this rule change for long. All it takes is the wrong team (and owner) getting screwed by the amended overtime to change the rule back to the way it is currently.

(Looking at you, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Rooneys’ Maras’…)

What do you think of the rule change? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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… where the Good Lord split ya!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The area in which the Lord split you happens to be the buttock cheeks region, so to speak.


The dismissal of Mike McCoy has finally arrived! He didn’t even make it to Black Monday. This move by the Chargers front office is at least a year overdue.

I’ve written many times over the last two years that I didn’t think McCoy had the stuff to be a head coach in the NFL. This year only served to reinforce my opinion.

Putting aside a 28-38 record as a head coach for a minute, his inability to finish games reared its ugly head far too often during his tenure with the Bolts, especially during the last two seasons. Too many times, we saw the Chargers come out of the locker room at halftime with an entirely different attitude. We watched them nurse leads, thinking they could just shorten the game and run the clock out on offense. Defensively, we saw a much more passive defense. This conservative playcalling cost the team countless victories in 2015-16.

Why McCoy felt comfortable sitting on leads is something I just don’t understand. If a coach doesn’t have a killer instinct, how can he expect his players to employ said killer instinct, allowing them to finish games with a victory in the win column. If a lead is built by playing aggressive, full-throttle football, wouldn’t it make sense to continue that attitude for 60 minutes instead of 30 or 45 minutes? McCoy’s lack of killer instinct, much like his predecessor, is just one of my gripes with him. I won’t bother to get into his many crimes against the game clock or his pathetic, useless rhetoric during post-game press conferences.

I’m glad there will be no more post-game pressers filled with clichés, with McCoy saying a bunch of nothing words. The phrases “next man up” and “we need to finish” make me want to projectile vomit all over everything I enjoy in life. He thinks he’s “the hoodie,” but he’s lacking something a little bit important: Belichick’s credentials.

When you’re Mike McCoy, talking to a soft media which is accustomed to mediocrity and ready to cut you slack, try being a little forthcoming.

My apologies go out to members of the media who may read this. I think you know what I mean. How long did we put up with Norv Turner? How long did we put up with Bud Black? How long did media members make excuses for both?

Now, I digress.

I can only hope that Dean Spanos breaks a perceived habit and decides to spend for a quality head coach.

Additionally, before anyone puts words in my mouth, I don’t mean Chuckie, Cowher or Coughlin.

Not happening.



Thanks for reading.  Let me know your thoughts!


Mike Pisciotta




Currently, the San Diego Chargers are showing signs of improvement. Despite many injured, “stars”, the makeshift team has taken the field and beaten the reigning Super Bowl champions and then followed that up by squeezing out a victory over the Atlanta Falcons and their number one rated offense. Yes, Chargers fans have reason to feel excited about the future of this team. Who knows, maybe there is a chance for Philip Rivers to win a ring before he retires, without trading him away. Time will tell.

One thing most fans don’t consider is that if this teams continues to play well, Head Coach Mike McCoy, or, “McNorv” as some fans call him, will not only survive the season, he will most likely get an extension! Remember, when fans were screaming for the departure of Norv Turner, he received an extension.

One thing NFL teams do not like to do is have a lame-duck coach. Whenever a coach is on the last year of his contract, the front office worries that the team will not listen to him and will not buy into his system anymore. After all, why learn from a guy who is on his way out the door?

For McCoy, there is one more year on his contract after this season. Many fans do not expect him to survive the season. After the last two victories, it appears he has saved his job, at least until the bye week. More than likely, he has saved his job for the rest of the season. If the Chargers continue to improve and end the season at .500 or better, expect Coach McCoy to be locked into another two, to three years.

We should be honest, if Coach McCoy turns this team full of rookies and backups into a playoff team, or at least a winner, he probably deserves an extension! (That was painful to type)
Looking around the NFL, it is obvious that some teams have different philosophies when it comes to making coaching changes. The Cleveland Browns have had 18 different coaches since 1969. Even the great Bill Belichick couldn’t win there. He left with a dismal record of 36-44. The Browns front office decided it was his fault and cut him loose. Now, with the Patriots, he has a record of 193-70, and a handful of rings.

The Steelers, on the other hand, do not like to change coaches. They have had just three coaches since 1969. The three of them have totaled a record of 726-290 and six championships between them. It seems there is something to be said for continuity.

Our Chargers have had 14 different coaches in the same time span. In all those years, our Bolts have made it to the Super Bowl one time and have no jewelry to show for it. Perhaps it is not so much the coaches, but more on the players. Then again, Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner had some great talent on their teams and never made it to the big show. I suppose that is what makes the decision to fire a coach so difficult.

I do not know the answer, so you tell me: Should the Chargers fire Mike McCoy? If so, when? Or, assuming the team ends this season .500 or better, should the Chargers offer McCoy an extension? If you go by recent decisions made by the Chargers front office, I think an extension is more likely than a firing. Leave your answer below and I’ll get back to you.


Over a month ago the San Diego Chargers drafted defensive end Joey Bosa with their third overall pick. Along with Bosa the Chargers drafted two more defensive players. One of them was Bosa’s running mate at Ohio State, Joshua Perry. These look to be great additions combined with the free agent signings of defensive tackle Brandon Mebane and safety Dwight Lowery.

Some Chargers fans are clamoring for the Chargers to switch defensive schemes. I’ll tell you why this can not and will not happen anytime soon. First, I’ll tell you the difference between the two schemes. For the purpose of this piece it will just be a base 3-4 scheme versus the base 4-3 scheme. After this I will give my opinion on why switching schemes wouldn’t be beneficial for the Bolts moving forward.

I’ve stated in a previous article (Bolt Up For Bosa) that the Chargers only run their base scheme about 50% of defensive snaps. It’s these 50% of snaps I will be focusing on. That being said what is a 3-4 defense? It has been used famously by Bum Phillips, the father of Wade Phillips.

Used by the Houston Oilers in the 70’s, it’s predicated on pressure by overwhelming the offensive line with multiple attacking defensive players. If used correctly this scheme can be virtually unstoppable. This was defensive scheme used most brilliantly by the Denver Broncos to defeat the Carolina Panthers in this past years’ Super Bowl.

The 3-4 was the staple of Dick LeBeau’s defense which helped drive multiple teams to Super Bowl appearances. Lebeaus’ defense has yielded two wins and four losses in the Super Bowl. In New England, the 3-4 has been the driving force behind the Patriots dynasty. Yes, Tom Brady has made his throws but its been the defense that’s given the Patriots four Super Bowl titles in 15 years.

Breaking it down the 3-4 consists of three down linemen and four linebackers. The four linebackers have endless possibilities on how they can be placed. There’s a multitude of packages to utilize. This makes the 3-4 a hard defense to plan against. With four linebackers you don’t know who is blitzing or who is dropping back in coverage. The point of a 3-4 defense is mismatches. It’s built to stop the run and apply endless amount of pressure on the opposing teams’ offensive line. In theory, the Chargers should be good at run-stopping although this has been the Achilles’ heel of the defense over the past several years.


Here’s a diagram of a basic 3-4 defense.

34defense.png (574×288)


So how will the Chargers look defensively? Let’s start with the defensive line. At left defensive end will be Corey Liuget. Anchoring the middle will be nose tackle Brandon Mebane. At right defensive end will be Joey Bosa. At weak side outside linebacker will be Jerry Attaochu. The inside linebacker will be Manti Te’o. The middle linebacker will be Denzel Perrymen. The strong side linebacker will be Melvin Ingram.

Anchoring the back end of the defense from left to right will be left cornerback Jason Verrett. At Free Safety will be Dwight Lowery. Next to him will be strong safety Jahleel Addae. The right cornerback will be Brandon Flowers. Keep in mind this is how it stands right now. A lot depends on training camp and if the Chargers sign other free agents.

So now know how the Chargers will run their basic 3-4 defense. What is a 4-3 defense? The base 4-3 first came to us under Tom Landry when he was the Giants defensive coordinator in the 1950’s. He then made it even more famous with the Dallas Cowboys and through their vaunted “Doomsday” defense. Ever since, there’s been multiple variations of the scheme from the Bill Parcells stack defense to the Wide-9 defense famously used by the Philadelphia Eagles.

On to the basis of the 4-3. It’s four down linemen and three linebackers. In its most basic form the four down linemen will always have their hands in the ground and be in pursuit of whomever has the ball. The three linebackers are in charge of coverage in this base defense although they may blitz in certain packages.
Here’s a diagram of a basic 4-3 defense.

base_4-3.jpg (600×387)

The Chargers run a variation of the 4-3 in a hybrid nickel package. The nickel package features Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu with their hands in the dirt. The 3-4 defense has been implemented since 2001 when Marty Schottenheimer took  over as head coach. Since then the Chargers have had a few dominant defenses in ’06, ’07, ’09 and 2010. Its been proven very effective when the right pieces are in place. In 2016 this is such the case. My main reason for this belief is Joey Bosa and the signing of cornerback Casey Hayward. The Hayward addition was an amazing pick up.

It’s all about the anchor of the 3-4, the nose tackle. A viable anchor is something the Chargers have lacked for so long. Since the days of Jamal Williams its been a revolving door at this position. Brandon Mebane probably didn’t make headlines to the casual Chargers fan. I believe this is the most underrated pickup of the whole offseason. Mebane can garner double- and sometimes even triple-teams.

This defense, hell, this whole team is going too shock a lot of people. As I said earlier the 3-4 requires almost pure selflessness from its three down linemen. It starts with Mebane. I may call him Bane by seasons’ end. If you know Batman then you understand the reference. Its been five years in the making with this defense. Why change philosophies now when this defense is so close to grasping greatness? Its proven to be a dominant defense in the past. It can and will be for years to come.



There are less than three days remaining until the offseason day we’ve all been waiting for aside from the start of free agency. The NFL Draft will commence with the Tampa Bay on the clock and a whirlwind of speculation surrounding our beloved San Diego Chargers. I will be there in person to see the events unfold and write of it in the days thereafter. After ingesting all the rumors and speculation of the last couple months, I have a feel for the way things go and I am brave (or stupid) enough to put them in print. Without further adieu. here are my top ten fearless predictions.

1. Philip Rivers will NOT be traded. Chargers GM Tom Telesco knows how valuable a commodity he has in Rivers and he’s simply not for sale. Not for Mariota. Not for Winston. Not for a handful of magic beans. No trade. No way. No how.

2. Adrian Peterson WILL be traded. To my chagrin, I have come to the realization that he will not be traded to the Chargers as dearly as I want that to happen. The Vikings know there is no chance in hell Peterson will ever suit up in the Purple and Gold ever again so on draft day he will be gone to the highest bidder. I will stand by my projection that the best they will get is a third round pick and maybe a late round throw in but their first round asking price will not happen.

3. Marcus Mariota will be the second pick in the draft but he will not play for Tennessee, who own the second pick. Not coincidentally, it leads to my next prediction…

4. Marcus Mariota and Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly will be reunited in Philadelphia. All the talk of a Mariota-for-Rivers deal has to make the Eagles happy because they have been largely forgotten in the equation. This will turn out exactly the way we expected it to at the end of the National Championship game. Chip Kelly wants Mariota to run his offense the same way he did at Oregon. Kelly knows there is no one better to run his offense than Mariota. Kelly will get Mariota.

5. To get Mariota, Kelly will trade off his offseason acquisitions. We all thought Kelly traded off his best pieces if he wanted to trade up to get Mariota. The Eagles sent former rushing champion LeSean McCoy packing. They traded away a strong quarterback in Nick Foles. What they did was overload their skill positions in order to make a deal the Titans would want. Let’s examine the facts. They now have DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles as running backs. They now have Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and Tim freaking Tebow in their five quarterback stable. Kelly is going to give the Titans the quarterback and running back of their choice AND their first rounder to get the Titans spot and claim Mariota. Book it.

6. Eight household name players will change addresses during the draft. Expect at least five veterans to get traded on day one and more on day two as Peterson comes into play. Chip Kelly will be responsible for three of those names alone. More will come.

7. The Chargers first round pick will be a running back. Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon will be the man depending on who’s available.  Florida State center Cameron Erving will be the selection (as I indicated in my recent mock draft) if both are gone. Offense will be the order of the day in the first round. Telesco has not addressed the running back issue at all in the offseason and contrary to what has been said, don’t expect him to stand pat with Donald Brown, Branden Oliver and  Danny Woodhead. A top two running back will be drafted.

8. Only two quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round but three will be traded. Among those names, expect Robert Griffin III to be one of them.

9. The bidding war for Adrian Peterson between the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys will be won by….New England. The Patriots will give the Vikings their first, second and fifth round picks to secure Peterson as Belichick shows why he is still the smartest person in the room. Hear that sound? It’s Bill Belichick dropping the mic.

10. Telesco will go against formula and trade down on day two to recover the seventh round pick he dealt last year. He’s saving one other bombshell for day two that lands the Chargers the services of.. disgruntled Bears feature running back Matt Forte. You heard it here first. A big name veteran will end up with the Chargers by the end of the draft. Telesco has a plan and its going to jolt Bolt Nation.

There you have it. My expectations for the draft. There’s always a few surprises, a few head scratchers but it will always be entertaining. Look for me on Thursday wearing my powder blue lightning bolted jersey of the quarterback who won’t be traded.



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The Greg One







Here in sunny Phoenix, you can’t have consecutive conversations on any subject without the Super Bowl being mentioned. For good reason, Phoenix is the center of the universe this week and the game pitting the New England Patriots versus the Seattle Seahawks has all the makings of an epic encounter.

Then again, we thought the same thing about last season’s Super Bowl…

On the first snap of last season’s big game, the ball was sailed over Peyton Manning’s head and it was all downhill from there as the almighty Denver Broncos were boat raced by the Seahawks 43-8.

Are we doomed for a repeat of last season?

Let’s check the similarities. The Seahawks are the power of the NFC, featuring (arguably) the best secondary in the game and a stout defense that keeps opponents off the scoreboard while the offense gets ahead early and forces the opposition to play out of their comfort zone. The Patriots were the top team in the AFC or, perhaps, considered 1 and 1A most of the season when you include Denver in the mix. Both teams finished with identical 12-4 records and first round byes in the playoffs. In the end, the Patriots had the edge due to a 43-21 win over the Broncos. The fact that the Patriots are the AFC representative in the Super Bowl erases all remaining doubt.

The Patriots also feature a deep and talented secondary and the best game planning staff in the league in Bill Belichick and crew. The Patriots offense, like Seattle, is not explosive by definition but they have bursts of scoring that is usually enough to put teams away.

Both teams come armed with a play making quarterback and one star complimentary player. Seattle has Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch. New England has Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Aside from those tag teams, neither offense has a player that strikes fear into the opposition. The question is which tandem will be held in check the best. Both teams have slow, plodding offenses with short rhythmic passing attacks. Neither team has a propensity to fire the ball deep down the field.

The differences are Seattle has a more creative offensive attack with Wilson running the read-option. His ability to extend plays with his legs will create problems for the Patriots. New England has faced one running quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) and no read option teams all season. The Patriots, boring style and all, do average 30 points per game to Seattle’s 24. All their offensive shortcomings are overshadowed by the ability of Brady to make the plays needed to win. Brady is in the argument of best quarterbacks of all time. New England is playing to cement their legacy while Seattle is hoping to create a legacy reminiscent of what the Patriots are doing now. Back to back Super Bowl wins over two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game will go a long way to doing so.

In the end, it boils down to can Seattle disrupt Tom Brady enough to make him average. He’s great when he has time to throw and has established a rhythm. When the pass rush forces him to slip and slide in the pocket he becomes average and prone to making mistakes. Seattle’s defense found its stride at the right time coming down the back stretch of the season as they reeled off six straight wins, allowing six points per game to the opposition. Only one team in that stretch scored more than 7 points.

For New England, the big question is can they stop Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is the most punishing runner in the league and over the course of a game defenders are less and less willing to tackle him head on. The Patriots have given up big rushing games to lesser backs this season. Moreno (132), Knile Davis (107), Chris Ivory (107), Matt Forte (114), Eddie Lacy (98) and Justin Forsett (129) in the Divisional Playoff against Baltimore. Stopping Lynch makes the read-option and play action ineffective which is the Seahawks bread and butter.

Thankfully, this game looks dead even which means we won’t be looking for something more interesting to do before halftime as was the case last year. The Seahawks will shackle Gronkowski for most of the game. He’ll find an opening for one short touchdown catch. Seattle strong safety Kam Chancellor will be the unsung hero of the game. The heartbeat of Seattle’s defense, force multiple incompletions on balls headed to Gronk and without his safety net Brady will falter.

The stingy Seahawks D will force field goals instead of allowing touchdowns in the red zone. Brady will throw for a pedestrian 250 yards and two touchdowns but the pass most talked about will be of the second half pick six he threw to Earl Thomas that broke the game open. One half of the Wilson/Lynch tag team will win the MVP and the ‘Hawks will succeed in going back-to-back by a score of 30-23.

Who you got, Bolt Nation?


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One





This week there will be no time to celebrate a hard-fought victory over the Ravens. An even more difficult game against the 9-3 New England Patriots is coming up quickly. Yes, the Chargers showed last week that they can beat a playoff caliber team on the road. Yes, the Chargers showed they have the heart of a champion as they came back from three 10 points deficits, including one in the fourth quarter. Finally, yes, the Chargers have regained the attention of the national media as they became the first West coast team to win in Baltimore and hence raised their record to a very respectable 8-4.

As much as the Chargers showed the world what they are made of last Sunday, none of that matters now. Hoodie and the Brady Bunch have already invaded America’s Finest City. It’s time to prove to the world that the first three quarters of the season were not a fluke and this Chargers team is worthy of being in the conversation as contenders, not pretenders.

As we enter the last quarter of the season, NFL coaches have to find ways to motivate players. How they go about it will often depend on the record of the team as well as the quality of the opponents to be played. If a team is in last place, like the Raiders, the coach may tell his players that they are playing for pride, or perhaps their jobs. If a team is in first like the Broncos, they may stress staying focused and not looking ahead. They may also emphasize the importance of home field advantage, or at least securing a playoff spot.

In the case of the Chargers and Patriots, motivation should not be difficult for either coach. This is a big game. This game has playoff implications. This game is a match up between two franchises that have had some classic matchups going back to the early days of the AFL when the Chargers defeated the Boston Patriots in the AFL Championship game 51-10 and walked away with their one and only ring (so far). Overall, the Patriots have beaten the Chargers at a rate of 60%, including the last five times that Tom Brady has faced them.

With all of that being said, let’s take a look inside each locker room and see what I think each coach will say to prepare their teams mentally for this potential classic. We’ll start with the visiting Patriots. Remember, these are my words, not theirs. Also, please remember to leave a comment below and share how you would motivate your players for this game.

Patriots: Coach Belichick

  1. On to San Diego – “Yes, it is time to move on to week 13 and the San Diego Chargers. But before we do, let’s address the elephant in the room. Let’s address the loss to the Packers that we just experienced. Just remember about that loss, or any loss, we have to learn from it and we have to be honest. The truth is that we were beaten by a better team on that day. We were out coached and out played. I wish we could blame the officials, or the media, or the fans, but the reality is that we were beaten by a better team. Now, does that mean that they will beat us if we play them later? Not at all. We will learn from this loss and become a better football team. We will work hard in the field room and create an effective game plan for this week, and we will execute that game plan. If we can do that, we will be back on the winning track. Now, it’s on to San Diego.”
  1. Patriot Football – “What we need to do is get back to Patriot football. Do you remember what that is? I hope so, because it is powerful. If we can play Patriot football, no one can beat us. Patriot football is not allowing the other team to dictate the pace of the game. Patriot football is not allowing the other team to amass over 100 yards rushing against us and push us around. Patriot football is not screaming at each other and losing our cool (glances at Brady). Patriot football is all about doing what we want, when we want to do it, and showing the other team that they cannot do anything about it. Oh, there is one more thing that helps describe Patriot football…..The Patriots do not lose two games in a row.”
  1. Execute to Win – “I believe that we have the better roster of players in this game. It is my opinion that when you put the Chargers players and the Patriots players side by side, the Patriots have a more impressive list. Does that mean we will win? Not necessarily. We had a better roster than the Chiefs too and we got embarrassed. Losses can happen at any time to anyone. The Chargers are 8-4 for a reason. They showed a lot of heart against a heavy favorite in Baltimore last week and came out with a W. You cannot look past these guys and win, I don’t care who is on the rosters. But, if we all study and work hard this week, and then go out and execute our game plan, we will leave here 10-3. Just stay focused, be prepared mentally and physically, and execute our plays, and we will be victorious.”
  1. Threats on Offense – “Defense, don’t think you are in for a walk in the park Sunday night. We are going up against a very potent offense that is capable of racking up a lot of points if we do not respect their weapons. First off they have a fine quarterback in Philip Rivers. He is the second best December quarterback statistically in the league. He is only behind Tom Brady in December when it comes to his won/loss record. He is as competitive as they come and has been playing good ball. He does seem to be suffering from a lingering injury which could cause him to rush passes if we can lay some early hits on him. Stay on him all night. Along with Rivers, watch out for Floyd running deep routes, Royal and Allen running possession routes, and most importantly Gates and even Green across the middle, especially on third down. Green has been underused this season, but he is a true deep threat from the tight end position. While you are watching out for those guys, don’t be fooled by their 28th ranking in rushing offense. Ryan Mathews has been quite effective on the ground since his return to the lineup. You have to respect the run, but I would greatly prefer to let Mathews try to beat us than Rivers.”
  1. About the Defense – “Offense, we should score on their defense all night! They have not had much success stopping the run and the Chargers have always struggled to cover tight ends. All that, and you should know that their defensive backs, with the exception of Flowers and Weddle, have been beaten often this season. Now that does not mean they don’t have potential. That means, once again, if we execute, we should do well on offense. If we score early and often, they should lose the fire they are sure to start the game with. If they get momentum, we could be in trouble. It is crucial to get up early!”

That brings us to the home locker room and the Chargers Coach Mike McCoy. McCoy has the difficult job of reminding his team how good their opponent is, without discouraging them. Here is how I would handle it.

Chargers: Coach McCoy

  1. We Believed: “Men that was an outstanding effort against a tough Ravens team on Sunday. I preached all week that we had to believe and you proved that to be true. It would have been easy to quit. We were down by 10 points three different times during that game and we never gave up! That is a testament to our players and our coaches. We went to Baltimore to win a football game and that is exactly what we did! Now, we move on and look to next Sunday night.”
  1. Are We Ready for Primetime?: “Ok, we have had some nice wins this season. We hosted the world champs and beat them. Just last week, we became the first West coast team to ever beat the Ravens at home! We flew across country and beat a very good Bills team as well. All of those victories and the other five W’s that we have put on the board will not prove to be as impressive as this win. The New England Patriots are the real deal. They can certainly beat anyone in the NFL and no one would be surprised. They are currently the number one seed in the AFC and have home field advantage throughout and a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Are you getting the idea? They are pretty damn good! With all that in mind, I have to ask you a question. Are you ready? This is primetime, playoff ramifications, the entire country watching kind of stuff. Are you ready? Are you? You better be. I guarantee they are. They are used to this type of game. They will prepare as if it is just another Sunday. For us, it’s not normal. This is not what we are used to this time of year. I don’t know about you, but I love it! I am ready! I am ready to lead you on to the field of battle and watch you take on the Patriots and send them back home happy that they got to spend the week in America’s finest city, but regret that they even showed up to the Q. I am ready to watch the Patriots go down to defeat and be grateful the game is over and hope that they don’t see us in the playoffs. I am ready for all of that! Are you?”
  1. Not Invincible – “Okay, enough of how great they are. I don’t want you to get the feeling that we don’t deserve to be on the same field with these guys. We do belong! Their record is only one game better than ours. They are 9-3 with losses to the same Dolphins team that beat us; the Chiefs just dismantled them, and then again last week against a very good Packers team. They have three losses, we have four. By the end of the night, if it’s up to me, I say we both have four. In fact, I say let’s send them packing knowing that we have the tie breaker against them and that we want what they currently have. Let’s show them that we are not the Chargers they have faced in the recent past. We are tough. We are resilient. We are not impressed or intimidated. If they are going to beat us, they are going to have to earn it. I don’t think they are ready for what they are about to face. Are you?”
  2. Man Up – “Men, we are in for a fight in all three phases of the game this week. Special teams, we will not be scared this week. We will not be pooching and squibbing kicks all over the field and allowing Tom Brady to start every drive at the 40 yard line. We will be aggressive and trust that you will get down the field and get their man down. Defense, their offense is talented and it will be up to you to pressure Brady and make him move his feet. If we let him stand comfortably in the pocket and step into his throws, he will pick us apart. Offense, just like last Sunday, we will have to score touchdowns instead of field goals as much as possible. It is time to man up and show the world what we are made of.”
  1. It’s Our Turn – “Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and company have had their time in the sun. The Patriots and their fans have enjoyed five trips to the Super Bowl and three victory parades. I’m tired of watching the Patriots celebrate. I’m tired of the Patriots being the darling of the NFL and walking around like they are entitled to something. It’s our turn, men. It’s our turn to taste the fruits of victory. It’s our fans turn to celebrate. We are at a place in history when we can either settle for being pretty good, or we can take the next step toward greatness. Let’s take that next step together. Let’s play Sunday as if it were to secure our place in history. It’s our turn, men. It’s our turn.”

Well, that is how I would approach my players if I coach either team this Sunday. I would love to read your take on the subject. Please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Please share this article and others on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you participate in. Let’s get the word out to all Chargers fans about

Thank you and Go Chargers!!! Enjoy the game!

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