We all rave about the acquisitions made by Tom Telesco in his 18 or so months as Chargers’ GM. Picking up guys like Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown were popular moves among many fans. Draft picks like D.J. Fluker, Keenan Allen, Jason Verrett and Jerry Attaochu had fans applauding.

But what about the departures? The players Telesco let go are probably just as noteworthy as the players he signed as free agents or drafted. Here are my top five releases/non-signings over the past year and a half:

Top spot has to be Derek Cox. Cox was benched by Mike McCoy almost more than he saw playing time. He was awful, he was horrible. He got burned, embarrassed, humiliated, caught flat-footed and out of position so much you’d think he was a pee wee leaguer. Personally, I hated Derek Cox more than I hate the cable company bearing the same name.

Next up, none other than the “Big Lazy”, Jared Gaither. Yeah, he came in during the 2011 season and pulled enough wool over A.J. Smith’s eyes as a savior at left tackle to get a stupid contract. Surprisingly, he spent more of 2012 “hurt” than he did suiting up. Apparently, the meeting Telesco had with Gaither before training camp went so well, Telesco decided cutting Gaither was worth the cap pain that would inflict.

The second spot was really a toss-up between Gaither and Robert Meacham. Wow, epic bust. He was a #3 or #4 on the New Orleans depth chart, brought in to be #2 behind Malcolm Floyd. Nobody ever will mistake Meacham for Vincent Jackson. He was such a bust, he even found himself in Norv Turner’s dog house and hardly saw playing time the second half of the season.

In this spot, Clipboard Jesus. A.J. lets this guy go to Seattle to try and be a starter, which failed miserably. So what does he do? Bring him back again to carry Philip Rivers’ water bottle and jock strap. In Charlie’s defense, why would he turn down the contract A.J. offered? Dude made some good money to stay clean, wear a baseball cap and hold a clipboard.

Lastly, we have Takeo Spikes. I liked this guy. He played hard, he worked hard, he was a leader and a mentor for the younger guys, but he’d lost a couple of steps. Defense had to get younger, and Takeo, having seen better days, needed to be released.

There are others, of course, but these are the most notable non-moves/releases from where I sit.



Mike Pisciotta

6 Responses to The Good, the Bad and the LAZY: Departures under Telesco

  • sandy peisner says:

    I agree, Derek Cox stunk.The rest Telesco cleaned out. Thank you very much.

  • OPBolt says:

    Stand by for a couple of additions, in my opinion: Mouton, English, Bird, possibly Taylor and Clary.

  • Ronn T. says:

    There is a few notables that Telesco let walk and definitely missed on. Louis Vasquez, an OL just entering his prime and would have a pro-bowl year, TT did not even try to offer a contract to the best OL the Chargers had at the time. Shaun Phillips who went on to garner 10 sacks and had a big playoff gm against his former team. TT went on to spend more money on Freeney, who is 2 yrs older and of course was injured in the 5th of the year. Let go of Antoine Cason who would’ve been far cheaper than Derek Cox and in my estimation would’ve given better cover than Richard Marshall, Crezdon Butler & Johnny Patrick.

  • Mike Pisciotta
    Mike Pisciotta says:

    Ronn, I agree on Vasquez, but I think economics more than anything dictated that non-move.

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