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I am here saying “HOLA” from the other side of the border. My name is José Luis “Joe” Martinez, and I’m a Chargers’ fan…duh, you were expecting that, right?

If you knew me like my friends know me, the idea of me being a big football fanatic might come as a surprise. See, while I am more of an artistic person – getting into the practices of Music, Dance and Theater – I’ve always had a soft spot for the Bolt revolution, and that actually continues to grow day by day.

My history as a Charger fan started when I was very young. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico, which is right across the border from the San Diego area. My family has always been supportive of the bolts; every Sunday that there was a game, a barbecue would be planned, the kids would play in the backyard while the grown-ups had some beers and enjoyed the color commentary. We would all yell our hearts out when a touchdown was scored. Now this was in 2001, so the track record per season wasn’t the greatest. I mean, I was 6 years old and didn’t know much about the sport. I was more of a casual fan of the Bolts you could say.

It was in 2006, the year that the Philip Rivers era began when I really started to get it. I was a little older, I knew much more than before about the NFL and the game of football, and I slowly, but surely, became more of a fan of the San Diego Chargers. Back then, I lived in the city of Juarez, Mexico, right next to El Paso, Texas; the idea of being a Chargers’ fan in that area…I mean come on, it was Texas, it was either Cowboys, Steelers, Texans or nothing for some people. I didn’t care, I was still a Bolts fan. And that fandom of mine continued to slowly climb, but still more casual than die-hard.

We moved back to Tijuana about 3 years ago. Being back in the area really helped me become more of a die-hard, loyal fan. In 2012, I went for the first time to Qualcomm Stadium: It was magical, and I’m not trying to be cheesy. The whole experience was awesome. The tailgating before the game, having some chicken and a few beers (and sodas for non-drinkers), enjoying the pregame stuff and kickoff. It was great overall, despite the fact we lost that game (Week 6, against the Broncos….’nuff said). But anyway, last season was my most active season as a fan, and this season I’m planning to double it up, helping keep you fellow Bolt fans up to speed with all the good stuff here at BoltBlitz, while balancing all the artistic stuff I have going on (Hell I even wrote a song about the Bolts, how much of a fan am I?). I’m very happy to be on the team and hope everyone enjoys all the posts and articles.


That’s it for now, stay tuned!








– José Martinez

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