Although the greatest Charger running back of all-time will have to wait until 2017 for his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, today it was announced that LaDainian Tomlinson was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.  Tomlinson holds numerous records at both TCU and in NCAA football.

Here’s what LT had to say about the honor in a tweet he posted earlier today:


To say that LT earned this honor is an understatement.  He was highly-decorated in both the NFL and college.  Even fans of rival teams seem to have high praise for the former running back.  He had an impressive arsenal of moves at the running back position that so many people would attempt to emulate.  But there was only one LaDainian Tomlinson.  His performance on the field may have only been topped by what he did – and still  does – off the field.

For those of you that have been following me for quite sometime on Twitter, or reading the blog, you already know about the supreme respect that I have for number 21.  I just so happened to be someone that tried to rip off his moves even after I stopped playing organized football.  I mean, who doesn’t want to make people look like fools in a backyard pickup game?  I’d like to think that I had my share of those moments where a Tomlinson stiff-arm or jump-cut left opposing players in the dust.

Congratulations to LaDainian on this fine honor.  I feel confident speaking on behalf of the entire staff at that we are incredibly happy for you.  Now, all we’ll have to wait for is that gold jacket in 2017.



Booga Peters

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