One term that we have heard for a long time and will continue to hear will be a team taking the “best player available” or BPA  for short.  That term is used for teams who may have been “robbed” of a player they planned on taking in the draft that went higher than they are picking, thus leaving them to take the best available player.  BPA is also a strategy for teams who may not be glaringly weak nor strong at any spot leaving the entire field as candidates to join the organization.  The term BPA, to me, is an incomplete phrase.  The term should be “best available fit” or the BAF.  Here’s why.

Hypothetically, let’s say your beloved Chargers trade up to the 5th pick for player A.  San Diego quickly finds out they did not get high enough for A therefore leaving them with players D, E, F, etc.  Player F is the best and most logical fit for SD, but interpreting the BPA, San Diego would be foolish to pass up on Player D and E.  Player D is the 3rd best quarterback in his class, need I make a case why he is not needed?  Player E is the best RB in the entire draft.  We not only strengthened our RB corps with the Donald Brown signing, but Trent Richardson all but convinced the entire league why not to take a RB with a top pick, let alone the first round at all.  Player F is the best corner in the draft, which is one of San Diego’s biggest needs.

Just as some food for thought on what I think of when I hear “BPA”.  Do not be surprised when I make BAF a huge thing.



Jarvis Royall

One Response to Tackling the Best Player Available

  • Arnie says:

    Well I would agree with you, but context says who’s draft board are you looking at? See I’m going the route of believing every player on the “Chargers draft board” was scouted as a good fit. I’ll also assume there is a plan for a, b, c, d, for every possible cenerio.

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