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My girlfriend, Megan, and I had the opportunity to travel to Canton, Ohio and visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame and attend the Class of 2015 Enshrinement Ceremony last year. Personally, I was excited to attend as a diehard Charger fan and show support of Junior Seau, who was to be enshrined that day.

Another player to be inducted that day was Steelers halfback, Jerome Bettis, evidenced by the foam school buses on many people’s heads. Canton, Ohio is only about a two-hour drive from Pittsburgh. Needless to say there were Steelers fans everywhere. Some of them complimented us on coming so far to support Junior, saying he was a great player, or said it was sad he had left us so soon. The respect Steelers Nation showed to him and to us will be with me for a long time.

We eventually met a group of Seau fans from Oceanside, Junior’s hometown. We talked about our favorite memories of Junior and took pictures together. A great moment was shared when the group was asked to cheer in front of the Hall of Fame for the NFL Network broadcast, all in our Charger gear.

The day of the Enshrinement Ceremony is the busiest day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, something to keep in mind if you are ever planning to visit. The line to enter the Hall of Fame Gallery, where the bronze busts of each inductee are on display, was very long. We were told by an employee that they couldn’t guarantee we would get in to see the busts because they were closing the museum early so the Packers and Vikings players could have a private tour before the Hall of Fame Game the next day.

We risked it, and about two hours later, made it in to see the great Charger players already enshrined: Lance Alworth, Dan Fouts, Sid Gillman, Charlie Joiner, Ron Mix, Kellen Winslow and Fred Dean. Junior’s bust would be revealed to the whole world in a few short hours. It was worth the wait.

Soon it was time to leave the Hall of Fame and enter Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium next door. It’s a 22,000 seat, outdoor football venue, perfect for the Enshrinement Ceremony. The Hall of Fame stadium plays host to many high school and college football games during their seasons as well as the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, and Hall of Fame Games, played the the day after the ceremony to kick off the NFL preseason each year.

We made it to our seats and I started to reflect. I thought about Junior as his transcendent smile would flash on the jumbotron every few minutes. The jumbotron started to show career highlights of the other members of the Class of 2015. When Bettis’ highlights came on about 20,000 Terrible Towels would go up in the air accompanied by loud cheers and chants. Ironically, many of Junior’s highlights were of him tackling The Bus in the backfield for a loss, effectively quieting the crowd, if only for a moment.

It was finally time for Junior’s bust to be revealed. Master of Ceremonies, Chris Berman, introduced a short tribute video to Junior. Next, Junior’s children were allowed on stage to reveal his bust to the world. Due to a controversial NFL policy on posthumous inductions, none were allowed to speak. Junior’s daughter, Sydney, was then taken off stage and interviewed by an NFL Network reporter. Despite the NFL-induced oddity of the whole situation, Sydney spoke with the poise, bravery and the heart of a true champion. The emotion permeated all in attendance.

During her interview, I thought about Junior’s career with the Chargers, his legend, what he meant to the fans and to the City of San Diego. I thought about what he still means to us all. Men who give their hearts and souls to their community, never truly leave us. They live on in all of us, in our memories, in what we say and do every day.

San Diego had lost it’s two favorite sons, Junior and then Tony Gwynn. At the time of this ceremony it was all but certain, we would lose the Chargers as well. For me, that’s when the tears came. At some point I looked up to the sky and imagined Junior and Tony, shoulder to shoulder, smiling down on us.

This experience has given me the determination to follow the exceptional example set by these two great San Diego men; to do what I can to make my community a better place. I won’t be able to be the best player on the field, or donate millions to local charities, but I can treat everyone I meet with respect and love, as these two did. I can take the time to educate people on the downtown stadium proposal, or at the very least, talk with them about it. I think that’s what Junior would have wanted. If we all do a mere fraction of what these two men did over their lives, we can make this town a better place, maybe even keep our beloved Bolts!


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Four years gone. Too many years too soon. Junior Seau passed away four years ago today on May 2, 2012. It was a devastating blow to Chargers Nation and the San Diego community. It’s hard to believe the time has passed so quickly.

Seau’s lasting legacy will never fade away in the hearts and minds of the Chargers Nation and the city of San Diego. His persona on and off the field exemplified passion, hard work and enthusiasm. Seau played the game of football like no other linebacker we may ever see before or after him.

He played the game of life in ways we all should strive to do. He treated everyone like he had known them there whole lives. He always made time for family, friends and fans. Seau was posthumously inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015. It was a bittersweet ceremony. We all wish he could’ve been there to attend. Here’s to you buddy! You’re gone but will never be forgotten.



Chris Hoke




Great people come and go without notice. We welcome newborns with open arms daily, but in return we lose the one’s closest to us. Today is one of those days that we remember and celebrate the life one that left us far too soon.

Junior Seau would have been 46 today. Unfortunately, he isn’t here to rejoice with his family, friends, and fans. Yet, it would have been Seau’s nature to encourage celebration without him. He was just one of those guys.

On May 2, 2012, the NFL and San Diego lost its very best. Yes, I will say it again, the very best. Seau wasn’t your typical football player. His physicality on the field was feared by every opposing offensive player, especially quarterbacks. The tenacity to plow and attack through offensive lines was second nature to him. Seau was so good, he could read the offensive calls and knew exactly where he needed to be in order to shut down the play. A player like him can’t be replicated because he already broke the mold.

Most, if not all of you remember the chants in the stadium, “SAY- OW” and how even to this day, people still purchase the no. 55 jersey. As painful as it may be, you can still see the weather mark “SEAU’s” imprinted on the Mission Valley mall surface of where his restaurant used to be. Flags, banners, and mementoes are found all over the City of San Diego. This man was more than just a football player, he is the face of America’s finest city.

There are many questions as to why he is no longer with us, but let’s not remember those memories, but revel his life and what he meant to Bolt family and the community. His contributions on and off the field are forever embedded in the hearts of Charger fans. His legacy continues to carry through our children and grandchildren which will never be forgotten.

Fans, continue to remember and rejoice this day on behalf of Junior Seau because “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live”. As long as Seau lives in all of us, we will never see his death as a loss.

This year, Junior Seau is one of the 15 finalists for the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this prestigious and commemorating award. During his career, Seau was selected to 12 Pro Bowls, the Chargers MVP six times, and named to the NFL’s All Decade Team of the 1990’s. What birthday present could possibly be better than to receive an induction to the NFL’s Football Hall of Fame? Nothing could be better.

Happy Birthday, Seau. Today is a day to remember you and your legacy. Taken too soon, we can only discuss what you did in this world and how you continue to affect others. There’s no need to be sad because he wouldn’t want us to be. Here’s to you, Junior!


Briana Soltis

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