As we inch closer to the NFL draft the talks in San Diego are beginning to focus on the 25th pick in the first round.  Those conversations range from who to take at 25, should the team trade up or should they trade back and accumulate more picks and then a debate follows said topics.

For those that have been reading my posts for the last couple of years, I’ve made my stance clear on trading up.  Not a fan of doing it, quite honestly.  Of course there is a time and place for such a practice to occur, but I have trouble giving up the opportunity for more players in an effort to get that one guy.  The entire draft is a crapshoot.

When it comes to staying at pick 25 in the first, this might make the most sense.  In most drafts, when sitting on the clock this late in the first round you’re going to have trouble finding a true stud to provide instant value for your team.  This is clearly not always the case when you look at all of the Hall of Famers and Pro bowers that are taken much later in the draft.  There are far too many examples to point out.

Finally, trading back to accumulate more picks is awfully tempting considering the depth of this year’s draft class.  As mentioned above, in years past teams may have tended to lean toward either moving up or staying with their pick in order the land “their” guy. But this draft class is deep at many positions ( Most of those deep positions happen to be areas of need for your San Diego Chargers). Some experts have plainly stated without batting an eyelash that this is the best class in the last 20-30 years.  Now that’s saying something.

Minus the team trading up, I could get behind either of the other two methods; staying put or trading back.  But those are just my thoughts on the subject.

Below is a poll and you all know how it works.  Place your vote and leave a comment below explaining why you voted the way that you did.


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Booga Peters

7 Responses to Poll: Should the Bolts stay at pick 25 in the 1st?

  • Arnie says:

    Alright no waffling. I could not pick a category because you forgot one. IF the opportunity presents itself, the team should trade back, but not “should”. As attractive as is may sound, regardless of the holes, so i’m told, that need to be filled, there are a few things to consider. The Chargers didn’t get into this mess in one season, and they are not going to get out of it, in this draft either. Every teams has holes, deal with it. Despite all the talent the Chargers are lacking, the 2013 defensive numbers “almost” parallels the 2012 unit. Yet, the 2013 unit played well enough to make it to the playoffs, win a game and still hold the Broncos to season low scoring for third time. Also, the Patriots were notorious for trading back for more picks in the 2nd an 3rd rounds. They are no closer to putting 4th ring on Brady’s finger despite being competitive enough to get the playoffs. What helps? Playmakers.
    At the end of the day, sometimes you need to just do your homework, and go get your guy.

  • OPBolt says:

    Unless we can be a playmaker for someone in the QB Derby, I don’t see much opportunity to trade back in the first round. if, as reported, numerous teams want to trade back, then the law of supply and demand would provide less than normal in terms of what we could get for a #25 trade. However, i can see where we grab the guy we really want in the first round and be prepared to trade back in later rounds, where there may be some heated competition for remaining players and clubs are reaching for positions rather than BPA. In those later rounds, I would really like to stockpile some 2015 picks (we only have 6 in 2015).

  • Big White Kahuna
    Big White Kahuna says:

    Im usually the guy who wants to either remain where we are at and let the chips lay where they fall, or trade down and then cash in those gems down the road. However, my “instant gratification” twin wants us to trade UP and get both HUGE needs filled at CB and NT; the likes of Nix and Verret.

  • Jamie Hoyle says:

    Trading back is enticing simply because it means adding picks in the first few rounds of a deep draft. That said, I voted for standing pat. I think the Chargers can land Nix at 25 and that’s what I think they should do. If he isn’t there, then maybe the opportunity presents its self to slide back a few spots and add a third round pick in the process.

    People should realize that if the team trades up they won’t be landing some combination of players like Nix and Verret. Trading up means getting one guy, not two. Frankly, it could mean only getting one guy in the first three rounds depending upon how far they decide to move up. It would also mean no first round pick next season.

  • Big White Kahuna
    Big White Kahuna says:

    There are a lot of great views and opinions on here! Love it!! I guess, to defend my evil twin, this is a new NFL (stands for Not For Long) where winning needs to happen now. Coaches are losing their jobs after only one year. I don’t like it, i think its a terrible amount of pressure added on to an already strenuous job. Not saying McCoy is on the block at all; in fact i think hes our best coach since Coryell. My evil twin knows that we have a solid, solid group of players and with free agency looming, ages of some key players, why not trade some picks away, say 2nd and third rounders, to grab two first round picks; and just maybe…grab both Nix and Verrett. A lot of teams have been talking about trading down, not just San Diego. So perhaps there is a team with an earlier pick, who would work with us. Again just an opinion; mine is to stay at #25.

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