When I first decided to do this post, I had planned on writing my thoughts on the former Chargers that are listed below and what they are doing now.  I have since changed my mind due to reading those names below and becoming incredibly angry at that money being paid to players that are no longer on the team.  So instead, I’m just going to leave this chart here ( credit to ) and go look at some of the free agents that were signed by other teams.


Dead Money

Name Cap
TOTAL $12,543,317
Jared Gaither $4,000,000
Derek Cox $3,900,000
Robert Meachem $3,750,000
Le’Ron McClain $833,334
David Molk $27,976
Nick Becton $5,000
Randy Richards $3,334
Dan Molls $3,334
Marcus Cromartie $3,334
Michael Hill $3,334
Devan Walker $2,000
Josh Johnson $2,000
Greg Brown $1,667
Brandon Moore $1,334
Ben Cotton $1,334
Chibuikem Okoro $1,334
Luke Tasker $667
David Rolf $667
Jamarkus McFarland $667
Richard Kent $667
Mike Hermann $667
Frank Beltre


Every team, every year, has dead money on the books from players that have been released, waived or cut.  But when you look at a team that overachieved in 2013, to think about being able to add a few key free agents would have been a great momentum-builder going into May’s draft.

I am not, by any means, suggesting that the Chargers should have gone on a spending spree.  I am ecstatic with what Tom Telesco has done with so little room under the salary cap.

I am not sure that we will see much more activity in free agency, but I do know that I have complete faith in what Telesco is doing. I also know that I am certainly looking forward to watching it all unfold.



Booga Peters

5 Responses to Money for nothin’

  • sandy peisner says:

    Somewhere I think ” AJ no rings Smith” will read this article and stick his middle finger out to all Charger fans. I think history will prove Mr Smith isn’t the genius he seems to think he is and we are still feeling the pain.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      Lol. You are probably right. I’m sure he loved watching us fail to get a TD on the goal line in that loss to Washington.

  • Oh please Sandy You are saying Aj TRIED TO SABOTAGE THE TEAM ON PURPOSE? You are aware he is the winningest GM in team history? I’m guessing you are one of the ones who can’t forgive him for letting your favorite players go, but see, there is this thing called the Salary Cap and it is a harsh mistress. I’m not saying AJ was perfect by any means. (I can never forgive him for suspending Gates the first 2 games of ’05) but he did a MUCH better job than a lot of you people think.

    • sandy peisner says:

      No Larry that is your drama. I think AJ ego got the better of him. His lack of draft success and picking up meaningful players speak volumes. John Butler, AJ mentor set up the Chargers. AJ took credit after his death. Has time went on the Bolts drafts Cason and English round 1 became worse.I have no issue with letting go some players due to cap issues. I do have a problem with 3.9 million for Meachum or 4 million for Gaither.The Gates issue seems to be yours I never thought about it. I think AJ walked into a good situation, fired the Head Coach and things started to slip away and his ego couldn’t admit his mistakes. Intresting why no team has offered him GM job?

  • Arnie says:

    Looking at this list, I can see Telesco learned from his predecessors mistakes, as Well as his own. At the end of the day the Chargers will get that money back in 2015. I don’t expect a big splash in FA, however the Chargers will have more options available.

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