In a post by, it appears that Shawne Merriman is signing a deal to join the WWE.  The former San Diego Charger linebacker is rumored to have been flirting around with the idea for a bit and has already had ties to the WWE.

In an announcement on a podcast that features John Layfield an Michael Cole, Shawne Merriman will be “joining the WWE family.”

In an instragram picture that was posted by Rey Mysterio Jr., the wrestler was posing with Merriman and included the hashtag, “future WWE star.”

According to the report by Wrestlezone, Merriman made a special appearance in 2008.  He was also recently on a pre-show panel for Wrestlemania 30.  Additionally, he had a tryout with the WWE back in October but was not signed then.

Although I used to try to watch the WWF as a child, I haven’t really paid any attention to wrestling for quite a while.  That being said, I wish Merriman nothing but the best.  I think it’s really cool that he’s going to have another career to focus on.  I have enjoyed watching him on NFL AM and other various shows that air on NFL Network in which Merriman has been a part of since his playing days in the league.

Despite the tumultuous end to what began as a brilliant NFL career, I hold no ill will toward Merriman.  I know that lots of Charger fans do, though.  I would ask that you take a moment and think about some of your mistakes and indiscretions. Though many people look up to NFL athletes as heroes, it’s extremely important to remember that these athletes are people just like you and me.  It just so happens that they are incredibly athletic and their God-given physical prowess is most likely far better than most will ever achieve.



Again, I wish Shawne nothing but the best and I have little doubt that I’ll try to catch a match or two of his to support him and his next venture.


Booga Peters



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