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San Diego is missing some key players that they won’t be getting back this season.  Guys like Danny Woodhead and Nick Hardwick are out for the year.  They are both missed immensely.  Not having them on the field has proven to be a big detriment to the team and, especially, the offense.

It appears that outside linebacker, Melvin Ingram, is very close to a return.  He will begin practicing today for the first time in quite a long time. His cap number for the year is $2,290,431.  That number will not be included in this piece, but it should be noted that he hasn’t played since the week 2 victory over the defending Super bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.  His return to the field should provide a serious spark that is needed on an ailing Charger defense.

As posted in an article earlier today, the Bolts are on the hook for a ton of money to players that are no longer on the team.  When doing research for that post, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the money being spent on injured players that are not able to contribute due to season-ending injuries.

Here’s the list of player’s cap numbers that will not be back to help the team achieve success in 2014.


RB – D.J. Adams  $88,200  practice squad reserve-injured

DL – Damik Scafe  $303,000

DL – Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe  $303,833

LB – Alvin Scioneaux  $304,000

NT – Kwame Geathers  $319,000

C/G – Doug Legursky  $687,059

RB – Danny Woodhead  $2,250,000

C – Nick Hardwick  $6,150,000

G/T – Jeromey Clary  $3,300,000  ( He is not on IR but he is on the PUP list.  No timetable for his return has been announced. )**

** Included Jeromey Clary because I honestly don’t believe that he’ll play this season

Minus Clary, the other players mentioned will certainly not be returning to the field this season.  From the looks of things, it isn’t looking good for Jeromey either.

When adding up the amount of money spent in 2014 on players that are no longer available, the total comes to $13,402,092.  Ouch!  And I mean that literally.  The pun was intended.

The Bolts have been beat up by injuries this season.  The entire NFL has to deal with injuries every year.  But it sure does seem as though San Diego has been hit incredibly hard with the “injury stick.”

The “Next man up” mantra has been preached over and over again.  It has been put to the test and the Chargers are now finally getting some guys back that can help push this team toward a second consecutive playoff berth.

That being said, only Ingram and Clary, of all of the players listed above, will have that opportunity.  The will and perseverance of this club has been tested and it will continue to be that way for the rest of the year.  It is up to the coaches to adapt and adjust to these injuries and place the healthy players in the best positions to succeed.


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The second the Commissioner closes the NFL Draft after “Mr. Irrelevant” is named a feeding frenzy begins.  Instead of having to wait for your turn 1 by 1, it is now open season on hundreds of players.  A team almost has to have more of a game-plan going into the UDFA period after the draft than they do for the draft itself.  With all 32 teams suddenly now fighting over mostly the same players all at the same time, the stakes get a lot higher.

The stakes are also higher for these players.  Many of them had hopes of being drafted, others just looking for a chance.  No matter what their situation is, Undrafted Free Agents all start with a chip on their shoulder because unlike most of the draftee’s, they are still in a knockdown, drag-out fight for their dreams.

With that said, before draft weekend finished the Chargers had signed 17 UDFA’s and invited 10 additional players to come try-out at mini-camp.  So out of these 27 players are there any worth keeping? Any diamonds in the rough that could beat the odds and find a spot?

The Chargers have had pretty good luck with UDFA’s as recently as last year with scrappy SS Jahleel Addae who became a starter on our defense by the end of the season.

Lets take a look at a few names of guys I think might push for a spot on the roster or practice squad.



Alden Darby SS ASU 5’10 194lbs

Darby is a do-it-all safety who isn’t afraid to tackle but also has the range and skill to help in the pass game.  In 3 years as a starter for ASU Darby amassed 203 tackles including 8.5 TFL and 2 sacks.  In pass defense he grabbed 10 int and 22 PD.  He doesn’t have the hard hitting style that Addae fly’s around with, but he is better in pass coverage.  He will provide competition for Addae and Brandon Taylor who is coming off injury (again).  My Prediction: Practice Squad.  With how often our DB’s seem to get injured keeping an extra Safety on the PS would be nice.


Javontee Herndon, Joshua Holsey

Javontee Herndon WR Ark 6’0 207lbs

The Chargers grabbed a few WR’s as UDFA’s and the one I think has the best chance to stick somewhere based purely on physical abilities and experience is Herndon.  He is coming from the SEC, which has some very tough defenses, and averaged over 14 YPC for his entire college career.  He also showed some nice numbers at his pro-day running a 4.44 in the 40, a 6.87 in the 3-cone and 23 reps of 225.  My Prediction: Practice Squad.  The Chargers like to keep 2 or 3 WR’s close by since our WR’s are usually made of paper so Herndon gets an offer for the PS.



Tenny Palepoi DL Utah 6’1 1/2″ 298lbs

Tenny only played 2 years at Utah but displayed some playmaking ability while there.  After the departure of Star Lotulelei*  last year Utah coaches expected a sharp drop off in the quality of play from their defensive line.  It didn’t.  Utah coaching staff has credited Palepoi’s play with keeping up the level of play after the departure of Lotulelei.  As a starter last year Palepoi managed 53 tackles, 9.5 TFL and 4.5 sacks from an interior DL position.  He showcased his athleticism at the combine where he looked very fluid in drills and displayed explosion posting a 9’3″ broad jump and 30 1/2″ vertical at 300lbs.  My Prediction: Practice Squad.  I only say practice squad because the team seems enamored with both Lawrence Guy and Sean Lissemore.  However if there is an injury or if the team wants to keep an extra player active on the DL this year he might get the extra spot.


Gustave “John” Benthin DL Western Oregon 6’2 299lbs

Benthin is exactly what the Chargers need on the DL.  He has played every position on the DL through his career at Western Oregon.  He is extremely explosive (36 reps of 225, 35″ vert  and 9’3″ broad jump at 299lbs).  And my favorite, he plays like a bully.  Just look at some of his highlights from the 2012 season and 2013 season .  From the first play in the first video just watch how he bullies offensive linemen when he gets ahold of them.  I’d love to see him in short yardage situations as a blocking FB.  My Prediction: Same as Palepoi.  He is not an UDFA, he just has a try-out invite.  I think he gets a contract and will be on the practice squad, if not the active roster due to his versatility.  He will have to prove he can maintain that dominance against higher levels of competition since he is coming from the GNAC conference but I think he does.


A few other names to keep your eye out for in practice:

Chris Davis CB Auburn –  Lead the SEC in punt return avg last year and ran back the missed field goal at the end of the Iron Bowl.

Alvin Scioneaux OLB Wofford – Very athletic OLB.  Undersized at 6’2 225lbs, think a poor man’s Ryan Shazier or Lavonte David.  Explosive first step and has the range and football IQ to drop back occasionally.  Brings a new level of speed to the LB Corps.  Could be a Darryl Gamble type player in the pre-season that you want to root for. Highlights:

Colton Underwood OLB Illinois St – Big, athletic LB.  In 45 games played he had 44 TFL and 21.5 Sacks.  Quick off the edge and disruptive in the backfield. Highlights:

Blake Oliaro OLB/DE San Diego University – Local kid who used his length and great moves to amass 30 sacks and 40.5 TFL in his college career. Highlights: 



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