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While on my trip in New York City for the NFL draft, it seems that I missed some very interesting news.  Yahoo sports had reported that LaDainian Tomlinson was asked by the Chargers to come out of retirement and play for the Bolts in 2013.

Initially, I didn’t believe it.  I thought it was a ridiculous rumor.  Well, I guess that’s what I get for thoughting.  ( Inside joke for my Dad)

After confirming that it was indeed true that Telesco and company approached LT about coming back, my curiosity peaked.  What would the rest of the #BoltFam think about LaDainian Tomlinson coming back?  Although we know it is not going to happen right now, I want to know what you think.

Below is a poll.  Please place your vote and leave a comment stating why, or why not, you would support the comeback of #21.

Would you have liked it if LT made a comeback with the Chargers?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.  I look forward to reading your comments below.








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