Tom Krasovic writes for the hometown paper at the UT right here in San Diego. He covers both the Padres as well as the Chargers. Tom is also a Major League Baseball Player HOF voter. He’s an old school writer in that he can tell a story in print and not just 140 characters on Twitter. You can often chat with Tom about the Chargers every Monday on the UT website at 11am. Tom’s articles have been printed on, USA Today, CBS Sports,.com and to his credit. He’s also a graduate from SDSU. I’ve introduced you to a few people you should be following for great Charger information. Now, I’m bringing you someone you must be following. You can follow Tom on Twitter @UTkrasovic.



Tpowell: One of the newest things on the UT is the chat on Mondays at 11am. You did this during the season and sounds like you and Gehlken are going to platoon during offseason as well. I really enjoyed the chat (fans can ask questions online to Krasovic about team and previous day’s game) What’s been your take on the chat?

Krasovic:  I enjoy them. Even though it’s easy for me to be detached, I know what it’s like to care about a team to the extent many Chargers fans do. I’ve found that more fans want to chat after a tough loss than a win. That’s not surprising. Coaches and players say the tough losses stick with them the most. Bill Walsh, for one, said he never got over the big losses.

Last year’s season gave us a lot to discuss. Really, it was one of the more entertaining seasons in Chargers history. I think we’re headed toward another interesting year.


Tpowell: So, we all have gotten to know you as a writer. Let’s get to know Krasovic as a person. What do you like to do when you’re not covering the Padres and the Chargers?

Krasovic: I enjoy family and San Diego. For about 20 years my job took me out-of-town from 3- 5 months a year. While that was great, I’m grateful to be here year-round. My travels made San Diego that much more special to me.

Tpowell: Social Media is taking over the Sports world. But nothing beats waking up to the printed newspaper. What do you see as the future for newspaper in the sports world?

Krasovic: I agree about waking up to a newspaper. I’ll add that our Sunday paper is two dollars well spent for anyone interested in San Diego’s sports teams. (The Sunday sports section runs about 16-22 pages.) As much as I enjoy the dead-tree edition, I suspect the bulk of newspapers’ future is on the Internet. Alas, it seems that monetizing the Internet is a lot harder than anticipated many years ago.


Tpowell: Your knowledge on the Padres, as well as the Chargers, is admirable. You cover both clubs. What are some of the differences about the 2 organizations? Padres have a new stadium, yet, are under producing and the Chargers are over producing yet can’t get to step 1. Your thoughts?

Krasovic: It’s funny, each envies the other in one aspect. The Chargers would love to have a downtown ballpark built largely with public money. The Padres would love an NFL-style economic structure.

Tom Telesco reminds me of a few MLB executives such as Theo Epstein (who used to work for the Padres). Bright. Strategic. Seems to have a feel not only for scouting, but the business side of the GM job. I think he is sort of like Bobby Beathard and Kevin Towers, too, in that he loves scouting players.


Tpowell: What are your thoughts on the new Chargers regime? How does this one differ from AJ/Norv Era in your opinion?

Krasovic: Mike McCoy showed us that good ideas matter. That’s probably the biggest thing I took from his first season. He’d never been a head coach, but he had a clear idea what he wanted to do with Rivers and the offense. He and the coaches he hired put those ideas into place and the whole team benefited from it. You know the particulars — a no-huddle offense, a quick-passing game and more playcalling for Rivers. Norv went about it a different way. And although Norv’s offenses had a lot of success here, it is pretty clear that McCoy’s plan suited Rivers and the 2013 Chargers. (Better players helped too.)

Up top, the difference in management style couldn’t be greater. With A.J., there was a lot of drama — with agents, with one of his head coaches, with the media, with players. Telesco, no drama.


Tpowell: Headed back to Social Media for a minute. I see people misconstruing reporters tweets a lot and assuming it as fact. What are some of the positives and negatives you see about the new Social Media; specifically Twitter?

Krasovic: I see the Twitter tradeoff as well worth it. Sure, you will be misconstrued, but, for an old newspaper grunt like me, it is amazing to reach so many people so fast and with such ease.


Tpowell: In reporting a breaking story, how many sources do you use to confirm before you will report it? Who exactly is a “Source” normally?

Krasovic:  Most of the breaking Chargers stories I write in the offseason draw from other media reports or a team’s press release. So it requires little or no confirmation. During the season, if I’m the original author, the information is usually coming straight from a Chargers player, McCoy or an opponent. In those cases, I’m directly quoting the person involved.


Tpowell: What are some of the misconceptions you see that fans have of the players themselves?

Krasovic:  Many players are smarter than folks believe. NFL football is pretty complicated. And within a team such as the Chargers, the bright players will smarten up a teammate who is willing to listen. Also, the NFL game is faster and more violent than people know.  Even with today’s mega-pixels, the telecasts do not convey how brutal it is.


Tpowell:  What are some obstacles for Sports Reporters when reporting on a sport they haven’t ever played professionally?

Krasovic: Some of us don’t know what we don’t know.


Tpowell:  What is your opinion on the Chargers going into the 2014 season?

Krasovic: I think the overall talent will be improved from last year. I am curious to see how the team responds to heightened outside expectations. The schedule looks a little tougher.



A huge shoutout and thanks goes to Tom Krasovic for this interview.  I know I really enjoyed reading his responses, and I hope you did as well.  Be sure to follow Tom on Twitter for constant updates on the team.


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