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Booga Peters
Booga Peters (1049)
Take a look at the bitches who thought Justin Herbert wouldn’t be shit

Owner/Editor/Lead Writer
No one ever said it was easy being a Chargers fan. If someone does say that, punch them right in the ding-ding. BoltBlitzcom
Greg Williams
Greg Williams (251)
AB becomes latest to hitch his wagon to the Brady gravy train
Assistant Lead WriterHailing from the mean streets of Raleigh, NC Boltblitz Senior writer Greg Williams currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. A lifelong Chargers fan,Greg has traveled all across the US performing in TV, movies, theatre, music and as a stand-up comic. Now a member of the Pro Football Writers Association of America, Greg is the only writer who has been with Boltblitz since it began. Future plans include making Boltblitz the premier Chargers website, living where bikinis are adequate work attire, setting stage and screen afire, making sure freshness prevails and of course, world domination. Follow him @LordOfTheGregs on Twitter.BoltBlitzcom
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell (27)
Media Forum: How to cover a team that threatens to leave

Reporter/WriterBeen a fan since the day of the 1981 Dolphin game. Been a Padre fan and Charger fan since I was little. My focus is to learn everything I can about the team and the NFL in general. ABL Always be Learning.BoltBlitzcom
Briana Soltis
Briana Soltis (60)
Chargers looking to shut down Peterson
Senior WriterBorn and raised in San Diego, I have been a Charger fan since day one. I eat, sleep and breath blue and gold. You may have noticed already, but I like to draw my readers in with imagery and symbolism. Yet, I do throw in a very technical piece here and there. I am the only female on the staff, but don't let that fool you. I tend to leave the big boys close-mouthed.BoltBlitzcom
Mike Pisciotta
Mike Pisciotta (68)
My wife left me
Big White Kahuna
Big White Kahuna (59)
Time for a change – Let’s make Chargers great again
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez (27)
¿Carson Chargers? Realidad Que No Es Tan Real
Spanish ContributorBoltBlitzcom
Jarvis Royall
Jarvis Royall (80)
Allen poised to pick up where he left off
Senior WriterBorn and raised in PG County, Maryland. Yes, that obviously means I am a Charger fan. I love everything about the Chargers. I hope everyone who reads anything on this site understands the passion the entire staff has for the team. The fact the we are all under one roof means you should feel comfortable in knowing you are getting the most sincere opinions and hardest facts about the San Diego Chargers. BoltBlitzcom
Derek Togerson
Derek Togerson (1)
What To Make Of Philip Rivers Comments About His Future
Zak Darman
Zak Darman (49)
Sorry Dean, but you have lost a fan
Lifetime Chargers fan. Die Hard since LT's record breaking season and just so happened to be at the game, opposite endzone when he did it. Living in warm, sunny California and go to 2 or 3 Charger games a year and have been a writer for BoltBlitz for about a year, as well.
Cheryl White
Cheryl White (61)
Is Hunter Henry hampered by Antonio Gates’ continued presence?

ContributorBeen supporting the Bolts since 1980, when we moved here from RI...didn't know much about football, but a neighbor of ours invited us to watch a game (I believe it was Chargers vs Steelers) and I was hooked!! I'm new to this "blogging", however, I will do my best to provide articles that capture your attention and toss in a bit of humor. Hoping they will be enjoyed, get you thinking, and most importantly, spark some kind of conversation either with myself, the rest of the writers here, and your friends/family.BoltBlitzcom
David Droegemeier
David Droegemeier (4)
Has this offseason been Telesco’s best with the Bolts?
ContributorMy name is David Droegemeier im born and raised in America's finest city currently residing in Temple, Texas with my wife and 2 dogs. I'm a complete and total die hard San Diego Sports fan. I live and die with every game. BoltBlitzcom
Rick Reiff Jr
Rick Reiff Jr (5)
Three key players: Chargers vs. Steelers
ContributorHello Charger fans! My name is Richard Farley (Everyone calls me Richie) and I have been a huge Bolt fan ever since I first got into football. Even at a young dawn, I have seen quite of but of ups and downs with the Bolts but they will always be my team regardless! (BoltBlitz is the best FYI) And don't forget to rep your San Diego Chargers loud and proud fellow readers! BoltBlitzcom
Laura Leech
Laura Leech (16)
Chargers Fan?….I still don’t know
ContributorI was born and raised in Sunny San Diego. I learned the game of football from the Chargers in the early 90s. I instantly became a fan, despite my parents efforts to make me a Steelers fan. I have always enjoyed writing and am blessed to be given the opportunity to write for such a great website. I will never stop being a fan of my beloved Chargers.BoltBlitzcom
ContributorI am a San Diego native and a die-hard Chargers' fan for as long as I can remember. There is nothing better than watching the greatest football team, in the greatest city. The love and support that Chargers players and fans bring to San Diego makes me proud to be a Chargers Fans and apart of Bolt up San Diego!BoltBlitzcom
Sam McCranie
Sam McCranie (20)
Rivers is putting up MVP-like numbers
Randy Mainwaring
Randy Mainwaring (5)
Browns at Chargers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
ContributorI’ve lived in San Diego for 30+ years now and I’ve been a Chargers fan since the early 1980s. I got sick and tired of seeing the Dallas Cowboys every single Sunday so I began watching Chargers football. I realized these guys are exciting to watch and have been a diehard fan ever since. I’ll always be a Chargers fan no matter where they end up.BoltBlitzcom
Justin Holmerud
Justin Holmerud (1)
Misery loves company
Brian Krich
Brian Krich (1)
Getting away from what works
ContributorBrian was born and raised in San Diego's north county and resides there currently. He grew up watching the Chargers and going to games during the Air Coryell era, which furthered his love for the game. He enjoys snowboarding, surfing and watching All 22 game films in his free time. BoltBlitzcom
Corey Decker
Corey Decker (17)
Is Carson Palmer stopping the Cards from reaching the next level?

ContributorMy name is Corey Decker. I stumbled on the chargers a long time ago and have never looked back. I am born and raised in arizona but visited San Diego often, I am also a writer at Halo Headquarters and RealSport .BoltBlitzcom
Trevis Thomas
Trevis Thomas (0)

Information Technology ProfessionalBoltBlitzcom
Karen GarciaEvent CoordinatorBoltBlitzcom
Terrie HansenEvent CoordinatorBoltBlitzcom

7 Responses to Staff

  • anthony pugliese says:

    what a wonderful site I have been a charger fan for over 50 years I live in Brooklyn ny and I remember everything the good the bad and the ugly I used to watch the chargers on nbc with the afl lance alworth was and still my favorite the best charger of all time
    ernie ladd was a wrestler and they would announce him as a san Diego charger.
    did you know that lance alworth was offered a contract by the ny Yankees to play centerfield in the early 60,s I cant get enough reading on my team thank god for technology please keep up the good work to all and we will get our rings
    thanks again Anthony pugliese

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      Wow. Thank you so much for the kind words, Anthony. We do our best to inform and entertain here at Your support is greatly appreciated. And I had no idea about Alworth receiving offers from the Yankees! Thanks again.

  • anthony pugliese says:

    I have the football card that states the fact about alworth and Yankees Lance was the hybrid athlete before anyone his high school average was 750 over 4 years and he hit one of the longest home runs in Mississippi where he grew up.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      We hold meetups, viewing parties during the season, bonfires, rallies among other events. We have two coming up in February on the 20th and 21st. Stay tuned to the site for details.

      Thanks for checking out the site, Bruce.

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